June Horoscope 2015

“The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”

Scott Fitzgerald, “The Crack-Up“, Esquire Magazine (February 1936).

 June Horoscope 2015
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June begins with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Seeker is met with divine messages which percolate and surface at this time. The only problem is that Sagittarius likes t

o dismiss anything that doesn’t seem to fit; it can be dogmatic in its beliefs and doesn’t care much for cognitive dissonance. As such, it will easily dismiss information that makes it uncomfortable. But this is a time when the information will be given the opportunity for another assessment. This is further aided by Mercury currently retrograde opposite the Moon. Mercury retrograde often brings the return of information, situations, or people for review. Mercury is also connected to the North Node so the messages will be poignant for our move forward. We are not bringing in new thoughts, but instead we’re deciphering and remixing old thoughts. Things we already know on one level, are now ripe for understanding on a new level. If we dismiss something because it feels uncomfortable or is mixed into fogginess, we will miss the opportunity presented by the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Mars in Gemini is also opposite the Full Moon, so my advice is to write and journal while avoiding debates as ideas flit and float in your mind. With Mars in Gemini, this aspect can have a bit of a ‘foot in mouth’ feel to it. Again, we tend to dismiss information that pisses us off, and got to battle with words, just for the sake of going to battle, but there might be nuggets of wisdom for us to uncover if we percolate those thoughts on our own.

Venus enters Leo on the 5th. Venus will be in Leo for quite some time this summer. It goes retrograde there in July, but for all of June it will be direct in the sign of fun, romance, and children. It’s gonna be a fun start to the summer. If you’re planning to purchase any gold, stocks, expensive sporting events, romantic wining and dining, etc., do it now. Purchases will be more grounded and in balance with common sense. This is aided by Venus in an easy aspect with Saturn on June 6th. Later in the summer, when Venus goes retrograde, we’ll likely go over the top. So, If you’re gonna spend, spend now – don’t wait!

Mars is also sextile Jupiter. An amazing opportunity might present itself at this time. It a good time for negotiating deals because it bears the mark of success. You might also come up with a brilliant business opportunity. The only thing you need to pay attention to is Mercury, which is still retrograde until June 11th. If you can, check out all the details, negotiate the deal, and sign when Mercury goes direct.

On the 8th, the Sun will add optimism to this opportunity and Uranus will provide some innovative breakthroughs the next day. Things that may seem unworkable now get a new solution – by the 10th, when the Sun and Uranus make an easy aspect, we may be bubbling with excitement…. like the excitement you get when you light firecrackers or a ‘just might work’ idea pops into your mind!

On the last day of Mercury retrograde, June 11th, Mercury makes an easy aspect to Venus. We feel cooperative and congenial on this day, but the retrograde can tend to turn up the volume at both the beginning and end of its retrograde motion, so it still remains a tricky day for signing contracts and making agreements. It’s a great day to get together with friends or other people from our past. You’ll have fun conversations reminiscing about your past and at the end have some major conformation. Things like, “that was fun, but that’s now in the past for me” or “why did I leave that behind? That was such an important part of me.”

18147936_sOn June 11th, when Mercury does finally go direct, things can also feel a little raw. The Sun (our ego) and Mars (our will and our drive) will be conjunct by the 14th. As they move closer together, they will also form a difficult aspect to Chiron (our wounds, often formed in childhood). But even if we get a little piece of painful truth, it will set us free. That piece of truth may shine a light on what’s been holding us back which frees us up to take advantage of new opportunities with money and in love that Venus’ positive aspect to the North Node on the 12th will provide.

Also Neptune will go retrograde on the 12th. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus so love and money escalate to a spiritual plane. When Neptune goes retrograde, a veil is lifted; Neptune’s usual fogginess takes a reprieve. Watch for the days between Neptune’s retrograde turn and the final square created with Mercury on June 23rd. At this time, some major truth may be revealed – likely it’ll be something you’ll say you knew intuitively… but if you have been plowing through and ignoring all the signs, this might come at you like a watershed moment.

On June 14th, Saturn slips back into Scorpio for its encore performance. The final lessons with respect to our shared resources, banking, insurance, sex, and big business will make their final remarks. This revelation lasts only a couple of weeks, but since Saturn has been in Sagittarius, it’s like Saturn took a vacation from all of these matters. It will now move back into Scorpio for those few short weeks – and because of its short vacation in Sagittarius, these matters will now be met with fresh eyes.

At the Gemini New Moon on June 16th, we can set intentions for communication (such as making a speech or engaging in a political debate) or learning something new. It’s connected with Mars, so we’ll have lots of energy and drive to make this particular intention a reality. We might witness some especially quick wit at this time, but it’s the kind that has a little bit of insensitivity to it. Jokes about fresh hurts will be super witty, but will most definitely have us saying things like, “oh wow… that was way too soon.”

The energy changes toward the end of the month as the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st; Mars joins it on the 24th. Our energy becomes more protective, nurturing, and caring. For many this is the beginning of summer vacation. Jupiter (in Leo) will sextile Uranus (in Aries), expanding thrills and fun. Starting the summer at an amusement park with the family will help you combine that Cancer energy with the fun energy. It’s good for the soul too!

