Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug 22, 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug 22, 2021

This is our second full moon in Aquarius this year! The Aquarius Full Moon is at 29 degrees. Depending on which interpretation you look at, the Sabian symbol for this degree is “Moon-lit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white” or “ a field of Ardath in bloom”

Ardath means a flowering field. The word ardath shows up in 2 Esdras. It’s an apocalyptic book of the Bible, but not a canonized one, and so only appears in some versions of the Bible. It says:

2 Esdras 9:26

23 Nevertheless, if thou wilt cease yet seven days more, (but thou shalt not fast in them, 24 But go into a field of flowers, where no house is builded, and eat only the flowers of the field; taste no flesh, drink no wine, but eat flowers only;) 25 And pray unto the Highest continually, then will I come and talk with thee. 26 So I went my way into the field which is called Ardath, like as he commanded me; and there I sat among the flowers, and did eat of the herbs of the field, and the meat of the same satisfied me. 27 After seven days I sat upon the grass, and my heart was vexed within me, like as before: 28 And I opened my mouth, and began to talk before the most High, and said, 29 O Lord, thou that shewest thyself unto us, thou wast shewed unto our fathers in the wilderness, in a place where no man treadeth, in a barren place, when they came out of Egypt.

Babylon means ‘the gates of God’. And Ardath means ‘fields of flowering plants. If you piece these two interpretations, and this passage of the book of (some) bibles, you get the sense that gates to heaven and to communication with God are found in connection with nature. And maybe even plant medicines!

In the documentary, The Last Shaman (on Netflix), a young man, ivy league educated and successful in the concrete jungle, is so out of touch with himself that he can’t feel. In a deep depression and out of desperation, he goes to the South American jungle to look for a shaman to help. He is introduced to plant medicines and at one point, for a period of time, is left by himself with the plants (And a camera. It was, after all, a documentary). He is taken on an inner journey and at times you see him speaking to someone pleading for answers. At the end of his time with the plants, he seems at peace and in connection with himself.

Did the plants help him meet God?

On the other hand, the city of Babylon is often associated with materialism and evil. There is a story in the bible of the tower of babel. It was being built in Babylon at a time when there was one world and one language. The story goes that the tower was being built to reach heaven. God displeased with it, scatters humanity, and creates different languages so they can’t communicate.

The question at this full moon is, therefore “how do you find your answers?” You don’t necessarily need to eat psychotropic plants to find a connection, but there is also a warning about building castles in the sky.

The moon is conjunct Jupiter at this full moon. Jupiter expands everything it touches. It also sometimes brings a teacher. Make sure yours is not a false teacher!

The good news is that the ruler of the Full Moon is Saturn. While this brings a serious tone to the moon, Saturn makes helpful aspects to Ceres and the North Node in Gemini, and Venus in Libra. This is a particularly potent grand trine as Saturn is in one of its home signs and Venus is in her home sign. The opportunity exists for serious structures, love, and nurturing communication. Trines are potential, but they have a tendency to be complacent. You may not say “l love you” assuming that the other person knows. The trick with this Full Moon will be to say it even if we think others know.

Communications will be nurturing and will lead us in the right direction. Just make sure your communication starts from authenticity.

Happy Full Moon!


Eckart Tolle on Communicating with ‘God’ in these ‘times’ 


New Moon – August 8, 2021

New Moon – August 8, 2021

When is the last time you sang? Break out your karaoke, or if you are shy, turn on the shower, get in. It’s time to belt it out!

Find a song that taps into your spirit and resonates with how you feel… Bohemian Rhapsody… Sing the body electric… Let it go… His eye is on the sparrow; youtube your favourite choir choir choir, and sing along – Hallelujah, Zombie or people have the Power with Patti Smith…

The new moon sets off the revolutionary energy of the Saturn/Uranus square and it asks us to do it with a Leo flare. The Sabian symbol for the new moon is a “volunteer church choir makes social event of rehearsal”. Normally getting together with a church choir to sing is not a revolutionary act… but as it turns out, during the Saturn Uranus square it is! The New Moon is at 16 degrees of Leo. Leo is all about courage, leadership, and creativity. Are you Simba, a young cub finding your voice? Are you a stately lion king? Or are you the cowardly lion, wondering if you even have a heart? It may take a break out in song, Lion King style to figure it find out!

