Horoscope: May 22 – 28, 2017

May 22 – 28

Finding Your Voice

What to expect: A feminine approach
What to watch out for: Discrediting behaviour
What will it affect? Communication, status quo, work, relationships

Theodore Roosevelt said, “When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all”. The week starts off on May 22 – 23rd with strong opinions about this sort of approach to work and play. A need to have fun in our work may be met with serious types who say things to you like “stop bothering me with your monkey business.” This is because mercury, in very serious minded Taurus, is squaring Vesta in Leo, who enjoys playing at work and making work play.

At the same time, Pluto is squaring Pallas. Pluto is all about transforming the status quo; governments, big business, and all things patriarchal. Some in this realm are embracing change and others are holding on tightly to their power and to the status quo. And, while Pluto makes a square to Pallas, it brings out feminine insecurity. We may find ourselves speaking up and then saying “sorry” or standing up for something and then obsessing over if we came across too strong. The problem is that we obsess over how we see things and we also doubt our power. The other problem is that we may be getting signals from those who are not willing to give up their power that makes us waver.

Don’t looking for this to happen only in scenarios with men up against women. There are women who are still stuck in patriarchal thinking and are aligned with the status quo. These are the woman who appear to stand for all kinds of things that are harmful to women’s rights in the interest of standing by their man. On the other side of the struggle is the warrior woman. She is strong, independent, goes after what she wants and doesn’t care for her freedom being limited in any way. As Venus also squares Juno, we’re likely to see the power struggle happening also between these two types of women.

Why? Mercury Square Vesta, Pluto Square Pallas, Venus Square Juno

New Moon in Gemini

What to expect: Opportunity for intention setting
What to watch out for: Power plays
What will it affect? Communication, relationships, strategy

The New Moon is in Gemini. It’s all about communication and we can set intentions for our communications. This New Moon is great if you are in a communication field like news, publishing or social media. Whether you want to strengthen your communications in your personal life or in your business, now is a great time to get clear and make it known to the universe what you want. If you planning a New Moon ceremony, use the element of air. Write with your favourite pen, on your favorite type of paper in a space that inspires you and music that stirs. Get the words just right. Make them poetic, or rhyme. Send them out into the universe for your creations and intentions to manifest!

Venus will also square Pluto the same day, so you may plan to spend this time alone, but your partner or significant other may feel a little jealous about that. You may find that there are small manipulations or sabotaging moves. They may even be initiated on a purely unconscious level. And they could happen by either party. The problem is that Venus will also be aligned with Pallas in Aries, making her a little bit political, very feisty, and extremely independent and with Pallas the goddess of strategy at her side; she may have the upper hand. Don’t be too mad. She’ll likely use her ability to outwit and outmaneuver for the greater good.

Why? New Moon at 4°Ge46′, Venus Square Transiting Pluto, Venus Conjunction Pallas

The Frustrated Artist

What to expect: Creativity
What to watch out for: Perfectionism
What will it affect? All creative expression

By the end of the week, we move into a beneficial energy for artistic creation. But, as we are pouring out hearts out into our mode of artistry, we stand back and find ourselves dissatisfied with our artwork. We are critical of our creations and may feel frustrated by what we feel we “should” be producing. This may be a time when we paint over the painting in white, starting over several times again. Slowing down, be methodical and take your time. Your creations are good.

Why? Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mars Opposition Saturn.


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