April Horoscope 2014

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” Muhammed Ali

Holly Cow! April 2014 has received some astrological hype as if we were approaching doom’s day prophesy. This month is the astrological equivalent of Dec 31, 1999 (also known as Y2K) or Dec 21, 2012 (aka the end of the Mayan Calendar/end of the world). We could react like those who were part of Heaven’s Gate – they checked out wearing their very stylish Nike running shoes, convinced that Haley’s Comet was the end of the world. Alternatively, we can  stand back with some objectivity and just remember Harold Camping, the man who felt no shame after his original ‘end of the world’ date fell through – he simply revised it!

In any event, I’d like to call April 2014 the astrological equivalent of Rumble in the Jungle.  Yes, there is a lot of hype and build up. Yes, there will be an event (or two) and yes, someone will get the beat down.  Because I don’t have your chart in front of me, I cannot say much about its effects on you personally, but don’t worry –  it’s likely you already know its focus. It’s been building for quite some time. A situation likely felt really intense at the beginning of the year with the New Moon on January 1; this month, we’re finally just jumping into the ring to hash it out.  So, it’s not the end of the world (at least I think)!

If April does knock you out (if you have any planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, it will be more intense for you)  just remember – even though George Forman got the beatdown in that fight, he still won in life. After all, who doesn’t have a George Forman Grill?  It’s also likely that you could be Muhammad in this scenario. Go ahead, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee but bear in mind Muhammad’s condition after the fight – he sustained too many blows to the head and it altered his life forever.

Since we cannot escape the tension in April, we need a fighting strategy. This plan can range from the famous rope-a-dope strategy (protecting yourself while your opponent wears themselves out), the David and Goliath strategy (think underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants) that Malcolm Gladwell so brilliantly turned on its head.  The best strategy, however, may be fighting like a girl (or Goddess)!

Fight Like a Girl!

So here’s what we have this month: a cardinal square, a solar eclipse, and a lunar eclipse… basically a one, two, three punch.

A boxing match is a great metaphor for this energy because there is a major clash between the masculine (Mars and Jupiter) who are transiting in feminine signs (Libra and Cancer, respectively) and the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, who are working very hard on the transformation of our ego identity and structures.  Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter want to pull us into an old fashion fight, but that strategy knocks everyone out.

It all starts on April 1st when Venus and Pallas oppose each other. Something is a little off with our presentation. For example, maybe you put on black leggings only to realize that they’re brown by the time you get to the office so your outfit clashes. The whole experience could throw you for a loop, leaving you with thoughts like “I know this is gonna be a bad day (or month).” The real issue? The Sun is squaring Jupiter and Uranus.  This positioning means that events from the beginning of the year will be triggered again.  On April 1st, you get to decide how your experience will develop – if you tell yourself that you’re going to have a bad day (or month) then you will. Happiness is a choice.

Goddess Strategy #1 – Happiness is a choice

threemonOn the 6th, Venus moves into Pisces making love very dreamy, idealistic, and spiritual. On the 11th, she will meet up with Neptune in a conjunction. I am so glad that this will happen at the beginning of the month just before situations really heat up as it allows us to tap into unconditional love and a connection to the Divine… IF we are open to it. So, the first Goddess strategy (fight like a girl) is to embrace love and hold on to that energy all month long.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 15th is purely a conversation with the feminine. It’s  both in Libra and opposing Juno. Bernadette Brady says the energy with this Eclipse cycle can be filled with sudden inspiration; it can also result in wasted energy, misdirected motivation, and a sense of unfulfillment. During this Eclipse, Juno (the marriage asteroid) stands by her man, the Sun, but opposes Ceres (her children) and the Moon (her emotions). Something has got to give.  Sometimes we get confused about wifehood and motherhood. Woman stay in relationships for the children, confusing the need be a good mother with the need to be a wife. On a social level, energy is wasted as they struggle to maintain these roles. Incidentally, at the Pluto/Uranus conjunct in the 1960’s, Betty Freedman wrote The Feminine Mystic wherein she discusses of “the problem with no name” before naming it. This 1960’s union of Pluto and Uranus while in the sign of service (Virgo)saw those who were forced into “service” or “servant” roles (black, women,etc.) rise up.

