Sagittarius Full Moon – May 23, 2024

Full Moon May 23, 2024

The Full Moon is at 2 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules beliefs, international affairs, travel, publiLilith - Inannashing, and religion. In its lower form is fundamentalism, international issues and issues related to publishing.

The Moon is conjunct with Lilith and opposite the Sun conjunct Venus, Jupiter, Terpsichore and Admetos…. So for this post, I will focus on our beliefs!

In my upcoming book Mary Magdelene; The Sacred Relationship Path to the Age of Aquarius (tentative title), I explore Lilith in depth. From the book:

In early Sumerian mythology, love poems between Innana and Dummuzi were sexual and explicit. One story of Iannana involves Lilith. The more familiar story of Lilith is that she was Adams’s first wife. The lesser-told story is the one told in the epic of Gilgamesh; a Sumerian tale that involves Inanna and a Huluppu tree. In this story, a snake is in the roots of Inanna’s tree and is described as ‘uncharmable’. The dark maiden Lilith is at the trunk and an Anzu-bird (lion-headed eagle) is seated on the branches. Innana has been growing and nurturing this tree, but now she wants to use it to create a seat and a bed. The clash of Lilith, the snake and the bird in the tree stops Inanna from being able to transform the tree into the creations she desires.

The Anzu bird is said to be the stealer of destinies. The snake, however, was a symbol of fertility and sexuality, and Lilith is traditionally a wind demon. Lilith’s name comes from the Sumerian word lilitu, which means a wind spirit or a female demon. But what exactly is a wind demon? In Akkadian, the four winds of the cardinal directions were wind spirits with the South West wind being female and the other four male. The wind was considered the breath of the demon.

It should be first understood that demons were not necessarily bad. Mesopotamian academic Irving Finkel reminds us that we cannot impose our conception of demons onto the ancients. Demons in this period held both good and bad qualities. They were simply spirits on the earth plane, intermediaries between the gods and humans. For example, the demon ruling over the Lilith, Pazuzu, was feared as the king of the southwesterly wind that brought famine and loved as the demon that protected children from other child-destroying demons.

In Mesopotamia, the wind direction associated with Lilith, the South West direction, was stormy and hot. It was recorded that many rainstorm came from southwesterly winds and that the wind moved counter to the “normal” wind, which blew in the other direction. Normal wind in Mesopotamia was North Westerly wind.

But why would wind be a demon? The wind is not uncommon in the world of ancient medicine. In Tibetan it’s called rlung; translated as ‘wind’, the Greek equivalent is pneuma, (where pneumonia comes from) and it is qi in the Chinese tradition. In the astrological/hermetic tradition wind can be inferred to be related to the humours (hot, dry, cold, wet), which in turn are connected to the cardinal directions. Wind is related to the seasons; heat in summer, wet in the shoulder seasons such as spring and autumn, and cold in winter. The manifestation of wind is matched to the seasons.

In Chinese medicine, healing is related to yin and yang, the balance of energy and it is often winds that throw this balance off causing illness.

Wind can be considered good until it becomes too much! Imagine your mother telling you to do up your jacket or you’ll “catch a draft”. Or that you are trying to light a fire… some ‘wind’ is needed to stoke the fire, but too much can blow the fire out!

Going back to Inanna’s story, we can say that the snake is energy (sexual energy) and Lilith, the wind demon is a hot and stormy wind which stokes the energy. Lilith was said to come and have sex with men at night, hinting at a wet dream or something that would cause him to be uninterested in sexual relations with his wife. In women “The ardat liliµ is a sexually frustrated and infertile female who behaves aggressively toward young men.” So to put it bluntly, Lilith is a hot summer wind that can throw sexual energy out of balance.

With this new understanding of Lilith and with Lilith conjunct the moon at this full moon, we can shift the winds of our understanding, allowing us to release or balance belief systems, specifically around sexuality. We can let go of our traditional idea of demons as all good or all bad. We shift its connection to our beliefs about sex, sexual expression and sexual health.

The ruler of the full moon is Jupiter. Jupiter is conjunct Venus at the last degree of Taurus. This expands and increases our desire for love and relationships to a heightened place. It has a feeling like “now or never”. Jupiter and Venus are also in an out-of-sign conjunction with the Sun now in Gemini. The Gemini Sun is curious and needs to explore. We want to explore love. We want to explore sex and sexual expression!