The energy is freed up for last two days of the month, June 29th and 30th. Venus will be moving into a conjunction with Jupiter and make a nice aspect to Uranus. The Sun will trine Neptune, bringing a spiritual, elevated aspect. This is a wonderful two days for social activities, business launch parties, and surprise unveilings. Plus, all of these transits are the energy at play in the universe, but if you have them connected to your personal chart in a nice way, you may also be lucky– if so, buy a lottery ticket or take some other type of risk. You just might win!

Aries: This month focuses on your communication. Are you strong and wrong? Or do know you’re right, but constantly concede to others? You can still question your beliefs without losing yourself – and you can communicate them without losing others. Getting books on conscious conversations will help. Take advantage of the positive energy at the end of the month by doing something fun and exhilarating.

Taurus: Do you believe you can make money? 80% of our communication is unconscious. Examine your beliefs and you perceptions. If they don’t align with what’s inside, the proof will be found through what you are actually earning. If you’re happy with what you see, celebrate! But if not, get to work on the unconscious part of your communication – it may be tricky because it’s hard to see the unconscious so you might want to invest in some help, even if spending the money to do so feels counter-intuitive. Gemini: What we believe about ourselves is often what was instilled in us by our parents at a young age. It may be true or false. Our relationships come along and reflect what we believe. They are opportunities to question what was never questioned as a child and decide our realities. This month presents opportunities for breakthroughs in this area of your life. You don’t need to take messages from your parents or your partner as absolute truth! Take advantage of the optimistic energy at the end of the month to test out new ways of communicating.

Cancer: This month you might be questioning your work and purpose. Sometimes we tell ourselves that our purpose is “nice” but it doesn’t pay the bills. Any sense of unfulfillment will have you questioning your faith in life and your ability to do what you love. You’ll also be questioning the thoughts and beliefs you’ve had about taking risks. Do it right and toward the end of the month you have the winning formula – it includes both purpose AND making money!

Leo: This month you’ll be reviewing your artwork. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to paint over one of your masterpieces and start again. You may end up painting the exact same thing, but the process helps you to identify your contribution to the world. What was once meaningless lines and colours will now be seen in a new light. The end of the month will be your unveiling; you’ll have the opportunity to emerge with a new level of beauty and popularity.

Virgo: This month a family member you’ve never heard of might show up on the scene, either in a story or in person. This arrival has you curious about your family history and heritage. A journey through history will either fill you with pride at the achievements or embarrassment at the infamy, but either way the journey will set you free to make your own mark in life. What do you want to be known for? Now is the time for you to continue the hereditary or change it for the better. By the end of the month you’ll be ready to step out and try new ways of being.

Libra: You might find yourself in several heated debates this month. This is likely to happen at the beginning of the month with a sibling or a neighbour. It’s not really your style unless you feel that things are really out of balance – and right now any outbursts are for that purpose and that purpose only. Be aware though, that you may be shadow boxing – The imbalance may only exist n your own mind. . You’re having a hard time deciding what you now believe. Although this is getting clearer and clearer, you’re testing them out and it is causing waves. Get out with friends at month end, if you do, you will have an absolute blast!

Scorpio: Old money worries may come to haunt you at the beginning of the month. You and your partner’s spending habits might be the cause – or it could be your attitude toward money lenders (loans, visas, lines of credit, etc.) may take on a new direction. We don’t have money management courses in primary or secondary school and often our parents do little to show us the way. You’re getting your own education this month on these topics; in the process many of your unconscious beliefs may be surfacing. By month’s end, you may have a very lucrative solution in the form of a work assignment or paid project.

Sagittarius: This month could turn into the war of the roses but it doesn’t have to. You don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind to your partner. In fact, the more you can connect your relationship to a greater purpose, the better you will do in it. The trick to that, however, is to get on the same page. Getting on the same page may require one or both of you to change your mind on certain topics. Dr. Phil’s popular saying comes to mind here: would you rather be right or happy? Plan a mind-expanding trip abroad at month’s end. This should not only help you to broaden your mind, but also renew your relationship.

Capricorn: Don’t get caught up in workplace gossip this month. I know that’s probably a tall order – there is just so much going on. But you have a big impact on the culture of your organization and the direction it takes. If you say to yourself “this is just a job,” rethink those thoughts. Commit wholeheartedly to your work and spread words that encourage the kind of place you’d want to work in. If that’s not possible, staying in unhealthy work environments might make you feel sick. Nobody likes an early summer cold. By the end of the month, bring the team together by buying a team lottery ticket. Make sure everyone signs the team form…you just might win!

Aquarius: You may run into people you know in the oddest places early this month. For instance, you might be in a completely different city and see someone you know from back home. Don’t dismiss events like this as “weird” – remain curious and inquisitive. There may be a higher purpose and meaning for your run-in. Left field events like this will provide a much needed perspective and also to help to get you outside of the box. It will help to generate creativity. Sometimes all you need is an unexpected, fresh perspective on things. Seeing something or someone out of context can help. Toward the month’s end, plan a romantic and fun date night.

Pisces: It seems like you can’t have career success without drama in the family. Your success at the beginning of the month might start some family gossip. Sometimes the purpose of this gossip is to keep you tied to the family tribe. Doing things outside of the familial norm is threatening to the tribe. Now is the time to be very discerning with the messages you receive; they may be the same old messages, but you have the opportunity to see them in a new way. At the end of the month, you hit your stride in your work. It’s both fulfilling and nurturing to your health.



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