Aries Full Moon – Sept 29, 2023

Inanna goddess of love AND war

The Full Moon on September 29th is at 6 degrees of Aries. Aries is about courage, assertiveness, being who you are, exploration, personal power and freedom. It is also about war, conflict, and getting what we want.

The most important signification about this Full Moon is that its ruler is Mars. Mars is at 21 degrees of Libra which is triggering the October solar eclipse. This Full Moon will be calling us to bring all things related to Aries in our lives to a culmination. We may be letting go of outdated behaviours that block our courage and assertiveness. Or something that we have been working on that is more aligned with our self-expression, personal power and/or freedom is coming to a culmination. Let it go! Let God! This is an important step for the developing story in our lives. This developing story will emerge due to Mars triggering the upcoming solar eclipse. This means that at this full moon, we get a glimpse into our eclipse story. Even though something is coming to culmination, events that happen around this full moon will carry forward through into next month. It’s a “when one door closes, another one opens” kind of energy.

Mars is also square to Pluto, so we can expect battles, conflict and lots of explosive emotions!

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is “A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once”. Generally, Aries tends to lack tact and can be direct and abrupt, but the Sabian symbol suggests that he has figured out how to express himself in order to get what he wants. But just because you can say things to get what you want, doesn’t mean you should. It must be remembered that even though you may be skilled in getting what you want, you cannot serve two masters at once. You cannot play both sides in an attempt to try to hold on. And you cannot use your polished self-expression to manipulate others. direction.

Opposite the Moon is the sun in Libra. The ruler of the sun is Venus which is square to Uranus. Venus is also conjunct with the marriage asteroid Juno in Leo and is going back over the Venus retrograde points of the summer. She is just 2 degrees away from the Venus Sun conjunction point. As she moves over these degrees, she brings up relationship decisions and confirms values that came to light during the summer months. Maybe you recognized how important attention and attentiveness mean to you. Or how you may be lacking in that regard. Maybe you tapped into your creativity and self-expression, having recognized how deeply they are a part of you. Perhaps you realized a level of leadership within yourself, a value that a became non-negotiable key to your happiness. As Venus moves over these points again and again squares Uranus, she will act. Don’t be surprised if you make sudden decisions. They are meant to bring you into alignment with your new self.

As mentioned, It will not necessarily be smooth. There will be opposition. Three asteroids, Hybris, Rhiphonos and Pallas are also with the sun opposite the moon. These three asteroids provide some information on the opposition that we will likely face.

Pallas is about strategy, social justice, and creative wisdom. In Libra, Pallas tends towards mediation or negotiation. Normally mediation and negotiation are good, but we need to make sure we enter negotiations clear on our values to ensure we leave the mediation with our new self still intact. Coming to common ground is preferable, but not at the expense of the new you! Yes, you care about social justice, but not at the expense of your inner integrity. Pallas in Libra presents a conflict that may play on your deep need to be accepted and fit in.

Hybris is about having an inflated self-perception, arrogance, foolish pride, and sometimes outrageous behaviour. Hybris in Libra may throw social credibility or virtue signalling your way, again to challenge who you now are. For instance, when setting new boundaries you might be called selfish, or distrustful… don’t you want to be seen as generous and trusting. These attacks are likely not true, they are said to keep you from changing to your new self!

Finally, Rhiphonos was the protector of Dionysus and was turned into a centaur when Hera found out he was protecting the baby Dionysus. He remained loyal and even joined Dionysus in battle, the most well-known being one against India. In astrology, it can mean throwing yourself into something and even going to war out of unquestioning loyalty. A challenge from Rhiphonos in Libra might show up as not wanting to rock the boat, or wanting your loyalty to be questioned.

The good news is Venus conjunct Pallas is also sextile Mars, so balance can be achieved. We can be both assertive and compromising, explore ourselves and consider others. We can more easily incorporate both masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and in doing so attract into our lives a level of integration and balance needed to go forward. We have the opportunity to explore creatively and find solutions. Be warned…. Sextiles require conscious and deliberate action. They are not necessarily a given and can easily go to waste. To make the best of this full moon, focus on this helpful aspect!

Happy Full Moon in Aries!



New Moon – 21 Degrees Virgo

Today the new moon is at 21 degrees of Virgo. Virgo is neat, organized, and practical. It rules health, eating, and exercise. It rules our routines and our work. It also rules what or whom we are in service to; Virgos are doctors and nurses and military – those who commit their lives to serving others.

The new moon is trine to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto creating a grand trine. We feel optimistic, and inventive, and have powerful leadership skills, all of which we can use on this new moon to set powerful intentions. This earth grand trine encourages us to set intentions around new structures in finance and abundance and to step into transformative leadership. We can use the energy of the new moon to give us focus on planning and the details needed to achieve those goals.

However, the new moon is opposite to Neptune in Pisces, and this confusing us, making us question who and what we are committed to serving. In the past, we would organize, plan and serve without question, but Neptune has us a little disillusioned. Where in the past our efforts would amount to a seed growing into a healthy wheat stalk, we are no longer seeing the wheat of our effort. This leaves us confused, disillusioned and lacking in confidence. If our efforts seem futile, why bother?

