Horoscope: May 29 – June 4, 2017

May 29 – June 4

Hearing and Being Heard

What to expect: Relationships improvements
What to watch out for: Flashing of insight
What will it affect? Relationships, partnerships, youth, communication

At the end of May relationship/partnership conversation take a turn for the positive when Mercury and Juno speak to each other; there is a grounded understanding that starts to form. We are gaining in confidence around our ideas and our leadership and work as the Sun in Gemini makes a sextile to Vesta. As we gain this confidence and speak our truth we start to move towards a breakthrough.

The potential for breakthrough is also supported by Mars in Gemini. We are filled with ideas and thoughts and as Mars make a sextile to Uranus in Aries on May 30th, this is likely a brilliant insight that propels us towards a new beginning.

The next day on May 31 Mercury will trine Pluto. If you want to get your message out there, move the crowd, inspire change and shift paradigms in thinking, now is the time to do it. Jupiter will trine Ceres in Gemini, so now is a good time to focus your talk, speak, message, book or research on our youth and our relationship with our youth. Millennial’s get a lot of flack. But they do have wisdom to share. They do. Particularly around fairness or more specifically accountability. They have put ethical businesses and ethic buying on the map, and Jupiter in Libra with a trine to Ceres will help us to deepen that conversation with them around these issues.

Why? Mercury Trine Juno, Sun Sextile Vesta, Mars Sextile Uranus, Mercury Trine Pluto, Jupiter Trine Ceres

Planning our Projects

What to expect: Realistic Planning
What to watch out for: Naysayers
What will it affect? Projects, direction, budgets, personal wounds

The first couple of days in June are good for getting realistic with our finances. If you’re starting a project and need to plan out the details or a budget, now is a good time. You’re likely to approach things and a practical manner with the idea of building success. Mars will also make a nice connection to the nodes, so you’re project has a high likelihood of getting off the ground and moving in the right direction if you do your planning now.

You may find some challenge in the background of your projects, particularly if they have a spiritual, social change or political change flavour to them. There may be an unconscious need to block the truth because whatever you are doing may trigger painful wounds in some. There may also be a “mother knows best” approach to you, that suggest that you’ll never succeed, or that it’s impractical. Behind the resistance is not necessarily a lack of belief in your ability, but a fear that you’ll get hurt or even a fear that you’ll do better than they ever did. Now is a time that you may have to realize that you have ancestral or socially accepted patterns that need to be broken, and accept that you need to do so in order to move forward.

Why? Venus Trine Saturn, Mars Sextile North Node, Mars Square Transiting Chiron, Neptune Square Transiting Ceres

The Gift of Feedback

What to expect: An opportunity for growth
What to watch out for: Self-delusion
What will it affect? Relationships, ego, learning

On June 3rd Venus meets up with Uranus in Aries. My third sale of my astrology calendar that I sold online (the first two people said nothing), I got a scathing email telling me what a bunch of crap it was, not worth the money with a demand for a return. I was floored. I thought it was good. This person obviously didn’t see its worth. But sometimes we put our creations out there and they are not met in the way we expect. When Venus conjuncts Uranus in direct and unfiltered Aries, we may all have a similar experience. But feedback is always a gift. Even it if it is feedback given in the most impolite and crude manner. Even if it comes from a troll. Your reaction to feedback is always a sign of something inside of you. Your own fears, conscious or unconscious, and more importantly your own level of maturity and professionalism. How you handle surprising likes and dislikes right now will shine a light on this. I took the person’s dissatisfaction and realized I could use it to make my product better. And I did. What a gift! If we take these kinds of experiences and turn them into something positive, we increase our self-knowledge and our confidence. The Sun trine Jupiter will help us to see ourselves in loving and balance way. Hidden in the nugget of any surprise is the potential for more confidence and more income! As we take that hidden nugget of information and take upgraded action, it sets us on the path to fortunate finances.

The only problem is that on June 4th, the sun is also squaring Neptune, so we may delude ourselves about something. The more honest we can be with ourselves the more we can take advantage of the other transits.

Why? Venus Conjunction Uranus, Sun Trine Jupiter, Venus Trine North, Sun Square Transiting Neptune

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