February Horoscope 2014

February, the month of love, starts with Venus finally going direct. It’s still in a close dance with Pluto, God of the underworld, and opposing Jupiter. Pluto and Venus together create passion, sometimes possessiveness, and certainly lots of love intensity which will be happening at the beginning of the month. Pluto, conjunct Venus and opposite Jupiter, is a bit Katy Perry and Juicy J’s ‘Dark Horse’. She says her love is like “a perfect storm,” he calls her “Karma” and she warns against “play[ing] with magic.” He also says “she’ll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Yup, that’s about it!  Pluto and Venus alone represent that kind of intensity, but add in an opposition to Jupiter… I’d say that’s the part of Perry’s song where they say “her love is on steroids.” Jupiter expands! Isn`t it interesting that that song is number two on the billboard charts for the week of February 1st? I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to number one by next week!

I should mention that this relationship drama may be personal but Venus is also money, so the intensity may play out in other Capricorn domains. Capricorn is the sign in which Venus and Pluto are meeting up. It rules such realms such as corporations (think crazy-ass bosses) and politics (think crazy-ass leaders) as well as governments/other old and traditional institutions.

Something I really loved about the end of January was the mystic rectangle forming, presenting us with opportunities for optimism, faith, healing, and understanding in the face of this power and possessiveness.  If we have been using this energy creatively and interacting with others rather than going it alone, then we will be in the midst of great benefits. It’s still in action; we could let this energy slip away, but I suggest taking advantage of it.

Here are the gifts still in effect or on their way:

  • Keep smelling the flowers carried over from Jan 30th. Venus is sextile Juno. With this energy, we are able to infuse the creative and the feminine into our relationships.
  • We get Pearls of chocolate spiritual wisdom on Feb 5th. Jupiter trines Chiron which helps us to increase our belief, faith, and hope while mixed with healing.
  • We can clear our mental baggage on the 13th. Mercury is trine to Vesta which will help us to focus our ideas and communicate them.  This may be an inward process though, as Mercury is retrograde. More on the retrograde later.


And if we mess it up?


  • We have second chances. Sun is trine Vesta  on the 17th, helping us to be a little more individual and a little less possessive. Ceres is conjunct the north node on the 19th. It will point us toward letting go of old and outworn attachments.  Ceres is a bit like Pluto. In fact, it was the God of the underworld who stole Ceres’ daughter from her, causing her to face her own relationship with separation and the cycles of relationships. The Sun is trine north node on the 20th , and will help to point us in the right direction.

What comes after all of this? Commitment! Both the planet of love and the Goddess Asteroid of marriage/commitment are linking arms with Saturn. Venus is Sextile Saturn on Feb 24th and trine Juno  on the 18th, By this time, we will start to feel comfortable enough to commit to a path… right or wrong! We will start to feel comfortable with making commitments in our relationships (both personal and professional) but don’t sign the marriage license or business partnership papers just yet  –  Mercury will be retrograde.

Because it is a short month, Mercury will be retrograde for most of February. Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on February 6th.  Mercury in Aquarius is about new and innovative thinking. However, while mercury is retrograde it will conjunct with the sun and square Saturn. When Mercury retrograde touches the sun, we become a little frazzled and very subjective, especially if we are trying to force something new into being. Later in the month, before Mercury goes direct again, it will square Saturn on the 19th. We can become very pessimistic; rather than taking that route, it can be a great time to work behind the scenes on things that you feel will make a big impact. By directing your energy in that way, you will get so much done. On the other hand, it can make us hold on to old ways of thinking.  Even though Aquarius is associated with new invention and innovation, it’s also a fixed sign: it can be very inflexible in terms of how to get things done. Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio really do want change and transformation, but, as my father always told me, “crazy is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”  A great way to deal with this energy maybe to role-play. Since we may become stuck in our ways, changing our roles can help us fix our methods by experimenting with a new role. Sneaky, isn’t it!

The full moon on February 14th is on, you guessed it – Valentine ’s Day. It’s a Leo Full moon, so it will make us want to have some fun. However, it’s also opposing Mercury which will make us very subjective in our thinking. The moon will also be squaring Saturn which can make us feel a little lonely or depressed. On a positive note, the moon is sextile to Mars, so it can help you to be direct yet diplomatic  especially if you need to communicate your feelings. January was greedy, having two new moons, so there won’t be another new moon until March 1.  The new moon in March will be conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, sextile Pluto and trine to Jupiter.  I think this new moon will help us to heal and bring positive changes into the world (which we’ll discuss in further detail in March). Consider this a heads-up; for “intention planning” purposes, the new moon is one in which we can direct our intentions toward healing our emotions on a collective level while healing unhealthy systems that aren’t working any longer.

Things get a little intense again at the end of the month, but in a different way. Neptune in Pisces is opposite Pallas in Virgo on the 18th and we can feel confused about our perceptions. Watch out for attempts to persuade us of something untrue or even brainwashing. Sun is opposite Pallas on 22nd, creating a fear of our own authority. Also perceptions of authority can be skewed. Neptune is conjunct the sun on 23rd. Neptune is really a two sided coin. We can feel like our sense of self is derived from being of service to others on one hand while deception may abound on the other hand.  These feelings all combine at the end of the month – Jupiter square Uranus on the 25/26th adding an impatience for change to the mix. Jupiter is in Cancer and Uranus is in Aries, so these changes may relate to the safety of our sanctuary: the sanctuary of our home, our homeland, our hearts, or our nourishment (food). Combine any threats to these with the element of surprise inherent in Uranus plus the fiery and self-protective Aries and you may witness a revolt!