This is further confirmed by the fact that the new moon is conjunct Hebe. Hebe is the cup-bearing server to the gods. She serves them wine, and ambrosia enabling them to remain youthful in appearance forever. In astrology she represents serving, but also codependent behaviors. She enables those she serves by continuing to serve them things that keep them from growing up!

Thereus is also conjunct the new moon, so perhaps you think that you just need to kiss a little butt before you kick it. Thereus served his country and defended Greek democracy by fighting off and slaying many villains, monsters and centaurs. In one battle he is successful but forgets to raise the correct flag on his returning ship to indicate success. This accidentally signals to his father that the battle was lost. This causes his father to commit suicide and results in Thereus taking this throne. In astrology this asteroid can be associated with waiting in the wings and pouncing for power at an opportune moment, suggesting that maybe the incorrect flag was not an accident.

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is a royal coat of arms. The coat of arms is a symbol in battle to indicate to whom your allegiance is. It also signifies your supporters and allies. This Sabian symbol further validates the idea of clarifying who and what you serve. Are you serving immature gods who don’t take responsibility, don’t want to grow up or are failing to reflect how you see the world? Are you waiting in the wings hoping for a chance at leadership and power? Now is the time to clarify!

The ruler of the new moon is Mercury, which is currently stationing direct. In the direct motion of mercury in Virgo has a lot of energy and if we focus on a short review of our motivation, our allegiances and what we are trying to achieve prior to setting our intentions, we can gain some clarity.

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

Taurus New Moon – May 19, 2023

The New Moon on May 19 is at 28 degrees of Taurus. This New Moon features a great deal of Taurus energy. Not only is the New Moon in Taurus (both the sun and the moon) but so are Mercury, Jupiter, Vesta, Uranus, and the North Node! That’s a lot of Taurus energy! Taurus rules money (banking, securities, investments) things of worth (jewelry, art, collectibles), and farming. It’s not just worth in the outer world that Taurus rules, but also in our inner world. How we value ourselves, how much we have been caring for ourselves, and showing ourselves self-respect. In fact, our inner worth is often reflected in the outer world, eg our net worth may give us an indication of what is going on inside. This New Moon in Taurus gives us an opportunity to set intentions for securing, protecting, and increasing both our inner and outer worth.

On one hand, the New Moon is trine to Pluto giving us a feeling of power and self-mastery. We will feel capable and innovative, guided by recent transformations in technology, science, and within the collective. However, two things we need to be aware of during this New Moon are the impulse to take on more than we can handle and the feeling of victimization and resentment. This is because the New Moon is Conjunct Phaethon, the asteroid associated with overconfidence, and Sedna the planet (minor planet) associated with the Inuit goddess who transcends her adversity only after letting go. These two energies ask us to take our time, measure our abilities, and surrender to what is. Surrendering does not mean accepting. It means that we don’t fight against the reality.

Much of the swing between these two approaches will be as a result of Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node in the early signs of Taurus squaring Pluto. In fact, Mars at the last degree of Cancer is also squaring Pluto creating a T-Square. We may witness (or experience) things going sideways with money, the banks, and/or the food supply. We may have attacks on our sense of self and self-worth. What we witness or experience will likely trigger impulsive, intense, and even violent feelings.

However, there is something about this moment in time that is giving us an opportunity to do things differently. This is because the North Node is involved and when the North Node is involved it is giving us an opportunity to follow a new path and correct past errors (even past live errors). Normally the way to deal with the T-square is to look at the sign opposite the focal planets. In this case that opposite sign is Scorpio. But Scorpio leads us either to Mars, the classical ruler, which tells us to fight for our traditions, or to the modern ruler which is Pluto, which tells us to destroy our outdated traditions. And these two planets are opposing each other pushing us to go one way or the other… which will lead to problems. The trick is to find the middle ground. And this New Moon is suggesting that we lean on the loving planet of Venus.

Venus is the ruler of the North Node, but more importantly is it the ruler of the New Moon. Venus is in cancer and in mutual reception with the moon. This means they are helping each other out and strengthening each other. Venus in Cancer is caring and values family and people who they consider to be their tribe. Venus in Cancer likes the security that these relationships bring. Venus is also making many positive aspects that, if we lean on her, will help us to be stable, strategic, inventive, and willing to talk through a compromise.

We don’t have to do this alone. This New Moon is sextile to the spiritual planet of Neptune and opposite the Galactic Centre (where galactic information streams into our universe) reminding us to lean on our spiritual guides and galactic wisdom!

The Sabian symbol is “Two cobblers working at a table”. A cobbler is a maker or mender of shoes. Another meaning of a cobbler is a workman who is clumsy. This suggests that there are two ways to approach the situation. A clumsy workman will make mistakes, sometimes even fatal. A maker of shoes will take steps to build something solid and secure giving us good footing.

Happy New Moon in Taurus!