Horoscope: May 20 – 26, 2019

May 20 – 26

What needs to change?

What to expect: the need to let go
What to watch out for: Holding on to the old
What will it affect? Governments, business, new ideas, communication

The Nodes are osculating points in the sky where the orbit of the moon crosses the ecliptic. They are dichotomous points at the north and southern hemisphere. In astrology the South Node and North Node represent the evolutionary path for us here on earth. The North Node pointing to the direction that is at this moment right for us to pursue. The south node represents the past – the people, project and habits that must be released. The release does not necessarily mean that those things at the south node are bad, but that they are outworn, outdated and overdone. In allowing them to become overdone, we’ve created a karmic pathology that needs correcting and rebalancing. Planets that connect with the nodes give us a chance to do that course correcting. This week it’s Saturn at the south node currently in Capricorn. Capricorn is about big business, government, ambitions and achievements and quite frankly the patriarchy. This week is an opportunity to let go of those things that no longer work within those structures. This is not an easy thing, but Saturn is currently in its home sign and when the moon joins up with this combination on May 22nd our emotions get involved. Something has got to give! The North node is calling us to nurture, love, support and protect. While the south node in Capricorn may feel that protection looks a little different. It wants to hold on to and protect old structures; the North node is the clan mother who is making sure protection means protection for all.

The Sun and Mercury will enter Gemini on May 21st and make a conjunction. This is a good time to talk things out. Communication will be paramount. We’ll have an opportunity to express our thinking, negotiate contracts, and discuss topics. Our curiosity is insatiable. As we allow ourselves to brainstorm and generate as many options as possible we move us closer to breakthroughs. On May 22nd Mars will sextile Uranus and innovative thinking and breakthroughs are possible.

Why? Saturn Opposition North Node, Sun Entering Gemini, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Entering Gemini, Jupiter Trine Transiting Vesta, Mars Sextile Transiting Uranus


Working through the pain

What to expect: Opportunity for healing
What to watch out for: spiritual bypass
What will it affect? Communication, healing, need for control

On May 23rd Mercury will sextile Chirons and we can make a connection with our wounds to talk about them in productive ways. This is a great time for journaling, meditation, and connecting with our inner self to sooth and reaffirm. The problem will be that Mars is also making a square to Chiron and this bring in the temptation to deal with things quickly with the likelihood of some spiritual bypass. The danger is that we want to get through our pain in a hurry and are a little uncomfortable with the feelings that come up. The best way to deal with this energy is to slow down and ‘enjoy’ the path. There is no shortcut to forgiveness! You can’t get to forgiveness without going through the spectrum of emotions – anger, blame, sadness and acceptance.

On May 23rd Pluto is also square to Vesta which brings out an extremely manipulative energy. Pluto in a square to Vesta brings out the negative side of both energies. Pluto wants to control, manipulate, and can be vindictive. The negative side of Vesta, the sacred flame in a fire sign is a strong commitment to independence and personal autonomy. When these two square off, extreme power struggles are the result. As you allow yourself to feel all the emotions, you may feel a need to lash out. Go in your garage and through plates at the wall. In other words, try working through the emotions in a safe environment. Another time will come for action. One where you are not putting yourself in danger, even if it’s only emotional danger.

Why? Mercury Sextile Chiron, Mars Square Chiron, Pluto Square Vesta

Breakdown to breakthrough

What to expect: Strong debate
What to watch out for: High emotion
What will it affect? Food, children, life and death, our personal wounds

On May 24th Mercury is opposite Ceres and this brings us deeper into conversations about the cycles of life. Mercury is in Gemini where it loves to talk, have conversations, discuss topics and news. Ceres, the dwarf planet responsible for the cycle of life, currently in Sagittarius is taking us deep into our beliefs around motherhood, children, food and nurturance, life and death. Topics include climate change and affects on our food supply, children and abortion, Sagittarius can be dogmatic when challenged and this is exactly what Mercury in Gemini does. Expect heated discussions and remember to manage your own emotions. The good news is on May 25th Mercury will trine Pallas. Pallas is in Libra and is helping us to see all sides and to envision balance. The two work together to help develop strategy around bringing things into balance. In addition on May 26th the Sun in Gemini will sextile Chiron and will help us to continue our spiritual and healing work.

I strongly believe that those we are emotionally and spiritual evolved are better able to handle these energy. If you can focus on increasing your emotional intelligence through doing your inner work, you’ll be better able to handle these energies and effect the world from a stronger place.

Why? Mercury Opposition Ceres, Mercury Trine Pallas, Sun Sextile Chiron