 What’s going on for each sign:


You’re likely to feel intensity in your career or other public arena toward the beginning of the month.  Support may come from secret sources if you tap into it. Healing family relationships can lead you to these sources. Your ability to see the big picture and make sense of the investment game is being recognized. This clarity might change to foggy unconscious material toward the end of the month . Try to see what’s actually going on before jumping to irresponsible reactions.


You may be surprised by the opinions and hard line taken by your pastor, priest, or other religious leader this month. Maybe it’s your own belief system that surprises you. Sometimes we don’t know what they are until something pushes up against them. Your beliefs and perceptions are warring with each other and you are wondering whether to follow your intuition or your instincts; are they one in the same? Surprising material may emerge from your unconscious toward the end of the month. You may start reacting to false friends or kangaroo courts… or are they?


Jealousy and crazy behavior may be rearing its ugly head in your relationships right now.  If you’re going through a divorce or any type of separation, there may be a spike in craziness. Just remember to take the high road – Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were masters of non-violence. Taking lessons from them will help you to win. Taking the low road could mean losing more than you know!  Toward the end of the month, you may be confused by the words or actions of your furious leader. Don’t let it throw your hopes and dreams off course.


“Where are you going?”, “who are you seeing?”, “where have you been?”, “did it really take you that long to pick up milk?” These questions may be coming from either you or your honey this month, making one of you feel claustrophobic.  Taking responsibility for your part in this dynamic will help dissipate the tension and allow for a much-needed conversation. Warning: the opportunity can slip away if you overacted to situations. You may embarrass yourself if you don’t take the time to understand fully what is being said toward the end of the month. Are your false beliefs getting in the way? Or have you just misunderstood what was being said? Taking way more time than usual to listen and absorb the words will help.


The potential for your boss or a co-worker to lose their mind this month is high.  This should turn out okay, especially because you have an angel sitting on your shoulders this month. Your days will be numbered if you’re pushing your luck. The best approach is to strengthen your self esteem and safeguard your resources. Toward the end of the month, you may hear of some sketchiness with respect to money – maybe it’s related to a budget or a rumored merger. But even if you can’t put your finger on exactly what’s up with the whole thing, you’ll feel save with your safeguards.


You can pour your intensity into creative pursuits at the beginning of the month, but don’t go over the top in your need for creativity. For instance, maybe you paint; you might suddenly feel the need to swing from the top of a building with a pail of paint in order to fling paint on the building housing your art across the way in order for you to properly express “exhilaration,” the painting’s title. This intensity may also be coming out in a romance or with your children. Easy does it! Some deception may emerge in your partnerships toward the end of the month. It may be related to shared resources. Remember that every bump in the road is an invitation to evolve.


Let’s say you didn’t take the warning not to renovate during Venus retrograde in January. The beginning of this month may feature your biggest, most childish hissy fit yet.  Whatever the situation, something in your foundations or childhood is coming up in a big way. Whether you have handled it poorly or with some decorum, you will now start to realize that it’s time to dismiss your childish ways. This is the time when a psychotherapist can be really helpful.  Toward the end of the month you may be feeling confused and uncomfortable. If you get the common cold or the flu, take it as a sign to slow down and spend some time with your inner world.


Your words have the potential to be especially powerful this month. Will you use them to manipulate or to transform? Your choices: inspire hope or destroy it, be cutting and undermining or witty and perceptive.  Whatever you say will inspire your audience in whichever direction you intend. Towards the end of the month, stifled creativity may push you to shake things up in your work. Aim for something that serves a humanitarian purpose.


You may find yourself saying these words at the beginning of the month: “My name is__________ and I am a shopaholic.”  Maybe you’ll make it rain (rap video, gold tooth, and throwing your money up in the air style). Whichever direction it travels, It`s likely to be over the top.  Towards the end of the month, public perception may be interfering with who you know yourself to be. It may have some unique and surprising effects on your creativity.


You are very powerful this month. If you are operating on an unconscious level, you can be a downright tyrant this month.  Let`s hope that you are doing lots of self-reflection and have gotten in touch with your unconscious instincts; you can use that at the beginning of the month to work powerfully for change in the world.  Focusing on positive communication in your relationships will heal.  Partnerships can be truly inspired by your optimism. Communication can catalyze healing in your relationships.  You might feel like you`ve lost your grip on the truth toward the end of the month. Surprises may arise with your parents.


Powerful unconscious material is seeking release.  In your attempt to keep it down, you may involve yourself in some sketchy behaviour. You might also become a workaholic in order to avoid your feelings.  Another manner in which this may manifest when you find you have a secret enemy who is tripping you up in some way at the beginning of the month . They may seem relentless. Don`t avoid this situation; it can lead to something worse. Some surprise communication at the end of the month may lead to confusion or, alternatively, to finding your way toward healing.


Do you have a friend who is acting like a boyfriend (or girlfriend)? Sometimes friends can get confused with what`s appropriate in a friendship versus what`s appropriate in a relationship. Perhaps you may be the friend who is acting possessive. Boundaries are important this month. Turning your friends into surrogate partners might mean that you need to examine the needs of your relationship.  Try to be up front in your relationships toward the end of the month. The way you are coming across may be confusing or even unintentionally deceptive.  It`s less costly to simply be direct.


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