Once again, we find ourselves at the Pluto-Uranus square and our story continues. Uranus is now in Aries. The definition of self is changing which causes tension with Pluto in Capricorn: the structure, the patriarchy, the Institution, etc. Mercury is square to and triggering Pluto’s influence, so we can get locked into negative mental thoughts and communication – it may even sound like an argument pulled straight from Jerry Springer. At this point, Mercury pulls us into our head, causing obsessive thoughts, paranoia, and twisting of the truth. But to combat this, we can turn to Pallas, the goddess of warfare.

image(1)Pallas reminds me of the kind of advice and wisdom my friend’s granny would give. She once said, “Children are a blessing, marriage is a sacrament.” Hmmm… A sacrament is the construct of the church’s “institution” which is facing some change as a result of Pluto in Capricorn… food for thought! Seeking advice from someone like granny will help us sort out the conflict, causing us instead to defer to Pallas’ wise counsel. Pallas will be in a trine to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon. Pallas is at her best in mediation situations like this. She sees the big picture and she can lead you to see it, too. She’ll point out the pros and cons of future action, reminding you of the big picture while helping you to build the best strategy for both parties or parts of yourself.

Goddess Strategy #2 – Seek Wise Counsel

If we go with Mercury, we’ll stray too far into the head. The Pallas warfare strategy brings both the heart and heat together for a positive future.

From April 20-23rd Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter will move into a cardinal Grand Cross. The cardinal signs encompass the basic struggle of being a human being. The self and identity is always in opposition to who “we” are when in relationship and career needs are always opposing family needs.  We are struggling to redefine these areas in order to be our best self. On a normal day, we may face these concerns with mild discomfort but when the cardinal cross appears… Well, everyone has needs, everyone has an opinion, so EVERYONE jumps into the ring and all hell breaks loose.

The first opposition lies between Jupiter and Pluto. Muhammad Ali was known for two things: his mind games/“trash talking” and his political stance/passion for human rights. On one hand, he was egotistical and would threaten his opponents by saying, “If you dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize.” He weakened them by playing mind games – just like Pluto. On the other hand, Ali was heartfelt and political, saying things like “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” This sentiment matches Jupiter.  The second opposition occurs between Mars and Uranus. This energy is startling, volatile and impulsive  .  For example, imagine that you’re planning to fight a good, old fashion duel. You get the dueling pistols, stand back to back, and take your ten steps. Just before you reach the tenth step and start firing, an elephant foot comes out of nowhere and squashes both of you.  Not only do we have those two oppositions going on but they simply don’t get along: Mars ‘bitch slaps’ Pluto, Pluto sticks out his foot to trip Uranus, Uranus blows up in Jupiter’s face, Jupiter pokes Mars in the eye – it goes on and on! This tension represents the squares themselves.  For this reason, the best strategy for dealing with the Grand Cross may be to just to stay out of the ring.

Just before all of this happens on April 17th, Venus trines Jupiter. If you can, stay connected to this energy of following your bliss. After all, Venus makes love, not war! Venus does not attack, she attracts. In fact, she attracts love and money; a trine to Jupiter expands that potential. The other strategy to staying out of the ring lies with Pallas once again. Pallas also does not attack. Juno is now conjunct Mercury and the South Node which combines old thinking with old marriage/partnership patterns. Opposite is Ceres at the North Node, pushing us toward harmony in nurturing.  Again Pallas comes to the rescue. Pallas is in Leo and demonstrates her leadership and prowess by weaving the old thought patterns with a trine to Mercury and Juno to the new ways of nurturing with a sextile to Ceres and the North Node.  Remember, you can make quit a beautiful quilt by weaving together old fabric in a new way.

The month ends with a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28/29th. This solar eclipse may upset our financial structures. It may not be bad as it’s only an upset but Taurus dislikes change. Its conjunct Mercury (associated with business and commerce) and it features a tense angle to Venus which also rules money. With a trine to Pluto, this positioning could mean financial reforms. The general feeling of this Eclipse cycle is one of both inspiration and exhaustion. With a sextile to Neptune, it may be that we’re doing something good but the exhaustion stems from a lack of boundaries regarding how much we do for others. I suggest reading Arianne Huffington’s new book Thrive – it could really help you find balance during this time.

