December Horoscope 2014

Merry Christmas! It’s time for the December Horoscope 2014… Already!

The first couple of days of December, while many of the planets are still in Sagittarius, we will be driven and upbeat. We are feeling very driven towards our goals on December 1st on the 4th we will be feeling positive and inventive, filled with bliss, joy, and desire for love and fun. But on the 5th, something might arise that brings up a wound. At first we may be just expressing our unusual or ‘outside of the status quo’ views. Then at the December 6th full moon in Gemini, our minds are further stimulated and there will be lots more chat. It could be about our past hurts or much of it could be influenced by our past hurts. However on the 8th, we can expect nurturing conversations that will help to point us in the right direction. Oftentimes, when we learn to re-parent our inner child, we have a conversation that sounds a lot like Mom – or what we needed from Mom. But at this time we also need to have Dad in on the conversation. The childhood voice of Dad is often authoritative, scary, and devoid of feeling. But what is needed now is emotionally-available Dad. The re-parenting teamwork between Mom and Dad will be particularly rewarding at this time. Jupiter will also go retrograde on December 8th, sending us into a time of self reflection and assessment.

Jupiter will retrograde in Leo. Leo is about our leadership and authority. It’s about our need to shine and nurture our inner child through play and creativity. This retrograde will be a time for assessing how well we are doing at expanding those things in our lives. On Dec. 9th, Jupiter Retrograde starts off with a clash between our ethics and need for achievement. Did we have crazy soccer mom or hockey dad? How do we really feel about leading the game, playing the game, and winning? This may be influencing our leadership model; how we lead other and what we expect from them.

On December 10th, Venus enters into Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn can be affectionate, as long as there is status involved and money that doesn’t trail too far behind. Venus will be instrumental in what happens for the remainder of the month… However, whatever trouble Venus gets into, something is happening on another level. Those who have connected and healed their inner child dialogue will be inspired on Dec. 12th. Positive thinking will be on the rise and the planets will bring brings universal transcending love energy into the mix. The Sun trine Jupiter on the on December 14th will help to keep the positivity going.

I hate gloom and doom astrology reports. And I love Christmas. It’s one of my favourite times of the year. But many find December the most stressful part of the year. Expectations are high; the pressure to be happy when you are not, to feel gratitude when you don’t, and to spread loving cheer is often just too much for many. Unfortunately this year we can expect it to be a little more tense. Pluto and Uranus square off again in December, exact on December 15th. As they move closer together, the tension builds again towards another turning point.

Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter are all what are considered the outer planets. They live in the universe farthest from the earth and take a considerable amount of time to orbit around the ecliptic. Neptune takes 165 years, Jupiter just 12 years, but because they are so slow going, their energy sets up the big picture of what’s going on. Pluto and Uranus have been doing their dance, moving to and fro from 2012 and are nearing the end of their dance set in early 2015. December 15th marks the second last square off between the two planets , with one more happening in March 2015.

Here is the bigger picture of these two in their dance. Pluto transforms, Uranus revolutionaries. What really is the difference between these two energies? Both can be destructive. Both will not leave you the same afterward. Uranus is really concerned about change. It wants to see us evolve and to break up the old and outdated ways of doing things. It’s like the constant upgrades to the operating system on your phone. The purpose is always to make things new and supposedly better. Pluto on the other hand is concerned with renovating. It walks into the living room, decides that it doesn’t like the chair right there anymore, but instead of just moving the chair to a new place, it tears down the walls, replaces the floors, paints a new colour, so that when you do move that chair to a new place, that chair will look reborn… like new. Not the same.

So imagine what happens when extreme makeover and constant operating system upgrade clash. It’s like Jason meets Freddy Kruger, Terminator vs Robocop, Heathers meets Mean Girls… It’s not a pretty scene.