This is further evidenced by the Sun conjunct the asteroid Terpsichore. In Greek mythology, Terpsichore is one of the nine muses and goddesses of dance and chorus. Terpsichore is related to dance, aerobics, flexibility; coordination, agility, grace and mobility; It is also connected to body image/ego and body language. We have a strong desire to move, dance, sing and express!

The problem comes with Admetos (a hypothetical planet). Ademos is also conjunct the Sun. Admetos is associated with matters that get blocked and come to a standstill.

Pull it all together and it can be said that this full moon is an astrological retelling of the story of Inanna and the Huluppu tree. Venus and Jupiter are expanding our desire for love, and Terpsichore is enchanting us with a need to express ourselves. Lilith with the moon is stoking the hot winds of desire… putting the flames of our desires out of balance, and Admetos like the Anzu-bird is blocking our expression. We are likely to feel hot bothered and out of sorts!

Fortunately, the Full Moon is creating angel wings with Neptune at the last degree of Pisces and Pluto newly in Aquarius. This provides a place for the full moon to express her emotions and sense of being. One angel wing is the moon is trine and the Sun sextile to Neptune.  This connects us with our intuition and feelings and provides an outlet for self-expression and creativity, especially if connected to a sense of spirituality. The other angel wing is the moon sextile and the Sun trine to Pluto. This gives us access to emotional control and the ability to channel our emotions in a desired direction. It also connects us to personal power, and since Pluto is in Aquarius, we can also connect to the power that comes from groups and cooperation.

All in all, this energy provides a means for transmuting “bad demons” or negative feelings about sex and sexual expression, and to channel any traumas into art or artistic expression. We have an opportunity to balance the winds, to release and to invite into our lives whatever will help bring yin and yang…. what is it for you? aligning chakras? tantra? Abstinence? A Pole dancing class?

The key to accessing the full power of this full moon is expressed in the Sabian symbol “two men playing chess”. The goal of the game is “checkmate”, which is to put the king in a position where he has nowhere else to go. Chess can teach us how to be strategic, aware of the entire board (our surroundings) and to tame our impulses. Ultimately it is a game of balance; the chess board being a famous symbol of good and evil, yin and yang.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – May 5, 2023

The May 5th lunar eclipse is at 15 degrees of Scorpio.

Lunar eclipses happen because they are close to one of the nodes which are formed by the moon crossing the ecliptic (the path of the Sun). In astrology, the nodes are karmic points, and during eclipses, karmic things tend to happen, seemly out of nowhere. Scorpio is a money planet; it rules shared resources, taxes, insurance money and other people’s money. It also rules secrets, things that are hidden, control and manipulation. Scorpio rules sex, the cycles of life (life and death), psychiatry, and psychology. It’s mystical, magical and occult. So, Scorpio isn’t exactly light. It deep. Deep in a positive or in a negative way. But deep!

The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto and the classical ruler is Mars. Any way you look at it, modern or classical, this is a tricky and explosive eclipse. This is because both rulers, Mars and Pluto are coming into opposition. By May 19th and 20th they will also be square to the nodes. At our last eclipse (also in Scorpio) we saw the FTX crypto exchange crash and disappear, and with it, a lot of other people’s money. And as Pluto transited at the last degree of Capricorn, large banks started to fail. This eclipse will likely bring similar news. We’ll also likely see difficulties in any sexual relationships where power plays may emerge. The lash-out might also be connected to stress around money. Finally, dark magic or occult issues may surface (Don’t forget, words are magic spells). You may want to keep your shungite, black tourmaline and your red jasper close by! Some sage might also be helpful. This will help you block whatever shade is coming your way.

If you want to know how the eclipse is affecting you personally, you can book some time with me!

The eclipse is opposite Uranus, the planet of surprise and Vesta the asteroid associated with work and commitment. Don’t be surprised if you decide to quit your job out of nowhere, or if your workplace experiences a mass exodus. Uranus and Vesta are in Taurus, so there is a large focus on money, increasing our worth, and creating stability. Don’t expect loyalty to a workplace if it doesn’t help to meet basic needs. Choices made at this time will reflect a commitment to ourselves and to increasing our worth and stability.

This lunar eclipse has a special relationship to Mercury, which has been travelling close to the Sun and has been triggering this eclipse over the last couple of weeks. This simply means that Mercury has been helping to build the plot line of this particular eclipse. On April 17th it opposed the eclipse point. On the 25th, it happened again. Mercury will go over the point again on May 31. This eclipse story is likely an epic rather than the usual novella.

