Cancer New Moon – June, 2022

Cancer New Moon – June 2022

The new moon on June 28th is at 7 degrees of Cancer. The cancer new moon gives us a chance to set intentions around family, traditions, home, and motherhood.

With the moon in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Aries, a conflict arises around overdoing things related to our sense of freedom and independence. Maybe we are trying to express our independence within our families and are overdoing it and ruffling feathers. Maybe we feel a need be mom, but also be free. Two countries that are ruled by Cancer are Canada having its birthday on July 1st and the US having its independence day on July 4th. A mix of tradition and patriotic ties with the roots of independence and freedom may lead to celebrations that are overdone or over the top!

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is “Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade”. This symbol reminds us of various rabbits who take on human form. Bugs Bunny or the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland… these rabbits act like humans. One acts the part, but may not completely know what it is to be a human. The other takes us down a rabbit hole… this Sabian symbol is all about challenging and learning about who we are, or who we are becoming. At first, we may be a little like Alice… sure of ourselves and our sense of reality. Alice’s over-the-top certainty is challenged through the experience, leading to a change of perspective and a changed sense of self.

The asteroid Child is also conjunct the new moon, putting a focus on children or the child within. And within three degrees of the new moon is the asteroid, Lilith. Lilith shows up in Hebrew mythology. Though was equal to Adam, Adam preferred instead that she submit to his authority. She refused and was tossed out of the garden of Eden. God felt sorry for Adam and his loneliness made a mate for Adam from his rib – which he named Eve. And Lilith lived banished from paradise, forever accused of being a seducer of men and a stealer or killer of babies.

The two energies of the asteroids child and Lilith bring up issues of the patriarchal feminine, the divine feminine and who she is in relation to men and children.

But as usual, we have help! Over with Jupiter is the asteroid Salacia “Salica is the Goddess of seawater who presided over the depths of the ocean. She was the wife and queen of Neptune, god of the sea and water. Salacia is represented as a beautiful nymph, crowned with seaweed, driving in a pearl shell chariot drawn by dolphins and seahorses. Salacia is the personification of the calm and sunlit aspect of the sea.” While the energy at the cancer new moon may bring out strong emotions around what it is to be a woman and a mother, Salicia helps to bring in calming higher frequency energy.

Use the new moon to set intentions for the divine feminine and how you see yourself evolving as a woman in a new definition of woman and mother.

Happy New Moon in Cancer!


New Moon in Gemini – May 30, 2022

The new moon is on May 30th at 9 degrees of Gemini. The Sabian symbol for the new moon is “Aeroplane, after a nose-dive, rights itself gracefully.”

Did you read the story about the passenger who landed a small plane after the pilot passed out and the plane did a nosedive? The Sabian symbol for this new moon calls on us to access some of the qualities that passenger expressed. We are asked to be calm and consider what needs to be done to get ourselves out of situations that may feel, or actually be, out of control.

Gemini rules travel, communication (from letter writing to satellite phones), vehicles (cars, planes, bikes) and learning, especially in primary school or through the new media. It also rules siblings and close relatives. At this new moon, we can set intentions for any or all of these areas.

The moon is ruled by mercury, which is currently retrograde. Mercury is set to go direct in a couple of days on June 2nd. But since Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, this gives us a chance to review how we think and learn about Taurus-related issues. Hot Taurus topics include finances – this may be a good time to review your balance sheet or budget and set intentions around money and/or savings. Taurus also rules farming or gardening. Review and set intentions for your creation of a hydroponic wall, biodynamic gardening or permaculture. Do you have a plan for food security? If you don’t, now may be a good time to learn and put something in place.

The moon is sextile Mars and Jupiter, which are currently conjunct in Aries. Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aries is high, get up and go energy. Jupiter recently moved into Aries, expanding the energy for freedom and adventure, but also for cutting through and getting to the truth of matters. The New Moon sextile this energy will help you to cut through the fog and confusion that has been lingering since the previous transit of Jupiter through Pisces. If you take the time to curiously review all information, Mars and Jupiter will help you to see where others were deceiving you, and also where you were deceiving yourself. With this clarity, the energy of the new moon will help you to set intentions for course correction.

