Cancer Full Moon – Jan 17, 2022

Full Moon in Cancer Jan 17, 2022

The Full Moon in watery Cancer is opposite earthy and structural Pluto in Capricorn making this a very emotional and explosive Full Moon. Things come to a culmination. Already we have had a pacific underwater volcano eruption (how literal is that!). It’s something we have apparently not seen in over 900 years! Said to be bigger than a nuclear test explosion, the sonic boom was heard far and wide and the rippling energetic moved around the entire world. Tsunami’s hit the Pacific coastal areas and we are yet in the early days of what this all will mean.

Mother earth released her emotions and so must we!

The Sabian symbol for the moon degree is an Indian girl introduces college boy-friend to her tribe. Does this go well? They may have lots of feelings. The girl, adopting a newer more modern way of choosing comes up against family. Do they still hold the traditional feeling and thinking of “no, we choose for you”? The Indian girl takes a risk to share her heart hoping to find acceptance, knowing there maybe fallout.

Like the Indian girl, we too share our emotions. The emotion erupts in ways that will surprise us. We may receive acceptance, bringing on a deep sense of relief and surprise in a positive direction. Or we may experience more resistance than we could have ever imagined, calling on us to dig deep within and continue on with our heart’s resolve. The Moon is sextile the North Node in Taurus, letting us know that if we follow our heart, we will arrive at our deepest values and ultimately a deep sense of inner security. The moon is also widely trine Neptune. We’ve had intuitive whisperings from spirit that we can rely on.

The asteroid Burney is beside the moon, Burney was named after the child who named the planet Pluto. She had suggested the name to her grandfather when Pluto was discovered in 1930, that same year the Disney Character Pluto had been created, and she liked the name. They sent it in, and it was accepted. The asteroid Burney symbolizes “very personal approaches, that later has validity at the collective level” At this Full Moon, Burney is again sitting across and looking at Pluto encouraging us to include in our approach the ability to stand back, witness, and name… in this case our emotions. It’s sometimes said that the masculine has two emotions; anger and sex. Naming, witnessing, and allowing the breath of emotions at the personal level. It helps us to understand the source and to fully process and allow our emotions to move through us. When we do this at the personal level, it will help this to happen at the collective level.

Also at the full moon, within 2 degrees of Pluto is Amycus. Amycus represents “the proper way to treat people; the consequences of not doing so; innocent victims of violence or getting caught up in violence” If we deal with our emotions in a healthy way, even though they may be deep, dark, and scary, that approach will ripple out into our world, much like the sonic boom waves that covered the earth this past Saturday, we can ripple out love or we can ripple out terror. Amycus reminds us not to lash out or project onto others our own negative stuff through words, actions, or intentions as there will be repercussions.

Use this full moon to create a ceremony using the element of water. Have a good cry in the shower, letting the water wash away your emotions. Or bath in water and Epson salts, pulling out all the impurities and letting them wash down the drain. Or send your intentions to water, changing the crystalline structure.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer.

New Moon – January 2, 2022

New Moon

The January 2nd New new is in Capricorn. This new moon is at 12 degrees trine to Uranus and semisextile to Saturn. Saturn and Uranus were in a square in 2021. They were responsible for the clash between rules and control and freedom and revolt that we saw displayed all over the world over lock-downs and mandates. Difficult and divisive on a global scale, these issues also crept into our homes, work and relationships. and they caused us to review the structures in our lives. Maybe we ended a relationship or a living situation. Maybe we left a job. It may be that we were forced out, either by a decision-maker outside of ourselves or by circumstances that left us feeling like we had no choice. This New Moon is throwing light on these two planets still in a relationship, but starting to separate. While the experience is still fresh, we are given a chance to look at the circumstance it brought to us and to set intentions for what we now want. Trines and semisextiles bring opportunity, but they require us to act and can easily be missed opportunities.

Not to worry, the asteroid Toro is conjunct the New Moon helping us to “take the bull by the horns”. Toro is the asteroid that signified moving forward with precaution, unusually in a dangerous situation.

The New Moon is also conjunct Tantalus. This asteroid tempts us with something we desire but is likely out of our reach. Maybe we are tempted by the idea that things will go back to normal… pre-2020. These very real temptations represent our needs and our desires, but the temptation, should we decide to indulge, will certainly fall short. Don’t let the temptation lead you away from the opportunity that is now available.

The final asteroid conjunct the New Moon is the asteroid Sphinx. The Sphinx conjunct this New Moon helps us to peer into the mysteries of the ages. The sphinx represents the fixed signs of Taurus (the body of a bull), Leo (the feet and tail of a lion), the Scorpio (the wings or an eagle), and Aquarius (the human head). These are also the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The Great Sphinx of Egypt tracks the cardinal directions and the turn of the seasons. The Great Sphinx is also aligned with the procession of the equinox and the turning of the ages. Said to be built in the age of Leo, we are now embarking on the age of Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo.

Edgar Cayce channeled that the Great Sphinx was created by the Atlanteans. He also said that the sphinx contained a hall of records, containing records from that time and that they would be found at the opposite time of Leo, the Age of Aquarius. If we are really at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, this new moon may bring those mysteries further into the light.

In the series Initiation on Gaia, Matias De Stefano explains from his memories that we are in a direct timeline to the time of Atlantis – time and space dimensions allow us to connect with that time. What do we have in common with that age and what does it suggest about the times we are in now? Plato told the story of Atlantis and described an advanced society. Said to have been so advanced that it became evil, it was submerged underwater. If we in these times somehow mirror the Atlantian times, what lessons can we learn so that we don’t repeat mistakes?