In real terms, Pluto is walking into the halls of all of those old buildings – The government, old money, big business (represented by Capricorn) and is tearing down policies, status quo, and exclusive practices…. We’ve seen it. Capricorn likes to reform others, but it doesn’t like it much when it happens to him. Especially with Pluto involved, there is a tendency to want to hold on to power, by hook or by crook. Uranus in the hands of Aries on the other hand is a trail blazer. Aries always acts and then thinks later and when Uranus the planet of surprise is there it makes it all that much more unpredictable. One thing is for sure – we can expect the unexpected and we can expect it coming up against the government, big business, and old structures. If you have planets or important points at or close to this degree (12o of the cardinal signs), you can expect the same kind of reformation in your life or business. If you are feeling it, you can always get an assessment to see what’s going on.

Mars moved into Aquarius on December 4th, putting it in mutual reception with Uranus. This means they are helping each other out in December. Mars in Aquarius fights for change, but it’s the good kind of change. In Aquarius he is concerned with Humanitarianism and social change. Mars will dance with other planets helping us to have breakthroughs in these areas and will hold hands with destiny on Christmas Eve 24th which will create a positive alliance.

Venus will be a little bit of a trouble maker. Think of Scarett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind – that is what Venus will be like during December. To begin, on Dec 14th., she will delight her to put on a ballroom gown and to charm and be charmed at the Christmas Ball. How she dresses, who she goes with, and who she interacts with will all have an agenda though. It’s in her nature. Also on Dec 15th the energy will be turned up causing her to be very self determined and individualistic. And this sets the stage for what happens on the 20th when Venus conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. If you saw Gone with the Wind, you will remember that all of Scarett’s marriage alliances to first, second, and third husband’s all served a very Capricorn purpose. Business and “love” were not separate for her. Remember also throughout the whole movie Scarlet was hell bent on getting Ashley, her “best friend’s” man. She stopped at nothing. Remember how she threw herself at him and found herself in a passionate embrace on Christmas day? As in the movie, when Venus conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus, Venus’ advances might not go as expected. After Venus finds herself in a bit of trouble, she may turn around and do what Scarlett did in the midst of the civil war. She rolled up her sleeves and did some grunt work (Capricorn will do this if need be). This might happen on December 21st but don’t expect her to stay there for long. On the 22nd, Venus will either be back in the game or banished from it for good.

The New Moon happens on December 21st in Capricorn. This is also the Equinox, the beginning of winter and shortest day of the year in North America. We now have a whole lot of energy in Capricorn (The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and Vesta). This energy puts a focus on status, power, prestige, and tradition. On Dec 23rd, Mercury will create a strong focus on these areas in thought and speech. On the same day Saturn ingresses into Sagittarius. Saturn will return briefly into Scorpio in 2015, but will remain in Sagittarius until 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius will examine and restructure our moral code, our education, religious, and legal systems.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day bring back the fireworks as Mercury conjunct Pluto and squares Uranus. Here’s some advice for keeping the peace. While nestled in with the family during these days (something most of us will not be able to avoid), stay away from discussing politics, religion, sex, death, past relationships, age, appearance, or money. Oh and don’t make any jokes involving the aforesaid topics. The more you can just open presents, smile with gratitude, and put some food in your mouth anytime you would like to make a point, the better off you will be. The reason? Rigid thinking will be even more rigid – strong opinions will be stronger. Mercury makes an aspect to the planet responsible for healing wounds, so even if you do have a blow out, you will be able to find access to healing the parts of you that were perhaps unheard or misunderstood as a child. By Boxing Day, your new insights and deepened intuition might lead you in a new direction. This however might be set in the backdrop of more drama. Vesta will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. Secrets could be revealed. Or you may have deep and penetrating insight into the problems within your psyche. It could have you acting rebelliously and, with Mars opposite the marriage asteroid Juno, this could result in a blow up with your partner.

At the end of the month Pallas moves into Sagittarius and joins Saturn. At this time, we might see a sneak peek into campaigns against socially unjust laws and fights for justice though reform. Well Pluto and Uranus have certainly set the stage for it!