The new moon is also sextile Chiron in Aries allowing us to also review and set intentions around our self-expression. Aries has been experiencing a considerable amount of wounding… things that have required us to be assertive and courageous have been riddled with problems. During the pandemic, everything from risky adventures to entrepreneurial activities was discouraged. For the independence seeker, this was restricted, for the start-up to small business, this was devastating, for those who like to exercise and play sports, this was depressing. But now with Jupiter in Aries and Chiron at 15 degrees – midway through its Aries transit, we have the opportunity to move from wounding into healing. This new moon is a great time to put together a plan for patching your business venture, restarting your exercise plan, and planning your freedom pilgrimage!

The only asteroid in the mix at the new moon is Juno, which is squaring it. We need to rely on ourselves. Leaning too much on our relationships may be a source of disappointment!

Happy New Moon in Gemini

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – May 15, 2022

The lunar eclipse on May 15/16th is in scorpio. This is a total lunar eclipse and that means that the earth will block the light reflected from the sun onto the moon completely. In this darkness, the energy of the scorpio moon is intensified. Fears, trust issues, use of power – be it sexual power, financial power, or mystical/magical power all come to the forefront. Scorpio is a water sign and often represents emotions that are hard to control.

Eclipse Doodling

The moon is trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces, giving it more energy and drive, causing our emotions to feel like the fast waters of a river or waterfall or tossed around like the high waves of a stormy sea… during moments of this eclipse we will most definitely feel overwhelmed, lost at seas or scared by the depth of our emotions. The eclipse is also squaring Saturn in Aquarius – there will be a temptation to shut down. But Saturn is also karmic… so if we do the work asked of us by Saturn, we will have access to the positive side of karma. We are asked to balance out our logical, rational indifference with our hot and spicy emotions. This energy can make us feel like head cases or not entitled to our emotions… it’s scary to feel this out of control… but what will make the difference as we process our emotions is our level of consciousness and our intentions.

The eclipse moon is conjunct a number of asteroids; Deucalion, Ceto and Karma and opposite asteroids Phaethon, Alicanto and Mors-Somnus:

Karma is karma… karma will help to teach you the repercussions of your actions… conscious or unconscious, good or bad.

Ceto was the daughter of Gaia and is the personification of the sea’s dangers, unknown terrors and strange creatures – mostly sea monsters. She is what lurks in the waters… be it a cyclops or a siren and represents the emotional monsters we carry within. In the Movie the Goonies, the children are warned of the monster but once encountering the cyclops and making friends, the monster comes to their rescue!

Deucalion is about trusting others and taking heed. Warned by his father of a coming flood, Deucalion build a box to ride out the waves. Then after the flood heeding the advice of an Oracle, Deucalion started again, repopulating the earth. This energy reminds us that even if things are scary, there can be saving graces.

The energy opposite the moon is the energy reinforcing the invitation of consciousness vs unconsciousness. Mors-Somnus (death – sleep) represents sleep walking, unconsciousness, near death experience, but also taking control of our sleep state… Astro projection or using our dreams to guide us.

Alicanto represents trust and faith coupled with good intentions. In Chilean mythology the Alicanto is a bird. “A miner who follows the bird without detection will be led to great riches. However, if the miner is observed, the bird will switch off the shimmering of its wings and disappear into the night. Should the alicanto encounter one who is not of good heart, it will lead that person over a cliff.“

Phaethon represents knowing when we are in too deep. Phaethon trying to prove to his friend that he had a cool father took a chariot, and driving recklessly and dangerously, was shot out of the sky. It’s a warning to be conscious of when we are being driven by a need to be liked or approved of.

Combine these energizes and we see that this eclipse is a powerful time to process emotions, listen and be in tuned to inner or outer trusted guidance systems. To not be afraid of the monsters that lurk or the potential for disaster or ruin. It’s a time to flow, process, and to balance our strong emotions.

Things that leave us at the eclipsed moon are eclipsed forever so use this energy to forever banish negative karma or unwanted patterns!

Happy Lunar Eclipse!