In his Yosoy project, Matias De Stefano suggests that the key is to align ourselves – a process that  Matias, suggests started on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11). At that time we began a process of balancing ourselves in line with the turning of the ages – the processional clock reset of Dec 21, 2011. Now, he suggests this window comes to a close and we move into a time of balancing the world on Feb 22, 2022 (02.22.22). This job of balancing the world he says, cannot be accomplished without first balancing ourselves.  The sphinx conjunct the new moon brings in the elements, the seasons, the directions, and the passage of time for us to reflect on just how well we have accomplished this and points to what we do now as being very important to the turning of the ages.

This New Moon is a great time to bring in any ceremony that brings in the elements and the concept of space and time. Indigenous cultures with shamans have a wonderful practice – the sand painting. To create a sand painting draw a circle, call in all of the elements, collect sticks, stones, leaves representing the elements, and then blow into each item the items of your being calling to be balanced. If you have anger towards your mother… take that stone and blow with your breath and intention… “clearing the anger I have for my mother”. If you have money issues, take a stick and blow into it “my issues with money”… and so on. Then place them into the center of the circle and allow mother nature.. the matrix of life, to balance.

Happy New Moon.

Gemini Full Moon – Dec 18, 2021

The Full Moon on December 18th is in Gemini. Gemini is the twin sign, it’s always got two sides, several options, and multiple routes… This Gemini full moon doesn’t fail us in this regard. It’s riddled with paradoxes!

Gemini is associated with travel, education, media, commerce, and commercialism. It represents the respiratory system (lungs) and the nervous system (Gemini’s are not known to sit still). One or probably two… of these areas will come to a culmination at this full moon.

The moon in Gemini is trine Jupiter in Aquarius bringing in optimism about the future. It lets us envision changes and advances, but is also square to Neptune in Pisces generating a sense of disappointment and disillusionment with whatever is happening.

The ruler of the moon is Mercury, which is in Capricorn. This sobers the moon but also brings it a grounded feeling. Mercury is trine Uranus sparking original thinking and solidly grounded ideas but squares Chiron which makes it feel insecure about striking out and expressing ourselves. What if we are wrong? What if we fail? Who will see our point?

The Sabian symbol for the full moon is “bankruptcy granted to him, a man leaves the court”. This points to failure. We’ve come to the end of the line. There is no other way out. We may have tried to avoid it in every way possible, but finally, reality sets in and we now have to cut our losses. Bankruptcy results in loss, but there is also a sense of relief. However, with a slate is cleaned and we can start again. But were are also at the bottom with nowhere further to go except back up. E

Involved in that clean slate are the consequences of bankruptcy. We may not be trusted and we may not trust ourselves. What led to this failure? We may feel confused about how we got here.

But we now have a chance, free of the pressure, to pause and learn from our mistakes. In business, they say businesses fail three times before they finally succeed. In learning, it’s only in failure that you can truly deeply learn. In travel, you sometimes need to get lost to find your way! Breath deeply, sit still, and gauge your next move.

The full moon at 27 degrees of Gemini is also opposite the galactic center. This is a time when information pours into our world through the portal of the luminaries sitting at the center of our universe. This provides an opportunity for new information to come in. The best way to use this energy at the full moon is to see what needs to be now accepted and what needs to be discarded.

Philip Sedwick, who wrote extensively about the galactic center in astrology offer’s up an exercise to take advantage of it’s energy. I recommend this as part of your full moon ritual this month:

An exercise that works well is the “I Get To Be Wrong About…” drill. On a sheet of paper write, “I get to be wrong about,” across the top. Now add the statements of fact you wish to intellectually eradicate. This looks like, “I get to be wrong about that fact that…” The second part fills in the faulty beliefs previously maintained. These fractured concepts can deal with any area of life. For instance: “the fact that men are not sensitive or don’t listen,” “the fact that I can’t make enough money being spiritual,” “the fact that sex in relationship wanes after six months (or your favorite interval),” “the fact that the world cannot live in peace,” or “the fact that people will never understand the vital life-force energy of the soul,” all offer examples. Documenting these ideas brings them out of the subconscious into the conscious. If you’re not sure what failed beliefs you have, make up one to suit any recurring obstacle you encounter in life.

After the deletion exercise is done, do the creed-building exercise. With deliberate attention, possibly over a series of efforts, define what you do intend to carry within your consciousness as an active, contributing belief. Make these specific, open-ended and clear.

This effort takes care of the mental element. Sometimes, though, the psyche insists upon clinging to old beliefs because its need for stability. It confuses familiarity with good. To address this part of the problem, the psychology and ego must be superseded. This becomes an energy evolution.


Since the information freely rendered by the Galactic Center tends to be very progressive, emotionally confrontational and far out, perhaps a non-personal question serves the process better.

Without going anywhere in intentionally altered consciousness, with eyes open, senses alert, track the flow of information. A stream of consciousness begins. This stream rivals the energy of an arm of a galaxy. It’s rich, strongly logical and precisely wise. No vagueness occurs in the Galactic Center. The information is incisive, direct, informative. If you experience wandering dialogues or thin responses, your inner tracking dish needs a nudge to firm up on the exact degree. It would not yet be precisely aligned.

Should one be tracking the Galactic Center, physical sensations often accompany the flow of information. These sensations confirm the accuracy and relevance of the content. To ease one’s uncertainty about new information, the Galactic Center grants the following classic physical signatures: itching scalp, burning in the palms, gurgling stomach, heat in the back of the neck or at the base of the spine, pressure on the temples of the head and overall tingling. Sometimes a light-headed feeling like that experienced after consuming an excessive amount of sugar or caffeine confirms the tracking.

This information needs documentation. You could write it down. Usually, the flow is so furious that you lag behind in the physical writing process. Recording it works. The use of video or audio devices captures everything. For those up to speed with voice recognition software on the computer, this method works especially well. Grasp it all without losing a lick.