New Moon in Aries, March 21, 2023

The New Moon is on March 21st. The New Moon falls just one day after the start of spring (spring equinox) and the Astrological New Year. The equinox, astrological new year and the new moon are all at 0 degrees of Aries!

Zero Aries is also what is called the Aries point and is a world point. Meaning that what happens and how we respond on this New Moon will be very significant and important both personally and for the world. Remember, New Moons are times for intention setting, so be careful and constructive with the intentions that you put out at this time.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her. At the O degrees of Aries, we have just emerged from the unconscious waters of Pisces. Like the woman rising out of the water, we bring with us attachments from those waters. We can survive on land, but the attachments we bring, like the seal, cannot. It’s not that they are bad. In fact, they may be lovable and endearing. It’s just that we have now entered a new realm. For us to survive, and for them to survive, we need to let go, move forward and commit to our new adventure!

Having committed to it, what is this new adventure? It may be a new enterprise (a business), exploration, or foray into some form of uncharted territory. Aries is about courage, self-reliance, freedom, bravery and personal power. Anything requiring risk, initiative, potential and new beginnings is the realm of Aries. At this New moon, we will need all of these Aries gifts. And maybe even an Aries swiss army knife! Aries rules weapons!

In many ways Aries tests who we are. There is one hint as to who we are at this time. The new moon is conjunct Manwe. Manwe is not a planet or an asteroid, but a dwarf planet (much like Pluto). Manwe was discovered in 2003 and was named after the High God in the mythologies outlined in the J.R.R. Tolkien books. Manwe is described as having no thought of his power. He is not jealous and rules with an emphasis on peace. Manwe loves poetry and the ‘song of words is his delight’. He has a sapphire sceptre and his colour is blue. Manwe doesn’t truly understand evil. He has a considerable amount of compassion and mercy and easily forgives. This causes him at times to get duped and taken advantage of by his brother, the dark fallen god. The new moon conjunct Manwe suggests that projects and endeavours that call on our leadership, desire for peace, and for the coming together or the building up of sacred unions will be highlighted.

Sacred unions you say? Well, Perhapses one of the most interesting aspects of Manwe is his relationship with his wife Varda. The two represent the sacred union of god and goddess, king and queen. In their mythology, they are seldom apart. In fact, Manwe does much better with Varda at his side. If Varda is beside him, he sees farther than all other eyes, through mist and darkness, and over a league of seas. He also hears farther when she is beside him, hearing into valleys and dark corners and beyond. In summary, Varda brings out the best in Manwe!

Varda is the goddess of light and she creates stars. This is interesting as currently, dwarf planet Varda is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius which is the galactic centre. The galactic centre is a hot spot of activity; it’s the centre of the milky way, where billions of stars swirl around a very large black hole. Many of them new!

Astrologically, the galactic centre is a point where information from other galaxies comes into our galaxy. Information that challenges old beliefs, restructures paradigms and is often channelled through anyone with a point or a planet at this degree. Varda, at the galactic center, is gathering light and information and she is sending it off to her husband Manwe. In terms of signs, the two are in a trine, both of them being in fire signs. But in terms of degrees, they are square. Manwe at the beginning of Aries and Varda at the end of Saggitarius. There is no question their relationship is solid, but the information coming through Varda is challenging Manwe and the New Moon. Remember Varda helps Manwe to see far, but the friction comes as he cannot unsee what he has seen. She helps him to hear father… more than he could without her, but friction comes because he cannot un-hear what he has heard. This New Moon in Aires is calling out all sacred warriors as well as all sacred unions (including business partners)! It’s asking us to take in new and uncomfortable information and it’s asking us to work together and courageously move forward.

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The New Moon and Manwe are also opposite Ceres in Libra. Ceres in Libra provides the motivation to move forward. Ceres in Libra feels nourished when things are in balance, fair and conflict-free. Ceres pokes the New Moon and Manwe and says things are out of balance… “we need to bring back peace”. This is speaking Manwe’s language!

