April Horoscope 2015

2015-04-01 08.17.27April 2015 Horoscope

April starts with a second eclipse. The first was a solar eclipse on March 20th and, on April 4th, a lunar eclipse will occur.

These eclipses are very much about relationships. The eclipse on the 20th of March was in Pisces. It was about relationships, but relationships on a collective, transpersonal level. The eclipse on the 4th of April is in Libra and will bring it back down to the personal level. Marriage, money, and business relationships will be the focus. Libra is ruled by Venus and represents our values. It is our ability to attract both love and money on a personal level. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is the higher octave of Venus. It’s selfless, compassionate, captivating, and transpersonal. We are now bringing heaven to earth in our relationships with this next eclipse. A new definition is emerging. Sudden epiphanies may emerge on or around the 4th. During the weeks between the eclipses, we have been experiencing something akin to the dance of the seven veils. What is the truth? What is love? What is right? Who has the right to judge? What is our responsibility? And who do we blame? As we remove each veil, each layer of truth is revealed and examined.

The eclipse is also keyed into the Pluto/Uranus square. This square has been responsible for the social unrest and has upset the balance over the last four years. Though the last square happened last month, they are still being set off by this eclipse. This Libra eclipse re-balances the scales of justice. There have been several times when things have happened that just didn’t added up. It has felt like information was missing or a detail was glossed over. Mercury will be at the South Node during this eclipse, close to the sun and Uranus – the truth will be revealed and it may be revealed dramatically.

If you are in a relationship or partnership that has been going through trouble and you have felt like ‘this shouldn’t be happening’ or if it has been stalled or thwarted due to outside influence, now is the time when you will see things set right… or close to right. Things are not always fair in life, but this is one of those times when it will be. Though it has seemed on the surface to be difficult and there has been some mayhem, there is always a silver lining in these difficult times. They force us to come up with new solutions, to dig deep and find new ways to do things.

It’s been the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) that have been affected by the Pluto/Uranus squares. These are the natural dichotomies in our lives. Our self interest vs our relationship interests. Our career vs our families. As our roles shifted in these areas –within ourselves, at home, in our relationships, and in the workplace have lost our balance. We went through a period where nobody understood who or how to be but we are now finding our way into a new definition of relationship.

What is also going on in the background is also helping the story along.

24154570_sOn April 1st, a genuine apology may come. Yes I know it’s April fool’s day, but this one will not be gag as Venus sextiles Chiron, which will bring a blend of healing in love into the mix.   A grand trine with Mercury, Juno, and Saturn on the 2nd will help to ground, stabilize, and give form to a new type of relationship and group effort. This grand trine will also help us stabilize our finances. Juno is the marriage asteroid but she is also associated with financial accounts. Shifts have been occurring to help re-balance the accounts and this month they will finally have a little more tether.

On the 6th, Mercury will make a positive aspect to Jupiter. Jupiter will go direct in a couple of days, but this is a last chance to reflect on all that we have learned and take in the full picture. It will also be connecting with Pluto and Uranus over the next couple of days, so we may be overloaded with thoughts and new information – or maybe just integration of all of the information that has come to light since the eclipse.

On April 8th, Jupiter will go direct. It’s been in a retrograde motion since December 8th, 2014, sending us inward to explore all things Leo – our leadership, our creativity, and what we can afford to invest. Now that Jupiter is going direct, we can move forward with all of our plans – sort of. We will want to launch that program, show up with our leadership, and unveil our creativity. We will want to take those educated risks; by now, we’ve done our homework. The next couple of days will seem golden. The Sun conjuncts Mercury on April 11th, making it a good time for communication and asserting ourselves. On the same day, Venus will move into Gemini. Ideas for money-making will abound. On April 14th, Mercury will move into Taurus, motivating us to create concrete plans and maybe wanting to sign contracts. But even thought all engines are fired up, I caution you to wait just a while longer; April has a couple of red flag days. These are days that are not good for making big decisions or launching business deals. You should also stay away from the days surrounding them.

On April 15th, Venus will oppose Saturn. We may feel pressure to make commitments out of fear or a sense of duty and responsibility. Thought this is not technically a red flag, it’s not the best circumstances to move forward – then the first real red flag happens. Mars squares Jupiter on April 17th which makes us impulsive and prone to not having what it takes to go the distance. The second red flag happens on April 19th when Venus squares Neptune. The blinders will be on with respect to the finances and we may not be able to accurately assess relationships for reliable partnerships.

The New Moon is on April 18th at 28o of Aries. It’s widely conjunct Mercury and trine to Pallas, the asteroid that helps us to see patterns and the big picture. Mercury will also be sextile to Neptune which will give us vision and intuitive insights. Yes, we are seeing the big picture and yes, we are developing a good strategy. But we won’t yet have all we need to nurture this direction. Now is a good time to set intentions for pioneering a new direction or endeavour. Venus will be sextile the North Node, so it will be a favourable time to make connections that represent possibilities for partnership or financial support. But there is a third red flag: Mercury squaring Jupiter on April 21st. It makes us over-confident and perhaps prone to miss details.

