Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – May 15, 2022

The lunar eclipse on May 15/16th is in scorpio. This is a total lunar eclipse and that means that the earth will block the light reflected from the sun onto the moon completely. In this darkness, the energy of the scorpio moon is intensified. Fears, trust issues, use of power – be it sexual power, financial power, or mystical/magical power all come to the forefront. Scorpio is a water sign and often represents emotions that are hard to control.

Eclipse Doodling

The moon is trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces, giving it more energy and drive, causing our emotions to feel like the fast waters of a river or waterfall or tossed around like the high waves of a stormy sea… during moments of this eclipse we will most definitely feel overwhelmed, lost at seas or scared by the depth of our emotions. The eclipse is also squaring Saturn in Aquarius – there will be a temptation to shut down. But Saturn is also karmic… so if we do the work asked of us by Saturn, we will have access to the positive side of karma. We are asked to balance out our logical, rational indifference with our hot and spicy emotions. This energy can make us feel like head cases or not entitled to our emotions… it’s scary to feel this out of control… but what will make the difference as we process our emotions is our level of consciousness and our intentions.

The eclipse moon is conjunct a number of asteroids; Deucalion, Ceto and Karma and opposite asteroids Phaethon, Alicanto and Mors-Somnus:

Karma is karma… karma will help to teach you the repercussions of your actions… conscious or unconscious, good or bad.

Ceto was the daughter of Gaia and is the personification of the sea’s dangers, unknown terrors and strange creatures – mostly sea monsters. She is what lurks in the waters… be it a cyclops or a siren and represents the emotional monsters we carry within. In the Movie the Goonies, the children are warned of the monster but once encountering the cyclops and making friends, the monster comes to their rescue!

Deucalion is about trusting others and taking heed. Warned by his father of a coming flood, Deucalion build a box to ride out the waves. Then after the flood heeding the advice of an Oracle, Deucalion started again, repopulating the earth. This energy reminds us that even if things are scary, there can be saving graces.

The energy opposite the moon is the energy reinforcing the invitation of consciousness vs unconsciousness. Mors-Somnus (death – sleep) represents sleep walking, unconsciousness, near death experience, but also taking control of our sleep state… Astro projection or using our dreams to guide us.

Alicanto represents trust and faith coupled with good intentions. In Chilean mythology the Alicanto is a bird. “A miner who follows the bird without detection will be led to great riches. However, if the miner is observed, the bird will switch off the shimmering of its wings and disappear into the night. Should the alicanto encounter one who is not of good heart, it will lead that person over a cliff.“

Phaethon represents knowing when we are in too deep. Phaethon trying to prove to his friend that he had a cool father took a chariot, and driving recklessly and dangerously, was shot out of the sky. It’s a warning to be conscious of when we are being driven by a need to be liked or approved of.

Combine these energizes and we see that this eclipse is a powerful time to process emotions, listen and be in tuned to inner or outer trusted guidance systems. To not be afraid of the monsters that lurk or the potential for disaster or ruin. It’s a time to flow, process, and to balance our strong emotions.

Things that leave us at the eclipsed moon are eclipsed forever so use this energy to forever banish negative karma or unwanted patterns!

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Taurus Solar Eclipse – April 30, 2022

April Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The solar eclipse is at 10 degrees of Taurus on April 30th. Taurus is the sign of security. Financial security, relationship security, food security… whatever you value will show through in your need for security. For some it’s an emergency supply of rice, for others it’s having money in the bank, and for you, it may be a solid relationship. Security is very much attached to our value system and so it will look different for you depending on what you value. With this new moon, some aspect related to our values and need for security gets eclipsed. Either we realize that we DO need that person, object, or thing to complete our sense of security, and a blockage to us achieving it is eclipsed. Or some person, object, or thing has reached its due date and is eclipsed from our life so that we can move on and align with our new and emerging values.

The eclipse is conjunct Uranus the planet of surprises, so things might come out of the left field. However, Uranus in Taurus suggests that even when something is removed, the hole left is replaced with something new and innovative. Also, the new moon is sextile Mars in Pisces suggesting that if we follow divine guidance we will be protected. On this eclipse, have a chat with your guides, or the angels that surround you. Or meditate to connect with the divine – guidance, and direction for a new path will become clear.

The Sabian symbol is “a woman sprinkling flowers”. Is this a romantic scene – sprinkling flowers on a bed? A scene of commitment – sprinkling flowerings down the aisle before the bride on her wedding day? Is it in celebration – sprinkling flowers on a spring-themed cake? Or is this a need to relax and nourish – sprinkled flowers in a spa-like bath? The Sabian symbol is about cultivation. What are we trying to cultivate? And what do we need to help dramatize and create the scene?

The ruler of the eclipse is Venus, which is conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. This brings in the sweetness of divine love. For some, this will bring in a “twin flame” quality of love. For others, an unconditional well of love emerges and deepens within. Whichever is happening for you, these three planets in Pisces will animate it with light, sparkles, and an ethereal soundtrack. Technicolor, the meta-verse or a psilocybin-induced adventure will pale in comparison!

The eclipse is conjunct several asteroids. It’s a complicated mix of emotions. It’s conjunct Albion, which represents taking a stand and expressing beliefs. You are encouraged to share your values and needs publicly. Hybris, which represents excessive pride or arrogance may cause you to express it with a level of overconfidence. The likelihood is that we won’t be able to see our hubris or our blind spots without getting it all out on the table. Yes, pride comes before a fall, yet don’t be afraid to speak up when it comes to what you value, even if it comes across as wrong. This is because the eclipse is also conjunct Hebe, which represents compassion and pardons. Even if it comes out all wrong, even if you have to eat your words, even if you take a fall, buried in what you are expressing is the ability to communicate needs, to be heard, set boundaries, and express important emotions. Though what is said may lead to a fight, that fight is a route to compassion and understanding and to our deepest desires.

The last asteroid conjunct the eclipse is Eros, which represents sex and desire. Even if your words piss someone off… they awaken something that has been missing for a long time… DESIRE!

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse… Enjoy the makeup sex (Literal or metaphoric)!

Libra Full Moon – April 16, 2022

The Full Moon on April 16 is at 26 degrees of Libra. This full moon brings to culmination issues in the area of relationships, justice, issues of balance, or imbalance. Libra is also associated with war, particularly when things get out of balance – it seeks to re-balance, and that sometimes happens through fighting.

The Sabian symbol for the full moon degree is “An airplane hovering overhead”. There are many things that come to mind when we see a plane overhead. Where are the people going? Vacation? We do this when the stresses of life get to us and we are seeking balance. Or is it a plane seeking to throw us out of balance… Is it a fighter jet? The jet overhead seeking to have an advantage in a war situation? Or a jet as a conspiracy theorist would suggest leaking chem tails threatening to bring imbalance in other ways?

The Moon is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn for quite a number of years but is now headed towards the end of its time there. In the final degrees, Pluto will add the final details to the transformation of all forms of structures. On the world stage, government and old corporate institutions. In our personal lives, the structures of our relationships. And, since the new moon is squaring Pluto this brings up boundaries issues; land boundaries, personal boundaries, governmental boundaries, and perhaps overreach.

The moon is also conjunct to the asteroid Elatus, which brings two possibilities. The first is eloquent talk or speech with the purpose and ability of deceiving, and the second is all about dodging a bullet. In mythology, Elatus was shot with a poisonous arrow and died. The poisonous arrow also passes through him and hits Chiron in the knee, wounding him, but not killing him.

In the first scenario, Elatus may work with the moon to present a lie to either get out or into a situation. The ruler of the moon is Venus in Pisces, which is also trine to Mercury and Uranus adding an element of beautiful, etheric, and unusual speech. A leader may lie, a lover may deceive…with Venus, Mercury, and Uranus in such a creative aspect, the deception may even come in the form of music rather than speech. Don’t forget, binaural beats, now used for health and wellness, were a tool developed by the CIA in the Gateway Program and used for government purposes.

In the second scenario, which is far more interesting and potentially bittersweet. The energy of the moon may present a situation that, though hurting, also protects Chiron from death. Chiron right now is in Aries and is suffering a wound around self-expression and freedom. On this full moon, someone may unintentionally take an arrow and poison, which may result in allowing self-expression and freedom to live. Not only live but also one day heal.

It’s not an easy full moon, but a happy full moon! Life will always throw us situations that test our balance… but it’s harder to be deceived when we seek and rely on our own internal balance.