You will know when you have found your theme song when the words accurately tap in to let out your emotion; when the melody makes you want to rewind and play it again; when the frequency lifts your spirit high and takes you to where you need to go! The New Moon squares Uranus at 15 degrees of Taurus whose Sabian symbol is “A man with a rakish silk hat, muffled, braves the storm”. Something about this new moon is not easy, and life becomes a Les Miserable soundtrack! Do you hear the people sing? There is a need to push through.  A need to stand out from the crowd and do it your own way. A need break free, even if you only break free in song!

As this is a New Moon you can and should dream a dream. The moon opposite Saturn however, shows that your dreams may be in reaction to a sense of abandonment and loss. Saturn brings emotional difficulty to the situation, but with that difficulty, we become very clear, and in reaction, dream and declare something that truly values ourselves.  It doesn’t feel comfortable in the moment, yet there is something deeply satisfying about having that clarity to say ‘never again’. That Saturnian energy then spurs you on to achieve your goal and takes steps to nurture your self-esteem

All of this energy at this new moon is also happening in fixed signs. It brings in a stubborn, technical, and prideful energy clashing. It may be a voice within that tells you that you sound tone-deaf, or like nails on a chalkboard, causing you to fear expressing yourself.  On the other hand, you may be drowning out others with your voice, not caring how your sound to others. Try to stay away from disharmony for the sake of disharmony. Your goal shouldn’t be to upstage anyone but to find the right tone to share your inner truth.

Happy New Moon in Leo!

Sagittarius Eclipse – May 26, 2021

The Full Moon on May 26th, 2021 is a Lunar Eclipse. It is in the sign of Sagittarius at 5 degrees. A Sagittarius moon makes us feel adventurous and itching to travel. If travel is limited it will send us off in our minds exploring theories, philosophies, theologies, and even legalities. At this full moon eclipse, we can expect to encounter some truth. Likely a shocking truth!

Since it is a Full Moon Eclipse this is a truth that has been bubbling beneath the surface for some time and is now making itself know. A couple of years ago I was in New Orleans. I had met some people from Europe who told me that Europeans love Trump. I found this shocking assuming that everyone had a problem with Trump. Two days ago I came across a list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway for 2021. It said that Trump was nominated for the second time. It explained exactly what the European tourist explained as the reason. While he was in office he did not bomb other countries. Other countries saw him as the most peaceful US President. Wow! I realized then and again now, how I saw the world was not how everyone saw the world. It was the second time that I had been thrown off by my liberal eco-chamber. If you have been living in an eco-chamber of like-minded individuals, scoffing at others in a reality that you presume to be THE Reality, this may be the eclipse to remind you that this is not the case. Even if the truth is a little disorienting, shocking, or ego-crushing, just remember, the truth will set you free!

Sagittarius is said to be the bachelor sign, and so it often wants to enjoy its pursuits alone. This will be challenge as the the Sabian symbol for the Lunar Eclipse is “a game of cricket”. While some games can be played alone, some one-on-one, cricket is a team sport, played with others. Team sports such as cricket teach how to work together as a team, to play up each other’s strengths, to read each other, and encourage and build strategy. Sagittarius is also said to be the bachelor(ette), wanting to go off on its own. Though we may not feel comfortable in a team setting, this full moon is calling on us to sit with our discomfort and to participate with others. We have something to teach. Or perhaps someone on the team has something to teach us. The trick will be delivering or receiving the message in a way that can be heard. Plato said that intelligence is not intelligence if it is not imbued with the soul – with these two together, they become wisdom. Truth imparted with wisdom is what creates team solidarity. Truth lacking in soul and wisdom only creates perfectionism and winning at all costs. It fractures and leaves hurt feelings.

If you do get your feelings hurt, this may be the last straw and you’ll know these are not your people. Just be sure that you are responding with your own inner truth and not just a hurt ego. The full moon’s ruler is Jupiter in Pisces bringing in excessive emotion. This emotion may be excessively positive or excessively negative – there is no in between. The moon is also square Vesta in Virgo asking you to try your best to balance through prayer or mediation or some other practice that helps you to ground and to stay true to your convictions.

During the eclipse, the shadow of the earth comes between the moon and the sun blocking out the sun’s light on the moon, this time for a full 15 minutes. The sun is in Gemini and the temptation will be to shut off or Gemini’s curiosity. It may also shut off the lights only for us to see things differently when they are turned back on. The sun’s ruler is mercury, which just entered its shadow phase will be going retrograde shortly. It also just squared Neptune and is close to Venus. This can bring up flirty words that upset, fibs, white lies, or whole untruths.

All in all, this is a time to take in information, try our best to balance, and contemplate our next steps. Try not to take hasty actions. Anything done during an eclipse is always a done deal – no going back!

I don’t advise any ceremony today. Just go with the flow and respond!