May Horoscope 2015

2015-05-01 12.51.40May Horoscope 2015

A friend’s father once gave me some good advice. He said, “You go into marriage with both eyes open and then you close one.”

The eclipse last month was in Libra, the sign of balance. You can bet there were lots of people trying to balance out their relationships- both personal and business. I can’t tell you how many people I met in business over the last month who asked me about whether I looked at business partnership horoscopes. Everyone was feeling it. Here’s the thing. If you had too much on your scale, like getting more than your fair share, then putting something on the other side of the scale may have felt like a loss. If you had nothing or very little on your side of the scale, putting something there may have felt heavy or off-kilter; remember, when you put something on a scale it doesn’t immediately go into balance, but swings up and down before settling into place. Much of last month was about settling into that balance.

Now we’re moving into May. The month starts with a full moon in Scorpio. This is where we’re required to close that one eye. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and the sign of intimacy. It’s also closely associated with jealousy, emotional storms, and the underworld. At the opposite end is the Sun in Taurus – the sign of security, safety, and strong foundations. Being able to close one eye means that when you entered into or renegotiated the relationship last month, you had both eyes open and you knew the deal – it was as fair as it could be. Now that the full moon is in Scorpio, you feel safe in allowing yourself to take on that vulnerable role.

But if you didn’t keep both eyes open, you will now find your inner private eye on high alert. Basic P.I. work is a Google search, but at this full Moon, your background search will go much deeper.   Last month the full Moon was connected to Pluto and Uranus in a square, causing tension and pushing the fairness agenda. This month the full moon will be connected to Pluto and Uranus in easy flowing aspects. This sounds good on the surface, but if there is dirt to dig up, your experience might be a slippery slope. It’s also complicated by the fact that the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus are fixed signs squaring Jupiter in Leo. Fixed means stubborn; Jupiter in Leo it means dramatic and over the top! On the same day, Mercury will oppose Saturn, narrowing our thinking, making us judgmental and focused on our own thoughts. Don’t be surprised if you see some strong and wrong behaviour at this May 3rd full Moon.

On the other hand, if you have set yourself up well contractually and you have kept your eyes open, this full moon can be quite useful for taking risks, especially in business. Both Taurus and Scorpio are money signs. Taurus is our own material wealth and Scorpio represents the money we share with other people. Their connection occurs with Jupiter in Leo, which loves a good game of risk, and to Pluto and Uranus, may push for educated risk-taking. Just be aware that at this time that ‘educated risk’ means keeping your pride and ego out of it!

On the 7th, Mercury now in Gemini will help us with much needed detached thinking.   But Mercury goes retrograde this month. Not only does Mercury retrograde tend to muddle up communications of all sorts (contracts, emails, computers, travel, etc), it’s connecting with Neptune in a square twice this month.

7473409_sThe first square is on May 9th. There can be miscommunications, white lies, or straight up deceit! Though Mercury will still be direct on the 9th, it’s not a great day to do all things associated with Mercury, like signing contracts, travel etc. Mercury will go retrograde on the 18th and make an aspect to Neptune twice more before moving on. The second time will be the end of the month on May 29th. Mark your calendar and expect the same type of energy throughout to June 23rd.

On May 6 and 7th, we are encouraged to follow our own muse – to shake to our own tambourine. Doing so will help us to align with our tribe, something that we have been encouraged to do more and more in the last little while. While we will be challenged at this time with holding our spiritual direction and our perceptions about making money, the question is, how can we combine the two? It’s a question that we should be able to answer fairly quickly. Venus will move into Cancer which will help us to invest in ways that love, nurture, and fulfill our needs.

Mars also enters into Gemini on May 11th making us assertive with our communication, but we may also be a little evasive or non-committal with words. We are waking up to new levels of consciousness and it’s shifting our perspectives. What looks like indecisiveness is actually a reflection of changing levels of understanding. We are waking up to our passions – healing is taking place as we do so. We may be letting go of and doing a lot of purging at this time. We are connecting with the idea of releasing, which frees us up to align with the right path.

On May 16th, Venus is trine Neptune. Our feet don’t really touch the ground at this time. We are dreamy, romantic, and highly idealistic. Juno and Jupiter will conjunct in Leo, so we might align or commit to those who share our beliefs but also inspire our creativity. If we can hold on to this feeling for a couple days, it will serve us well. But don’t let it create too much of an insular view on the world; things take a bit of a turn at the new Moon the next day.

The new Moon on May 17/18th is at 26o of Taurus. This is a degree that has a bit of a bad reputation. It’s associated with violence – this time it’s also connected with Mars and Saturn. Saturn is widely opposing the Moon, while Mars is conjunct it in the next sign of Gemini. New Moons are times when we can send out our intentions to manifest and we need to be especially careful with our intentions with this one. Pessimistic thoughts and intentions will create pessimistic circumstances in our lives; this is particularly true when Saturn and Mars in the signs connect with our perceptions and beliefs.

