Horoscope: May 15 – 21, 2017

May 15 – 21


What to expect: Positive change
What to watch out for: Opportunities to move forward
What will it affect? Faith, learning, legal issues, travel, media, foreign affairs

Though the Sun is in Taurus, the sign that doesn’t not like change, it makes a nice connection to Chiron, the wounded healer, currently in Pisces bringing an earthy gentle touch healing to our broken dreams. This is a good thing because on the 18th Saturn will also trine Uranus. Saturn has been diligently working on its audit in Sagittarius where it’s put some pressure on foreign affairs, news media, and the travel industry. In our personal lives, it may have put pressure on our faith, an area of learning, legal issues or an area we feel strong advocacy for. With a trine to Uranus, changes will happen. Plans or approaches that may have been met with resistance will see movement. Ideas, inventions, and innovations all benefit from the practical application. This is a great week to move forward with reforms or modernization.

Why? Sun Sextile Chiron, Saturn Trine Uranus

Too much too fast

What to expect: A new you
What to watch out for: Excessive energy
What will it affect? Relationships and partnerships

Venus is in Aries and is making it way forward since the retrograde back in March. On May 19th it’s back where it started at 13 degrees of Aries.

Remember what I said about Venus in Aries when it started its retrograde journey?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Its associate with “I am”, meaning it focuses on who we are as individuals. Aries is a sign that seeks independence. It pioneers and frontiers, seeking meaning in sovereignty. But how do we incorporate this energy into a relationship? Perhaps the meaning in the Sabian symbols for each degree of the zodiac can help us understand.

Technically, as we move over the 13th-degree mark, we are moving into the energy of the 14th degree of the zodiac. If we look at the Sabian symbol for that degree we get “a serpent coiling near a man and a woman”. The meaning of this degree is about the acceptance of relationship as a higher spiritual purpose. We remain independent but are brought together through a weaving union that expands the energy and draws it to heaven. To get there we need to know and love ourselves and this is fundamentally an Aries prerogative.

But Venus in Aries is notoriously the chaser. This chasing energy is not the Venus way. Venus attracts. And when she is in her element she does so without needing to lift a finger – she is magnetic. Venus in Aries is impatient and aggressively pursues a relationship, forgetting that what makes her attract and ultimately able to accept the relationship, is knowing and loving herself. When she fully knows who “I am” is she is magnetic. But until she does, she is in a constant state of the ‘fear of merging’ even though on the surface it looks the opposite. She is the consummate commitment-phobe who vehemently denies it by saying “I’m out there all the time, dating and trying”. BUT the truth is Venus never tries.

Through the retrograde Venus slipped back into Pisces and got a bit spiritual there and since moving forward she’s been working on knowing and loving herself. Now as we return to the same degree it made it’s retrograde, we are at the point of integrating our lessons. But Venus opposes Jupiter on the 13th degree on May 18th and we get an excessive and overconfident energy. That “a serpent coiling near a man and a woman” can move at a furious rate, bring to mind the image of a kundalini being awaken too quickly. If you’ve done your work during the retrograde, it will be a pleasant time. But if you haven’t, the excessive overconfident energy can lead to too much too fast. The best approach is to focus on the energy of Jupiter in Libra at the other end. The meaning of that symbol is “A noon siesta”, bringing to mind the idea of using the excessive energy for a lazy lunchtime rest. Sleep is great for allowing the body to integrate healing and the mind through dream, to integrate lessons.

Also, the Sun will square the nodes, which have recently moved into Leo and so there may also be some resistance to the new you from others, so you’ll need your rest!

Why? Venus Opposition Jupiter, Sun Square North Node, Pallas Square Juno



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