January Horoscope 2015

2014-12-31 09.57.37Happy New Year!

January marks a huge turning point. There will be lots of emotion released, but what I love about January is that seeds planted this month will have so much potential. It may not seem like much. We might discount it because there will be so much other stuff going on… but what we put out this month will have powerful potential to come to fruition.

January starts with Mars opposite Jupiter on New Years day. The energy of the first day of the year says a lot about how the year will pan out. It’s like that sentence at the beginning of the story that foreshadows the plot. When you read it, you don’t quite know the significance, but later in the story your mind flashes back to that sentence and you realize that the author has warned you, warmed you up, and prepared you.

Mars opposite Jupiter foreshadows insistent energy that can create conflicts if left unfocused. If it’s focused, this energy can be directed into positive enterprises with positive outcomes. The key to this transit is consciousness and planned selfless action. Spend New Year’s Day not just setting goals for the year, but really discovering what is driving you toward those goals. Aligning them with a higher purpose will be a good use of energy. Make SMARTE (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Time bound, Evolved) goals rather than just SMART goals.

The Full Moon on the 4th is in Cancer and will line up with Pluto, Uranus, and the North Node. The tension will bring out the clingy, emotionally manipulative, or the fiercely protective mama energy of Cancer. This Full Moon will open up the wounds of the continuing saga of the Pluto/Uranus square. That square has been unsettling for government, big business, and has been upsetting the status quo with fierce backlash from various angles. The Full Moon’s connection with the North Node means that there will be attempts to settle the score. If you find yourself with a handprint across your face from mama, before you retaliate, ask yourself if maybe it was warranted? If it wasn’t… take some time to ponder her perspective. The North Node in Libra will help us make a balanced assessment.

On the same day, Saturn (newly in Sagittarius) makes one of its first connections with Venus and Mercury which have joined together in Aquarius. They bring out the diplomatic mediator energy and will brief Saturn on a humanitarian agenda. They will also give some new and inventive tips on how to move forward. Take heart that whatever moves Saturn makes will be made with good judgment.

32439334_sThe Full Moon and Pluto will also connect with Chiron. Again, the potential for healing is huge this month. The trick will be to allow ourselves to feel. Yes, our emotions might be intense. And yes, there may be a tendency to want to run or lash out. But if we sit with and process our emotions, much can be accomplished.

Luckily on Jan 7th, Mercury will make a positive aspect to Pallas and these two together will give us some perspective on what just happened. They’ll also help us look strategically and communicate tactically (the strategy is the what, the tactic is the how).

Mars will enter Pisces on Jan 12th until Feb 19th. The more our tactics incorporate a spiritual and intuitive approach, the more successful we will be. Otherwise we may get lost in indecisiveness.

Uranus will kick it up a notch between Jan 13/14th. It will help Venus and Mercury come up with more inventive ideas and new approaches to communicating and making money. We can get started on these ideas right away when these two connect with the North Node on the 14/15th, a time when we will work well together in our tribes and make fortunate connections. Though this energy is great for coming up with great and inventive ideas, it can be a little inflexible if opposed. We might experience this a bit from our significant others at this time. Try to be as flexible as possible without giving up on your hopes and dreams. Mars will also square Saturn on the 15th which can throw in some ‘Debbie downer’ energy and self-righteous road blocks. Take them with grace. Criticism and roadblocks often show up to help us consider things we might have missed or to help us slow down our pace. By the 17th, Uranus makes a positive aspect with marriage asteroid Juno – this opens our partnerships to change and our patience and flexibility will have paid off.

On January 19th, Venus will oppose Jupiter. It’s a day when we might be tempted to go over the top with spending and self indulgence. With this energy, I’ll remind you not to count your chickens before they have hatched. On the same day Mars will join together with Neptune. Really it’s a day that we will have a tendency to make poorly thought-out decisions. A better use of the energy is to direct it toward charitable and selfless actions.

The New Moon on Jan 20th will be in Aquarius. The New Moon will be making a positive connection with Saturn in Sagittarius. New Moons are a great time to set intentions and, with this connection to Saturn, success will come if we direct our energy toward new approaches to learning, teaching, a legal situation, or travel.

Pluto squares the North Node on January 21st the same day that Mercury goes retrograde. This transition marks a turning point on matters that have been brewing. Mercury going retrograde on the same day in Aquarius will ask us to slow down, turn inward, and reassess our thinking. Aquarius is very good at coming up with ideas and, though usually those ideas are usually ingenious, our confidence can make us a little too sure. January 21st to Feb 11th will be a time to re-check our drawings, our alignments, and our wirings. When Aquarius is involved, even a small error can lead to explosive results. From now to the end of the month, Mercury will reconnect with the North Node and Uranus and Pallas helping us to pick up the errors that we have missed.

Venus will move into Pisces on Jan 27th. Love and money will take on a tinge of universal love. This is also a very romantic sign for Venus to be in which is great for Feb 14th. I give you this sneak peek into February because Venus will also be aligned with Mars, making the potential for a very romantic February. Start planning your romantic surprise now!

On the 30th, we might be inspired to write and share our thoughts with someone. However with Mercury still retrograde, our ingenious and witty communication might not have its intended impact. Venus will also square Saturn on the same day and Mars will sextile Pluto. It’s a time when we will be assessing our loyalties and investments. It’s also a time when we might be a little pushy with our actions. The better way to use this energy is to journal, assess our relationships, and to come up with a strategy privately. When Mercury returns to its direct motion, we will have more clarity to act on our internal investigations.