If you have ever heard a reggae sound system DJ, they will play the first line of a song, will stop it, yell “rewind selector” and play it again. They do this just so you can really get the vibe of the music – so if it didn’t move you the first time, it will the second time. Or if it did move you, it helps to let that feeling linger. Saturn is taking a backward spin in the early degrees of Sagittarius and its intentions are just that: Saturn is steeping us in those first notes and the line goes something like this “Get up, stand up… stand up for your rights.” Saturn in Sagittarius is about our beliefs and that is the key to move through this difficult energy. Every difficulty has a silver lining. Focus and expand on that! I bring up music because music is one way to transmute the energy, but also it’s one thing that I have seen transcend differences. Find some music that inspires you – or create your own!

Venus opposes Pluto on the 21st. Our passions will be inflamed at this time. It may range from jealousy to the complete cold shoulder shut out. We are still sorting through the many changes and injustices that the Pluto-Uranus square brought to light; we are also starkly aware at this time of where our needs are not being met.

As mentioned previously, Mercury turns retrograde on May 18th and, between May 22 and 27th, Mercury and Mars connect together in Gemini, sparking debate. This arrangement furthers the alignment earlier this month that helps us with finding with the right people and nurtures our ideas on many levels. But with Mercury moving backward, we may be saying things just to get others going, to spark debateand to challenge – even though it is meant to further humanitarian and ideological alignments.

On a personal level, we’re again questioning our commitment to home versus career and how they’re structured. Our frustration will lead to healing solutions; as we connect with others around our shared frustration, we not only realize that we are not alone but we also imagine new solutions. By the end of the month we may really grasp how authenticity nurtures us while also helping us see our truth. Yes, the shackles are falling, but as much as we feel we’ve seen the light, two things still remain at the end of the month. Mercury is still retrograde and both it and the Sun are squaring Neptune.

We are getting close; we are transcending many barriers in our relationships, but we are not yet out of the fog. Full clarity still lies ahead.

Aries: This month Mercury stirs things up in your third house of communications. It’s also the house associated with siblings. You might accidentally discover a secret and it may cause a great deal of misunderstanding for most of the month. Patience and understanding are key.

Taurus: This month Mercury stirs things up in your second house of earned money. You might have a mix up with a friend which they may completely misunderstand. Misunderstandings can be interpreted as outright lies if you don’t take steps to clarify.

Gemini: This month Mercury stirs things up in your first house of self presentation. Your manner of communication could stir up gossip. You will have to work this month to protect your reputation – meaning you may need to clarify anything said by others that could be misinterpreted, even if you think it’s not worth it. Don’t just assume that “people should know who I am.”

Cancer: This month Mercury stirs things up in your twelfth house of the unconscious. You may be putting too much weight on the teachings of a spiritual teacher. Just because they are spiritual or highly evolved, does not mean that they are aren’t human. Their humanity may cause you some disappointment this month. This is just a lesson in trusting in your own intuition and beliefs.

Leo: This month Mercury stirs things up in your eleventh house of friendships and humanitarian associations. You may be learning the lesson of mixing business, friendship, and money. It’s tough – it requires clear communication. By the end of the experience you will have some ideas on how to set clear boundaries so that your friendships are not affected.

Virgo: This month Mercury stirs things up in your tenth house. Communication problems occur in your career. How authentic is your relationship? If you are keeping it together to protect your image, you might run into troubles this month. We no longer need to keep relationships to project what we think people want in order to be accept us. You are learning that this month.

Libra: This month Mercury stirs things up in your ninth house, affecting what you teach preach and believe. Something you say may spark off some complications at work this month. Stay away from travel for work as Mercury will really complicate travel plans for you. The more you can lay low at work this month, the better.

Scorpio: This month Mercury stirs things up in your eighth house of shared resources. Creativity in the bedroom or with your shared resources may not go off as planned, leading to misunderstandings in your intimate relationships. I know it sounds boring, but stick with the status quo…. just for this month!

Sagittarius: This month Mercury stirs things up in your seventh house of business and marriage relationships. Something you/ your partner says may spark a string of misunderstandings related to real estate or family property. If you are planning to sell or buy, make sure you go through everything with a fine tooth comb… or better yet, wait till next month!

Capricorn: This month Mercury stirs things up in your sixth house of work. Work may be a little frustrating this month as you will be challenged with computers, mixed up email communications, and/or missed calls. Take your time and be thorough. Frustrations exist to make sure you are covering all bases. Review, revise, and your reassessments will be much smoother.

Aquarius: This month Mercury stirs things up in your fifth house, that of fun and creativity. Playing pranks or taking risks may be filled with communication mix ups that result in a loss of self esteem or even money. Make sure you have fully thought through any actions taken in this regard.

Pisces: This month Mercury stirs things up in your fourth house of home and family. This may not be the time for family meeting. Miscommunications occur with parents or matters related to real estate. Family members will find you hard to be elusive or even a little flaky. Make sure that you take the time to really know and understand yourself and what you want before you communicate it.

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