2015 Business Planner Using Astrology

32753500_s2015 Business planner using Astrology

2015 will be an interesting year. I definitely see this as a year that power will shift and move around – hopefully into good hands. I have put together a general overview of good and not so good times to move forward with big projects and business launches.

There is definitely more to it – the timing has to be right in your personal and/or business chart for success. And there shades of grey and finer details to consider. But here is a general overview for the year. Look for white space in the chart below for better days to move forward with big plans.

As well, If you are in the day to day of your business you may want to consider if any of these times will affect what you’re doing.

First Quarter (Jan, Feb, March)

The biggest problem with Q1 is the Pluto/Uranus square.  That will happen exactly on March 16th. But leading up to it there are many ‘triggers’; The New moon Jan 4th  forms a square to it.  On March 11 Mars is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. And the eclipse on April 4th will also be conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. It’s a volatile period of time. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move forward with plans during the clear days, but the second half of the year is going to look quite different from the first.  After the mercury retrograde period is complete in February there are some days wide open. But depending on your business you might want to consider what the volatility will mean for you. Pluto and Uranus are tearing down the status quo in business, government, the steel industry, currency and banking. If you are emerging with new approaches and technologies, this may be a good time. If you are forging ahead with the status quo, you will need to be thorough in your research and investigate whether the approach is still working.

Second Quarter (April, May, June)

April May and June has lots of red flag days as well as retrogrades. In general the red flag days are when important planets are in a square to one another, especially to Neptune. Neptune creates a fog and confuses things. If its mercury – it’s the products and communications, Venus -cash flow, and mars brings up problems with strategy or the motivation of staff.

Here’s a list of the exact dates. If you are launching something big you will also want to avoid the days surrounding it (shown on the chart in light grey):

  • Mercury square Neptune (May 9th, 29th, June 23rd and Nov 25th) – this is a time when wires are cross or there may even be outright lies.
  • Venus Square Neptune (April 19th) – Problems with cash flow will be inherent or an inability at some point to be able to pay the bills.
  • Mars square Neptune (May 25th) – a lack of motivation with employees, difficulty with strategy and strategic planning or the inability to follow through with strategy.

Mercury is also retrograde during this quarter from May 18th – June 11th. Again, it’s a time to avoid starting anything new especially if it has to do with communications (written, spoken, internet) or travel.

Third Quarter (July, Aug, Sept)

The last couple of days of June and into July are good times to move forward with major launches or incorporation plans. If you want to take advantage of the energy of Jupiter in Leo, this is a good time for those endeavours – This includes recreation, entertainment or anything that creates fun. Also leadership types of business, products and services.

Fourth Quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec)

Venus is retrograde for 40 days beginning July 25th.  This is not a good time for spending, product launches – Especially anything to do with the beauty industry and food type products (as it will be in cancer).

Also, during August the energy will change considerably. First Jupiter and Saturn will square on August 3rd. This signals a turn in the economy. It’s a purging, letting go, clearing out the old stage of the current cycle. Spending might slow down and it can look like we don’t have much, but it’s creating fertile ground for the new. This is a time will that will lead up to an economic shift in 2020 with these two will conjunct and start a new economic cycle.

On the 12th of August Jupiter will move into Virgo, leaving behind the fun and good times of Leo. It will go into the more serious health and service centered sign of Virgo.  Other areas that will see expansion during Jupiter in Virgo include the military, drug companies, any company that focuses on efficiency and any service related industry.  Jupiter will be in Virgo for a year, until Sept 10th, 2016.

Mercury is retrograde during this period November 21st – 28th



2015 Astrology
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* pink shaded days are solar/lunar eclipses – these are often times when things can change, seemly out of the blue. Not good times to move forward with new initiatives, but definitely times to respond if need be.

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