Uranus will connect with the North Node on the last day of January. On the same day, Mars will connect with Chiron and Mercury with marriage asteroid Juno. We are now getting deeper into our healing and figuring out what is right for us. If these things have remained unconscious (and I hope they have not), they will still come out. The likely target – our partners (marriage or business) or the institutions of marriage and business. Whatever happens, we will be connecting with a path that is right for us, however messy it might look.

January horoscope 2015 for each sign…

Read both your sun sign and your rising sign/ascendant sign for a more accurate horoscope. If you don’t know your rising sign/ascendant sign click here for a free report (you’ll need your birth time).

Aries: You might have found yourself marching on Parliament hill or protesting in front of embassies lately. Or maybe you found yourself in New York marching for a cause you felt needed some attention. This month will mark the turning point on how you get your message heard. Aries is the warrior, but aiming to be the spiritual warrior may be a better path this month. New hopes and dreams might spring up at the New Moon on the 20th. From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will be a good time for you to lay low and refocus on your humanitarian or political efforts.

Taurus: What you had always believed has been ripped to shreds in the last little while. At times you may have felt that you didn’t know yourself anymore due to a crisis of faith. Your faith will be challenged again this month, but getting in touch with your emotions will give you clarity. New career ideas spring up at the New Moon on the 20th. From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will provide a good time to retreat from public life or your career and reassess where you’ve been.

Gemini: Hopefully you didn’t go overboard at Christmas this year with your credit card or other shared resources. If things haven’t been going so well, this month you might find yourself crying over your financial statements. It’s time for some financial reform. The pressure to be something you’re not is finally coming to a head. New beliefs spring up at the New Moon on the 20th. From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will help you do a review on your old belief systems.

Cancer: This month your fierce protective energy may go overboard – or your thick protective wall could go up as well… you get to choose. You may be feeling like you need to protect yourself in your relationship and, if you are really being harmed, this might be the right approach. The potential for a deeper level of intimacy exists which may scare you to bits. You can breathe new intentions into what you desire in term of intimacy at the New Moon on Jan 20th. Between Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will help you to re-evaluate your intimate communications.

Leo: Do you have a job or do you have a career? This month, this question might be pushing buttons within you causing you to seek something deeper and more purposeful. You might be setting intentions for a change within your relationships. Maybe you decide you want a business and a business partner. The New Moon on Jan 20th will help you breathe life into these intentions. From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will help you review your communication with partners.

Virgo: They say that we learn from our children, but you hadn’t anticipated them changing your life this much. Most parents feel challenged letting go of their baby, but you are being challenged to let go in a way that seems even more challenging. The bottom line is that you need to take care of yourself. The New Moon on Jan 20th will help you to set new intention for your health and well-being (physical and emotional). From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will help you to review your routines and schedules in this area.

Libra: If you have been holding everything in for the last couple of weeks, trying to be a good sport over the holidays, you might finally reach your boiling point. Maybe you feel sandwiched from generational stress and you’re getting it from all sides – parents and children. Normally you can rely on your partner but they seem to be having a midlife crisis too. In all of this, how much are you feeding your creative side? Set intentions for yourself at the New Moon. The Mercury retrograde from Jan 21 – Feb 11th will help you to reassess your creative expression.

Scorpio: If you are starting to feel like you could write a self help book on “being yourself” without fear, this month marks the turning point on your data collection. Maybe the material for this has been coming from upsets at work or with your health. Maybe the two are linked. Are you getting sick from not being yourself at work? You can set new intentions at the New Moon for stronger foundations. From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde may mean some breakdowns in your foundations. They may show up in your house, but trust that they are just reflecting your own inner workings.

Sagittarius: Things are coming to a head in the money department. This might be as simple as coming to the realization that kids cost money – more money than you thought. Or it could be that you took a risk with money and it turned out extremely well; even elevations in money can stress us out. The New Moon will provide opportunities to set intentions for better communication and from Jan 21 – Feb 11th the Mercury retrograde will help you to reassess your communication style.

Capricorn: You’re projecting yourself in a different way and it’s really being noticed. This month you might be getting so good at getting your way that you ruffle feathers or hurt feelings. Your foundations of who you are have been revolutionized and it’s becoming more apparent. The New Moon will help you to set intentions on your self-worth but before they come into being, the Mercury retrograde from Jan 21 – Feb 11th will have you reviewing how you’re communicating your sense of self.

Aquarius: Things keep floating out of your mouth that seem to get you in to trouble. The problem is that the words are being formed in your unconscious and are escaping into the world without censor, edit, or review. The New Moon on Jan 20th will help to set intentions for how you now want to project yourself into the world, but from Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will have you reviewing your communication and personal branding.

Pisces: Everything from your friends, to your Facebook friends, to your group associations seems to be challenging you. This month, things will come to a head. A revolution is occurring in your self-worth and your emotions are floating to the surface. At the New Moon , you can set intentions for letting go of limiting beliefs floating around in your unconscious. From Jan 21 – Feb 11th, the Mercury retrograde will help you to reassess how you’re communicating with your intuition and your hidden beliefs.

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