So, there will be a lot of energy around wanting to move forward with our plans but it’s best to take our time and be thorough. Now is a great opportunity to test our ideas: get responses and deepen our market knowledge. Both Mars and Mercury will be Taurus in a favourable aspect to Pluto on April 22nd. This is great for research, gathering knowledge, and coming up with practical solutions. Venus will also be in a favourable aspect to Jupiter the same day so there will be lots of optimism… we are on the right track and we are progressing! Just don’t jump the gun!

On April 24th, Mercury will sextile Chiron. This is a great day to meditate; take time to go within and to sit with your thoughts. There has been lots of information coming at us all month, so this is a good day to get our mind off of things and to allow some healing and incorporating. If you’ve read my past horoscopes you know I am a big fan of spa days, but a solitary walk in the nature or a bike ride might also do the trick.

The end of the month brings us back to relationships particularly due to Venus sextile Uranus, which may stir up some excitement in the relationship department. We can use the energy to be spontaneous or to put some zing into a new adventure. Mars will make an easy aspect to Chiron on the 28th, motivating us to direct our energy into healing. The Sun will sextile Neptune on the 29th which encourages us to tune into our intuition and trust our senses. We may become clear that some relationships are no longer serving us and, on the same day, Venus will also square Chiron in order to help us to let go of that which no longer works.

April horoscope 2015 for each sign…

Read both your sun sign and your rising sign/ascendant sign for a more accurate horoscope. If you don’t know your rising sign/ascendant sign, you can get a free report (you’ll need your birth time).


The lunar eclipse is in your 7th house of relationships. There has been a real struggle with defining who you are, your career, and your close personal relationships. Some light will be shed on this area. This is helped by the courage you have to tell the truth as it relates to your beliefs, sense of leadership, and creativity.


The lunar eclipse is in your 6th house of health. A health issue that you have been denying or that was buried in your subconscious may now come to light – or, if you have been aware of it, a shift may happen in your beliefs about it as unconscious material pops to the surface. A growing sense of security as it relates to your home and your resources – even if it’s only in the mind and not actual space, this change helps you to feel secure enough to go into that unconscious stuff.


The lunar eclipse happens in your 5th house of creativity and children. You have been feeling the pressure in your finances and if you have one in your business. You may not feel like you can rely on anyone, but you’ll discover that you do have friends – or at least acquaintances who are willing to help. A clarifying conversation helps to relieve the pressure. Though your relationship responsibilities have a serious tone right now, you can see your roles and responsibilities in a new way.


The lunar eclipse is in your 4th house of home and family. Solutions are found and family relationships are brought into balance with your career/intimate relationships. The work you have done to root yourself down brings balance your finances and your career in a healthy and supportive ways. The payoff is a system that has secure roots and works for you.


The lunar eclipse is happening in your 3rd house of communication. Communication will improve in your relationships, especially with your siblings. Your beliefs have been changing as a result of a health shakeup. Alternatively, you may have been part of a civil injustice which fueled those changes. You’re now feeling comfortable with taking risks in your self-expression. Your mind is changing and that is causing your words to flow in a new refreshing ways.


The lunar eclipse occurs in your 2nd house of finances. Something comes to light in terms of your shared resources and that helps you to balance the books or set things right, especially when it comes to your self-worth. Difficulties with your home or parents may bring mixed blessings. You may find hidden accounts or resources that allow you to take some risks.


The lunar eclipse is happening in your 1st house. You are finding ways of integrating who you are, maintaining your boundaries, and working with others. Communication difficulties have been plaguing you, but you can now find an approach that is empowering. You are justified in your fight for recognition of your boundaries and it is finally dawning on you that this is so: you knew it, but you now believe it.


The lunar eclipse is in your 12th house of the unconscious and secrets. You are building a relationship with your unconscious and finding out what it means to take responsibility rather than blaming others. You may have been doing things routinely without valuing yourself. But confidence is building as you take on better work or health habits and start to toot your own horn. Remember the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”


The lunar eclipse occurs in your 11th house of friends and associates. Your ideas, concepts, and beliefs about yourself are being refined, perhaps as a result of a relationship with a trusted teacher. As this occurs, you find yourself in a new circle of friends which allows new aspects of your creativity to surface. You are starting to open up like a can of wasabi peas.


The lunar eclipse happens in your 10th house of honour and public recognition. Your relationship with your reputation and authenticity is brought into focus. Your power is being tested at this time – as is working in a partnership and your ability to share control of resources. Be generous and responsible with your power over others.


The lunar eclipse happens in your 9th house of beliefs, higher courts, and higher learning. You might be settling the score now and justice may be served. You may have had a hard time getting others to see your perspective. This situation may have arisen partly because your psyche has been going through its own transformation, thus changing your perspective. If part of this is a legal ruling, you will be able to work through the details and settle business/contractual details in a better and fairer light.


The lunar eclipse is happening in your 8th house of shared resources. Wealth is on your mind and at the eclipse you may be rearranging your taxes or your shared resources. Your earnings may be coming from a very different source these days, perhaps from a business that you recently launched. Maybe you didn’t expect to do so well. Incorporation, changing your relationship to business and becoming an employee of your own company, may all be in the mix as you assess your situation.


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