Finally, the New Moon and Manwe are making a sextile to pluto. This is again an out-of-sign aspect. This time though the degrees make an easy-going sextile, yet the signs are not compatible. Aries and Capricorns don’t normally get along. What this means is that Pluto is making it possible for us to step into our power, but it is likely coming from challenging circumstances. For instance, the banks might be failing (which some have) and though that causes us fear and friction, we are empowered to create solutions that liberate us.

Finally, The New Moon and Manwe in Aries are ruled by Mars. Mars makes an aspect to everyone; the New Moon, Varda and Manwe. We will have no choice but to act! Supporting this is Mercury in Aries widely conjunct the new moon. Mercury is helping us to gather information quickly and to make up our minds at lightning speed. As we do so, we may also have flashes of insight or new ideas on how to move forward. We are not likely to second-guess ourselves!

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Happy New Moon in Aries, Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year!


Virgo Full Moon – March 7, 2023

The Full Moon on March 7, 2023, is at 16 degrees of Virgo. The symbol of Virgo is a woman holding a stalk of grain. Virgo in Babylonian times was called Al Sin, meaning ‘seed furrow’. The zodiac comes from the Babylonians and so does the image of the woman holding a stalk of grain. Today we associate Virgo with the Virgin, but to them, she was the seed of potential. In that way, we can look at this Virgo full moon creatively. The death of a seed is the beginning of a plant! In fact, Virgo is associated with agriculture and gardening. Virgo’s role in the field and in the garden is to communicate… Virgo is ruled by mercury. How does a seed grow into a plant? Through information neatly organized in DNA with instructions on how to proceed. How does it happen? It’s magical. It’s unseen, yet it is a form of communication. And it is this form of communication that is Virgo’s realm.

The Full Moon is conjunct with the asteroid Lilith. The more familiar story of Lilith is that she was Adam’s first wife. The lesser-told story is the one told in the epic of Gilgamesh; a Sumerian tale that involves Inanna and a Huluppu tree. In the story, a snake is in the roots of Inanna’s tree and is described as ‘uncharmable’. The dark maiden Lilith is at the trunk and an Anzu-bird (lion-headed eagle) is seated on the branches. Innana has been growing and nurturing this tree, but now she wants to use it to create a seat and a bed. The melee of Lilith and the bird in the tree stops Inanna from being able to transform the tree into the creations she desires. Like in the Jewish story of Lilith, the dark maiden Lilith seems to be messing with creativity. (In the Jewish story she is a demon, a baby stealer and a fertility killer)

The Full Moon in Virgo conjunct Lilith is bringing to culmination something that is blocking our creations and our ability for our seeds to take the next step to become a plant! Lilith represents a dark entity that takes away your creation! The Anzu bird is said to be the stealer of destinies. The snake, however, was a symbol of fertility and sexuality. In this way, it starts to become clear that this old tale is the first story of blocked creativity, writer’s block, impotence, being stuck, and maybe even procrastination or lack of inspiration!

Opposite the Virgo moon is the Sun in Pisces which is conjunct with the asteroid Lachesis, Nessus and Atropos. Lachesis and Atropos are two of the three Moirai. In Greek mythology, these three sisters were assigned the role of ensuring that every human lived out their fate as outlined by the laws of the universe. Both Lachesis and Atropos were associated with death. Lachesis’s job was to determine the length of life. Astrologically this can mean putting a deadline to something; for instance, creating a project plan with mini deliverables and a final deadline. It could also be something that comes to interrupt and cause an unexpected ending. What is clear with Lachesis is there is a definitive timeline. Nothing more, nothing less.

Atropos’s job on the other hand was to determine how one would die. In terms of our creations, thinking of analysis paralysis. If something or someone doesn’t intervene, we could continue researching, analyzing, painting and repainting, word smithing etc without producing anything. Astrologically if something comes to an end at this time. Don’t look at it as a death or interference, but as something needed to bring your projects or creations to completion. Maybe they are good enough just as they are!

The third asteroid conjunct the sun and opposite the moon is Nessus. Interestingly in Greek Nessus means “baby bird”. However, like the lion-headed eagle sitting on the Huluppu tree, Nessus is very destructive. In astrology, Nessus represents abuse of all kinds and is often linked to abuse that makes its way into the ancestral line of a family. This points to behaviours that stem from generational abuse that may or may not be in the consciousness that is blocking us and holding us back! ‘I can never do this’, ‘no one in my family ever did that’, I always have this in my way… and so on.

