Horoscope: May 13 – 19, 2019

May 13 – 19

Inner vs outer worth!

What to expect: Security shakeups!
What to watch out for: Stubbornness
What will it affect? Ego, relationships, material things, expectations

As I sit here writing this, I flip over my mouse to turn it on. “made in China”. I turn over my 5 days a week Knock Knock mouse pad… “Hecho en China”. I make my coffee, but before I pour, turn it over “made in China”. I pick up my iPhone to google “where is iPhone made?”… well, all over really, but mostly assembled in China. The Sun is transiting in the sign that loves creature comforts, a favourite mug it doesn’t care to give it up! A mouse pad that allows you to plan on it, a phone that you’ve used for years and just know. The material things that represent stability. As the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn we are pushed to transform. The structures are changing and Pluto in Capricorn is making sure of it. Taurus doesn’t care for change. It likes security, predictability and the known. We are being pushed to transform something inside of us that doesn’t want to give that up. Do we fight back? Do we get disciplined with money? What needs to transform deep within us to allow for us to meet our needs? This is an easy aspect so we can work with a coach or healer to gain understanding. You can also access the same information though bodyworkers such as chiropractors. Incorporate gemstones like black obsidian to gently help you access the truth.

Pallas in Libra will then square Juno in Cancer and tensions arise between our relationships and family expectations. We can’t please everyone. By the 15th Venus will enter Taurus and Mars will enter Cancer, but before they do on the 14th Venus will sextile Mars at the last degree of Gemini and Aries. Relationships will feel exciting and intellectually interesting. At the last degree, there may be intensity to it. Others will challenge us in a good way! Eventually as the two move on it will settle into secure, traditional and protective, so maybe there is nothing for the family or the tribe to fear!

Why? Sun Trine Pluto, Pallas Square Juno, Venus Sextile Mars, Venus enter Taurus, Mars enters Cancer

Inspiring words forward

What to expect: Mental clarity
What to watch out for: Fear and backlash
What will it affect? Structures, status quo, communication, direction, passions.

On May 15th Mercury in Taurus makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Everything seems melodic! There a transcendental feel to the music that brings us in connection with divinity. Use all the inspiration of the day to fill you up! Music can stir the mind and heal the soul. It call also help you to download guidance and direction.

The next day Mercury will trine Saturn and Pluto and south node. Our thoughts become more practical. We are able to look at things critically and methodically. This also helps us to pen words, be they for a speech or a negotiation. A lot is happening at the South Node with Pluto and Saturn. The south node, also called the dragon’s tale represents the past. It’s karmic and regressive in a way that represents a lack of soul growth. It’s comfortable, easy and known, but sets us backward if we succumb. With Saturn and Pluto there, the pull is strong. On the other side also making an aspect to Mercury is the North Node. It’s in Cancer. And so if we focus on acknowledging the pull backward an, even taking the best of what’s there into the future, we can use this energy well. Tap into emotion, intuition, mother energy for the way forward.

On the same day, Vesta will square Saturn, Pluto, and the nodes as well. This brings out the worse side of Vesta. Vesta is passion and dedication, but with these two present, we may see obsessive, power hungry and workaholic energy that can be destructive. This is even more reason to create words that inspire love and nurture!

Why? Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mercury Trine Transiting Saturn, Mercury Sextile Transiting North Node, Mercury Trine Transiting Pluto, Saturn Square Transiting Vesta, Vesta Square Transiting North Node

Scorpio Full Moon

What to expect: A culmination
What to watch out for: Surprises and fear
What will it affect? Secrets, the unknown, magic

May 18th is the Full Moon at 27 degrees of Scorpio. This is an emotionally intense Full Moon with the potential of access to secrets. The Sabian Symbol for the degree is “the king of the fairies approaches his domain”. The word Fairy was derived from faie or fee which meant a woman skilled in magic, and who knew the power and virtue of words, of stones, and of herbs. If a fairy is a woman, who and what is a fairy king? What is his sphere of influence? We may be too quick to assume that his sphere is a kingdom that rules over woman fairies. With the full moon in Scorpio, the unseen, the secret, and the hidden come to culmination. We may get a peek into what usually lies outside of our knowing. The king of fairies approaches his domain and something is revealed.

On the same day Venus will conjunct Uranus and we can expect surprises in the realm of money and relationships. It’s always a bit difficult to understand why Venus represents both love and money, but often the two are intimately tied, especially in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of security, comfort and material things. At this level, it’s easy to see how the two are connected… no money, no love!
Use the energy of the full moon to understand your loyalty and devotion and your own resourcefulness!

Why? Full Moon at 27°Scorpio, Venus Conjunction Uranus