 December Horoscope 2014 for each sign:

Aries: The focus of energy will take place in your career house. You may have a face-off or competition with others who think they should have gotten that massive company recognition bonus instead of you. They can’t understand how you got it. Jupiter retrogrades in your 5th house calls you to reflect on how you are expanding your creativity and need for attention.

Taurus: There may be some ‘holier than thou’ drama in your life this month. If you are traveling to a distant culture over Christmas, this may be a culture clash. Be careful and don’t automatically assume that our North American standard and ways of doing things apply. If you find yourself saying “but I’m an American” or “But I’m a Canadian”… you might be making matters worse. Jupiter retrogrades in the 4th house causing you to examine of your need for attention and play within your family.

Gemini: You prefer to keep things light, but this month you will be thrown into a deep transformation as your shared resources and intimate relationships create a power struggle – a big power struggle. Your struggling now with your definition of status and success and they might not match up to your partners. Jupiter retrogrades in the 3rd house causing you begin an examination of how lead a conversation.

Cancer: Plenty of drama this month in your relationships – this could be your spouse or a business partner. You might be facing a total restructuring of your agreement. Check your vows or business contract. You may need a renewal or a rewrite. Jupiter retrogrades in the 2nd, giving you some time to reflect on your investments. Are they risky? Are they too speculative?

Leo: Be careful during that workplace Christmas party. There is sure to be drama and it could involve the workplace version of Sandra Bullocks the proposal – it may not be as dramatic as finding yourself betrothed to the manager in order to save their butt, but close. Decide how you want to be of service and set your boundaries. Jupiter retrogrades in the 1st causes you to reflect on your leadership self-image.

Virgo: If you’re in the dating scene, things may get heated. Maybe you double-booked yourself for the same Christmas party. Maybe you love one but see the other as more beneficial to your financial ambitions. If you have children, this might be some drama with a child. You might learn that you cannot project manage your children. Jupiter retrogrades in the 12th which has you focusing on your acting ability. Do you know who you are anymore? There may be so many roles (mother, sister, daughter, friend, caretaker) that you play in your life that you might have lost the real you. Jupiter retrograde will help you to go inside to discover.

Libra: More than any other sign, you will be prone to family drama and power struggles during December. It’s Christmas though so it will be hard to avoid. The issue might be that they want you to take over the family business – but you just want to make your own way in the world. Jupiter retrogrades in the 11th helping you to go inside and reflect on your hopes and dreams.

Scorpio: They don’t call you the Stinger for nothing. The words that come out of your mouth can and do sting, but this month something will come up causing you to rethink your communication strategy. Does it burn your bridges? Does the power strategy you’ve always used no longer work? Jupiter retrogrades in the 10th house causing you to reflect on your need for fame and fortune.

Sagittarius: You might buy an expensive and beautiful present in the hopes of impressing. Maybe even as a business-related “bribe” but key into your intentions as this may backfire. You might not be able to afford it both in terms of your bank balance and your self esteem. Jupiter retrogrades in the 9th causing you to reflect on your ethics.

Capricorn: Your self-projection (how you project your power and status in words and in deeds) will be the focus of December. Capricorn can look down on others or feel that they don’t match their standards. But check in with what your standards really are; you may need to do some adjustments. Jupiter retrogrades in the 8th causing you to reflect on your shared resources. How are others investing in you and how can you build their confidence?

Aquarius:   If you have been hiding your ambitions and desire for success and tripping yourself up to make sure you never get it, you may be facing some unraveling reveals. If that’s what you want, go for it… Stop sabotaging yourself. Jupiter retrogrades in the 7th house causing you to reflect on the playfulness or lack of it in your relationships.

Pisces: Maybe you think you’re all knowing because you’re the oldest of your friends. Maybe you are even quite a bit older them. They have a thing or two to teach you and this month your interactions with them may have you checking in with yourself. Jupiter retrogrades in the 6th house causing you to reflect on the phrase “do what you love and the money will follow.”

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