Luckily the Full Moon makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus. It is an almost exact trine, so the energy of the breakthrough will be strong! Breakthroughs can include unconventional ideas, unseen potential, and flashes of insight. Something gets activated in our DNA and the Virgo moon carries the information to our consciousness for action. Karma is resolved, unintentional vows are dissolved, and unconscious contracts end.

As mentioned the Full moon is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in the sign of Pisces. This can also bring things in the collective unconsciousness to the surface in the same way.

Going back to the Huluppu tree story, Innana eventually gets some help in releasing the snake. This is a reminder that we can ask for help. Some ideas include working with someone who can go into the Akashic records to help you uncover issues. It may not even be required for you to consciously uncover the story – work with a theta healer who can remove blocks without you getting stuck or lost in the story. If you are curious about how this Full Mooning is affecting you, you can book a session with me here.

The Sabian symbol is “a volcano in eruption” this is a nod to the fact that things may be unleashed quickly and destructively. There is no going back. We are laying new ground.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Pisces New Moon – Feb 20, 2023

Pisces New Moon – Feb 20, 2023

The New Moon on February 20, 2023, is at 1 degree of Pisces. Pisces is the sign associated with compassion, empathy, and self-sacrifice. Pisces is where we lack boundaries, have addictions, or areas that we want to escape. It’s also spirituality, dreams, ideals and unconditional love. Pisces rules water, chemicals, liquids, and shipping. It also rules all places of confinement; jails, quarantine zones, hideouts, and monasteries.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings and new moons also illuminate whatever is nearby. What is nearby? Saturn! Saturn is getting ready to leave Aquarius. While Saturn has been in Aquarius it has brought restrictions and responsibility in groups, humanitarian efforts, friendships, and our hopes and dreams. That Saturn transit was strongly shaped by the pandemic. Restrictions on seeing our friends, responsibilities to society, and authoritarian actions by the government to enforce all of this were the main themes. Freedom became a bad word!

Next month Saturn will move into Pisces and this New Moon illuminates a sneak preview of what Saturn in Pisces will be like for the next 2.5 years. The lessons will be around all things Pisces! Set intentions for the New Moon, but also set intentions for the next 2.5 years. Embrace the Saturn energy in Pisces by setting intentions for building structures them; Commit to limitations around your addictions. Set intentions for cleaning up your cleaning supplies and chemicals, getting rid of the ones that are outdated and adequately labelling the rest. Create a discipline around your spirituality; a meditation practice, sacrifice having meat or make time for church. Commit to your own confinement; schedule a silent retreat or pilgrimage. Those commitments may sound like hard punishments or penance, but they prepare us for a larger mission.

The New Moon is making an out-of-sign conjunction with Saturn currently at 28 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn is also with the asteroids Crantor and Damocles.

Damocles brings in a situation in which we feel in over our heads. In mythology, Damocles was a courtier of King Dionysius II. He envied the King’s life, seeing it only as pomp and riches. He then had the opportunity to do a “prince and the popper” switch with the king. Once there he found that along with the pomp and riches, was danger. This he didn’t expect or prepare for! Damocles warns us to be careful of what we wish for. And if we still want it, to prepare for the unexpected.

The second asteroid in our New Moon story is Crantor. Cantor is a character in the story of Theseus. The Centaur Demoleon, a brutal warrior who has no moral code and who only cared about war, throws an arrow at Theseus. Theseus jumps out of the way and Cantor, an innocent bi-standard, takes the arrow and dies. To make matters worse, there is rage, because Cantor had been given as a peace offering. This energy makes us feel like we are an unnecessary sacrifice. It makes us feel angry. We question why we or others are still fighting. And why there is unnecessary harm? It also cautions us to be aware of our surroundings. This is further supported by the Sabian symbol for the New Moon; A squirrel hiding from hunters. The Sabian symbol reminds us of the need to protect ourselves, to be aware of our surroundings and to be fast and nimble.

Happy New Moon in Pisces!