The good news, thank God there is good news, is that the moon is conjunct Poseidon. Poseidon brings higher consciousness, truth, spiritual illumination and enlightenment. Although this all comes in the wake of some very difficult energy, we will feel good about it as it always feels good when we finally connected with the truth. If the dots haven’t connected or a piece of the story seemed to be missing, the dots and pieces will emerge and things will finally start to make sense!

The Sabian Symbol for the moon is “Children playing around five mounds of sand”. Children playing around sand mounds is bound to result in a half-buried child (head poking out), or attempts to dig tunnels and build sand castles. There may be biting ants in the sand, or sand flies. Five is the number related to change, creativity, and inventiveness, so this suggests that even though it may be a bit dangerous, playing and being lighthearted within the energy will bring solutions and strangely, some element of fun.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

New Moon in Capricorn – December 23, 2022

The New Moon on December 23rd, 2022 is at 1 degree of Capricorn. Capricorn is about structure, restrictions, control, and restraint. It’s ambitious and status-oriented. It’s also disciplined, contentious and conservative.

The new moon forms a significant T-square. A T-square is when a planet is in a square with two other planets and those two other planets are opposing. Energetically this T-square is in cardinal signs, which means the energy is impulsive and action-oriented (as these are the signs at the beginning of each of the seasons). It struggles with conflict, balance, restraint and restriction, and emotion. With this T-square, even though the moon is in a sign that it’s most uncomfortable with, the key to handling this new moon, is to go into and stay with our emotions; acknowledged them, understand them, provide to ourselves any emotions that have been missing, for example, love or compassion.

The new moon is conjunct Hygiea. Hygiea was named after the goddess of health and represents the actions we take to preserve our health. The new moon is also conjunct Ixion, which was the first murder in Greek mythology. In astrology, it represents the violation of social norms of conduct but can also literately mean murder, as it’s often prominent in the charts of murderers or homicides. The new moon in Capricorn may be very Karmic around these areas, however, it’s asking us to take responsibility, have restraint and have self-discipline.

This is made difficult by the two squares that the new moon is making. The New Moon is square Jupiter, which has just recently returned to Aries. Jupiter in Aries is expanding our need to express ourselves and be who we are. We want to do this so much that we will war with people about it. We will also try to push our point with Jupiter conjunct Manwe which is at the last degree of Pisces. Manwe represents communication, but in the negative represents an obsession with logic and making a point instead of addressing the emotionality of situations. It also is propaganda, hype or the spin and being in the last degree a Pisces, this will seem like an attractive option for expression.

On the other side, the New Moon squares Ceres in Libra representing balance around food and nurturing and relationships. Beside Ceres is Osiris, which represents death or transformation and M87, which is a black hole. When someone is called an energetic black hole, they are describing the energy of this point. It represents co-dependent, dysfunctional relationships and one who is never satisfied, vine-swinging from one relationship to another to try to fill something within. Finally, Dionysus is also with Ceres, Dionysus is the partier Asteroid and represents intoxicants of all types, but particularly alcohol and hallucinogens and wild sexual abandon. If we are out of balance within ourselves, they will likely show up as imbalances in our relationships, with food and with drugs and alcohol. And as part of our New Moon T-Square, this is all fuel to the fire!

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is “Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment”. It speaks to a breakdown in our values as a result of war. Though there are a number of wars currently being waged, consider that the pandemic was consistently described in war terms. This is a “war” that affected us all worldwide. What has been broken as a result?

At this tricky new moon it will be hard to reign it all in, but reign it in we must! Since this is a New Moon we can use the energy to set new intentions. There are three areas I would encourage:

    • Set intentions for creating structures with respect to how you nurture yourself and focus on impacts on your health. What is your relationship to drugs, food, and relationships? How can you take responsibility for that relationship, even if it’s been impacted by something outside of yourself such as war or a pandemic?
    • Set intentions for how to nurture Ontocracy (the power of your own being). Instead of looking outside of yourself, how can you tap into your innate resources to ignite self-love (and not rely on others), self-healing (discovering your own internal medicine), self-nurturance (have boundaries to bring you into health)…
    • Setting intentions for taking responsibility with your words… the trick is to get out of your head and into your heart. Then, take responsibility for what is there within your heart… is it anger? Is it guilt? Taking responsibility can help to shift it!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn!