March Horoscope 2014

March is all about making love, not war! 

Vesta, goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame, gives Scoprio a brief kiss and then goes retrograde back through Libra on March 1st. Mars, also in Libra, decides to go retrograde as well. Mars and Vesta are within two degrees of each other on March 1st , so they are traveling together. Both Vesta and Mars are pretty intense and retrograde forces their intense energy inward. Both also possess a fiery sexual nature.  With the two joining hands and moving backward together through Libra… Well, I would call this an extreme, raise-your-kundalini kind of energy. “Extreme” always means that there is some danger. It is said that raising our kundalini has the potential to pushes us toward enlightenment, awakening the psychic within us and putting us in touch with the Divine. Sounds good, right? So why are we warned against raising our kundalini energy?

Well, it’s due to something called Kundalini syndrome otherwise known as a “spiritual emergency.” Kundalini syndrome arises when the energy is misdirected or unsupervised which leads to negative experiences such as accidents, near-death experiences, emotional trauma, and/or extreme mental stress.  Some people pursue the experience of raising their Kundalini without being ready because it is said to awaken a sexual kind of experience. Others get to brag that they have “raaaaised their Kundalini”… but really, that comes from a place of ego – and that Ego vs Spiritual enlightenment will be the focus of this Mars/Vesta energy from now until May.

On March 2nd, Venus will square Mars and Venus will square Vesta on March 5th, thus putting a little more detonation to the passion. It is highly possible that the ego could get in the way during this time. Venus is still in Capricorn so she can be very status, material, and success-conscious.  The good news is that all of that sexual energy can be sublimated into our collective spiritual growth and toward universal love. If we are successful, the result may be a quantum leap. If not, then this will become a bit of a war scenario.  It’s fairly significant that this is all happening in Libra as Libra is the sign of balance and it is clear that we are all being called upon to balance.

Balance can be achieved in a number of ways. Some of the most successful methods are related to self-mastery, ones in which we can stand back from our emotions, look at whatever we are experiencing, and, from a place of objectivity, calculate our future moves. We’ll be helped in this venture by a New Moon on March 1st.  The New Moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, meaning that a spiritual awakening is being beckoned forward. Both the moon and Chiron are in spiritual Pisces, putting us in touch with deep emotions and allowing psychic material to float to the surface.  The New Moon/Chiron conjunction is sextile Pluto and trine Jupiter. Pluto and Jupiter are still opposite one another, pushing for transformation and change while idealizing the whole thing. When we bring this New Moon into the mix, the flowing energy from these two to it gives us the potential to bring about new ideals and transformation in collectively healing ways.  Also the north node is sextile pallas, helping us to see patterns and sending us in the right direction on March 2nd… if we take the time to stand back, master ourselves, and truly look.

make-love-not-war-1So you can see that March hits the ground running with some intensity!  On March 5th, Venus will enter Aquarius, cooling her off a bit. From there she will square the north node, helping us see who’s on our team and who is against us. On the 7th, she will square Ceres, separating the unhealthy from the truly nurturing. By the 9th, she will trine Juno, now in Aries, helping to form a dynamic relationship duo.

Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd , directing us to review our commitments and responsibilities. Jupiter finally goes direct on March 6th which has been retrograde since November. During that time, we likely focused on introspection regarding our belief systems – once it goes direct, we can move forward with our new insights.  We can then use these new insights to do a further assessment using Saturn’s retrograde energy.

We also had around three weeks to reflect on our thinking and communication processes during the Mercury retrograde cycle which ended Feb 28th. Now that Mercury is moving forward in March, we can start putting our thoughts into action.  Mercury squares Saturn on the 13th, helping us to reap the rewards of past decisions.  Mercury is trine Mars on the 14th which pushes us in to act on our practical decisions. The very next day, Mercury is opposite pallas and we may hit a momentary block in our creative thinking. Luckily Mercury trines Vesta on the 16th, helping us to refocus.

Mercury then enters Pisces on March 17th and trines both the North node and Ceres (which are conjunct at 0o Scorpio).  I am always amazed at what happens when the North node conjuncts a planet! When these two come together at the critical degree of zero in Scorpio, I think we might see some more scandal come to light. Ceres has a long history with the underworld and she will stop at nothing short of starving herself and others in order to uncover the truth. Fortunately the trine to Mercury in Pisces will highlight bang-on intuition!  Mercury will conjunct Neptune on the 22nd, trine Jupiter on the 26th conjunct and Chiron on the 29th, which will help to move along the energy of the New Moon. Communication will either be insightful or illusory, seeing potential or taking the easy way out, healing or a repeat of patterns. We get to choose.

The Full Moon on March 16th is in Virgo. On that day, the Sun forms a Yod with Pallas in Leo and Mars Rx in Libra. Pallas and Mars are sexile, creating a nice flow of energy for political activism. A while back, we were seeing quite a few celebrities voicing their political concerns , so we may see these guys speak up again and maybe even take action. The two planets are slightly out of sync with the Sun, which is in Pisces, and may cause overwhelming emotion or wavering indecisiveness. Luckily the Sun boomerangs this need for adjustment back to the moon, which is full and in Virgo. I don’t often talk about Sabian symbols, but this one is just too good to pass up: the Sabian symbol for this full moon is “elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home.”

Ah, the ladies who lunch! Don’t be fooled. The ladies who lunch are a powerful bunch.  Think of Diana, think of Michelle Obama, and think of all of the first ladies, who to my knowledge do not work but do! Another example can be found in Violet, the woman who holds the power in “Downton Abbey.” I just loved the episode when Tom Branson, the fiery Irish political activist, who was to attend a wedding refused to wear “tails” because of the repression they symbolized – Violet set him straight by asking if he was done. Guess who turned up in ‘tails’ at the wedding? Even though it’s just a TV show, Violet’s character symbolizes this powerful elderly women, gifted with both time and money. Family and morality reside at the centre of her concern.  Yes, there are other bunches who lunch like the Real Housewives, some of the Kardashians, etc., and they have a lot of power too (media power), but I’m really referring to the Clan Mothers . These women have the wisdom, power, and the money to make a difference.  The key to the resolution of this disjointed Full Moon energy will lie with them.

Toward the end of the month, there will be some relationship stuff coming up. Juno in Aries loves her independence and that get’s kicked up a notch on the 23rd as Jupiter squares Juno. We might be pushing for inequalities to be corrected in our relationships at this time; we could also become very idealistic.  On the 25th, Juno and Uranus conjunct. This conjunction will bring about a surprising upset to the relationship structure, one that is most likely needed. On the 28th, Pluto squares Juno which brings out power imbalances in relationships including possible power plays and manipulation. These upsets could be in marriage relationships, but I also see it playing out in the way we sociologically define marriage and the role of marriage.

The second New Moon is in Aries on March 30th. Venus is in a trine to Mars and square to Saturn that day and, though they are not aspecting the Moon, the Moon will be within degrees of Uranus and Juno. They will also resonate with the marriage drama of the last couple of days.  With an Aries New Moon, we can set intentions for new beginnings and new directions in this area. Venus/Saturn will help us to sober up and give us the ability to realistically re-evaluate our relationships. The Venus/Mars energy will add an ability to meet our needs and the needs of others in new ways.

All in all, March is the awaking of old wounds and new possibilities.  If we can use the intensity of the energy for enlightenment and growth, we will be moving in the right direction.



You have the potential to heal deep, unconscious wounds at the beginning of the month. You’re leading the rest of us with the most powerful guided meditation ever. The more you swim in the deepness of your own unconscious, the more you are able to lead the rest of us into the emerging healing.  Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are traveling in your 7th so partnerships are your key to evolutionary growth.


You might find yourself writing a manifesto that you feel needs to be shared with the rest of the world, but really you’re doing it for your own healing.  Maybe you’ve been reading the French manifesto (le manifeste des 343) and feel a similar need to declare. Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are traveling in your house of service. Your passion is high and so is the potential for your contribution.


 You don’t seem to be a deep person – at least, not on the surface. Because of that, this month you will likely blow some people away. It’ll probably happen like this: you’re making a presentation at work about something (let’s say the financial impacts and the rising cost of insurance due to workplace health.) It’s pretty dry so you throw in a joke and also a profound quote you’ve found floating around Facebook and bam! Something floats out of your mouth that is not only pretty damn enlightening, but also profoundly healing. Didn’t think you had it in you, did you? Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are in your fifth house making you pretty damn creative.


You like tradition and this month Vesta, Mars, and the North Node have you going back through your roots, perhaps researching the family tree. You may have thought you knew yourself and your family well but you might discover something this month that sets you off on a personal pilgrimage, one linked to your heritage, in a place you never expected. It’s also likely to be something that will help in healing.  You could be repairing a relationship that also helps repair something down the ancestral line.


If you have been struggling with your health in any way, this month’s New Moon will help you to put into action powerful thoughts for healing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a serious illness or just an irritating chronic cold, you can bring about powerful transformation and recovery.  Thoughts have a powerful impact on your feelings and behavior which is why cognitive behavior therapy is just as effective at healing depression as medication! Read Feeling Good by David Burns.


With a little help from your friends and a powerfully transformative experience with your children, you can find deep healing this month that helps you to let go of relationship pain.  Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are moving through your house of self-worth and self-respect. Sometimes we pursue the material to prove our worth, but this month assessing what you have manifested will let you know where you really stand.


There used to be a movement called Spirit in the Workplace whose aim was to encourage employees to bring their entire self to work. It died out, but maybe it did so because it was a movement a little before it’s time. This month you are instrumental in bringing about workplace healing.  You’ve been fighting the idea that “you can have it all, but you can’t have it all at once.” This month, you are redefining work life balance and you’re the perfect person for the job!  Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are moving through your first house of self-definition. You can be an example to all!


You know how powerful words can be – you are the master of using them for your own gain. This month you’re able to bring those powerful words into a creative forum. Although you might not intend for them to heal, they will. Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are moving through your subconscious. Changes are happening within you on a deep level, of which you may not even be aware. Not to worry, let them emerge through your art.


How do the monks do it? Forsake all material things for deep transformation of their spirit. Actually, you may not have not had a choice recently. This month you will really resonate with the following Chinese saying: “my barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.” Not only are you able to see the beauty, you’ll able to embrace it. Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are moving through your house of humanitarian concerns, so I think you will emerge from all of this with a powerful impact to your fellow man.


Normally reserved with your speech, you find expressing yourself powerfully healing this month and wow does it ever impact your relationships.  Normally you’re too worried about what others might think. Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are helping you to question public expression this month. Though it may feel embarrassing and uncomfortable, doing the public thing can be deeply healing to you.


Though you may have been shocked by secrets that have recently emerged and maybe you’re required to give more of yourself at work or in service, it is bringing about healing in your own ideas about how money is made. It’s also having an impact on everyone else. In your usual way, you are revolutionizing, but this time it’s related to the manner in which money is earned.  Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are moving through your house of deeply held beliefs. A revision is on the horizon.


You are ripe for raising your Kundalini. Your hopes and dreams are pushing up against your creativity but they will aid the rising energy within you. You are like a serpent emerging out of the basket for all the world to see. Music will help and so will dance or theatre.  You can stand in who you are being knowing that it will inspire and bring tears to our eyes. Mars, Vesta, and the North Node are moving through your house of transformation to aid this inward energy.

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