Find out what each sign has in store for you:


Over the last couple of years, you may have found yourself chronically single. A part of you really needs and enjoys it, but may also be in conflict with the need to nurture relationships. Perhaps you’re judging yourself based on old ways of thinking in terms of how you define yourself and partnership – you’re placing many unfair restrictions on yourself by saying things like “I should…I shouldn’t..” Tap into your creative muse for answers. Mixing colours and getting out your paintbrush will help you to find the wisdom and guidance you need to help merge the two, seemingly opposing, needs.


Our parents don’t know everything about us and we don’t know everything about our parents.  However, they have a wealth of experience that can help you this month as you dive deep into the nooks and crannies of your unconscious mind. Sit down and have a talk with them. Don’t avoid this process even if it feels way too awkward.  If they have left this world, poke through some of their old stuff: pictures, journals, etc.  Connecting with their wisdom can give you the key to unlock the door.


A brother or sister may surprise you with some much needed wisdom in regards to parenting and nurturing your children. At first you may think they are just being drama queens about the whole thing, but give it some more thought. Their ‘drama’ has a point.  If you don’t have siblings, you might find this in the form of some neighbourhood drama. Remember, wisdom comes in many forms.


Creative accounting has always gotten a bad rap because the term is usually associated with fraudulent behavior. But you have to admit, when you hear of their creativity you feel a certain amount of awe. Don’t do anything illegal, but hear them out – they’ll get the juices flowing in your otherwise stuck thinking. Unblocking your mind will help you find a solution that is both ethical and right for you.


You may feel like you don’t know anything. You may even experience existential angst. Focusing on your art/self expression will help you get out of you head and into your heart. Counterintuitive as this process might sound, it will help you to know again.


Do you connect with a certain mythical God, Goddess, or Archetype? Maybe you know very little about Bodhisattvas, but those are the ones you are drawn to when asked. Now is the time to explore their meaning, story, and history as they will help resolve any feelings related to your self-worth. Maybe your Goddess has a possessive streak – it may help you to understand yours.


I know you’re an adult, but do you have any friendships with children who are not your own? Do  you serve as a big brother or sister to anyone? Are you usually giving them advice? Well get ready – this month, they have some words of wisdom for you. It might be hilarious kid perspective advice on curing world hunger or other humanitarian issues. Their innocence moves you out of your own problems, allowing to see them from a lighthearted perspective.  If you don’t have any such friends, spend some time this month helping children. Don’t just donate money – actually go and spend time with them in some helpful capacity.


Have you stood back to look at your success lately? What can you be proud of? Where did you go wrong? What are the habits of the highly successful people who you admire? Reading their biographies will serve as chicken soup for the soul this month.  If you find yourself laid up with a cold or worse, don’t worry! You’ll have lots of time to rest, relax, read, and ponder these questions.


Have you read the Bible cover to cover? If you’re not the religious type, you might also try some philosophers such as Frederick Von Hayek or Lady Mary Sheppard. Anything that takes your mind into the depths of religious or philosophical quandary will move you outside of yourself. It’s Easter this month. Chanting with some monks in an Orthodox church could also do the trick.


Have you done your taxes? Don’t avoid doing your taxes or filling that insurance claim that you need to do just because of all the slips of paper and the perceived “tax pain.” By going through this process, you will connect the dots, learning what may have you in a bit of a tizzy this month in regards to your home and career. You might be going over the fine details and something about the whole process helps you sort everything out. Strangely enough, you may also find it fun – as fun as taxes can be!


Time for a reform regarding your belief system. You like to be an independent thinker and you can be stubborn about what you think you know. This month you may feel stuck. Surprisingly, you can look to your partner – they’ll help you clear the muddled thinking. Don’t forget to give him lots of kisses, love, affection, and appreciation even if it is not your style…  it may even be a kiss that wakes you up (knight in shining armor style)!


Get creative with your work this month. There’s a new work out there –  gigsters on fiverr,  Teachers on Udemy, etc. The share economy has some lessons for you this month. Focus on the new work’s emerging patterns as they will help you find the answer to your financial issues.




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