Horoscope: March 20 – 26, 2017

March 20 – 26

Happy New Astrological Year!

What to expect: A new cycle
What to watch out for: Leaving loose ends
What will it affect? New plans, new goals, women, relationships, the coming year

Welcome to the Astrological New Year! It starts at Equinox – March 20th! It’s been a long winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and this a time that many will welcome as the days get longer and warmer. The beginning of spring is also the beginning of the Astrological year. As we move into Aries we set in motion a new cycle. This is often a time when governments and companies start their budgetary cycles. It’s when performance plans get put into place and when we start to think about what we want for the coming year. Many also receive bonuses now. It’s also a time when were completing our taxes and wrapping up the last year. For the business world, the end of March is often seen as the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. But what will the new cycle bring?

On the March 21st Neptune will lovingly connect with Juno the marriage and partnership asteroid. This is this energy start our new cycle and puts a focus on spiritual relationship. They are not just spiritual, but also ones that are achievement oriented and who’s purpose extends beyond the two as a unit. This is the year of the power couple, the business couple, the dynamic duo. Twin flame relationships or any relationship that founded in the co-creative model will have a impact. These couples will take centre stage and will be leading through the example of unconditional love with projects or business.

The Moon will also conjunct Saturn at the start of our new cycle. These two are in Sagittarius and are close to the Galactic Centre currently located at 27 Sagittarius. The start of the astrological year forecasts seriousness and karmic readjustment as it relates to women, our emotions and the home. This will not always be an easy adjustment. For some it will be lonely and difficult. But it needs to be remembered that Saturn as a karmic planet that also rewards. And so we can see things in the coming year being set right.

Why? Sun Entering Aries, Neptune Sextile Juno, Saturn conjunct Moon

Saying What you Mean and Meaning What You Say!

What to expect: Unintended thoughts and words
What to watch out for: Being offensive
What will it affect? Communication, large scale change, causes

Between March 23 and March 26th Mercury will make some comments that might send us all into a war of words. Mercury is currently in Aries, where it has little censorship. Whatever Mercury thinks in Aries comes out of Mercury’s mouth. It’s not meant to be offensive or abrasive. It’s just that thought has not been put into its impact on others. Aries after all is centered more on its own goals. Mercury squares Pluto on March 23rd and our minds will have the ability to see into great depths. But it leaves us suspicious and argumentative. And with Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, it also leaves us with a desire to coerce or steamroll for our own goals. Mercury then opposes Jupiter on March 24th setting up an increased likelihood of foot-in-mouth syndrome. The overconfidence and faulty judgement meter will be high! Add to the mix that mercury will be squaring passionate and purposeful Vesta now in Cancer, and you can expect land feuds, family feuds and feuds going as far back in lineage that you’ve forgotten the original cause of the feud. By the 26th when Mercury meets up with Uranus in Aries all pistons and neurons will be firing at full throttle. We may have some lightning bolt insights, but wait a couple of days to check out if the logic flows before sharing your thoughts.

Why? Mercury Square Pluto, Saturn Square Pallas, Mercury Transiting Jupiter, Mercury Square Vesta, Mercury Conjunction Transiting Uranus

Cheeky Fun or Trouble?

What to expect: Challenge to our morals
What to watch out for: Being immoral
What will it affect? Relationships, money, egos

On March 25th Venus retrograde by this point has disappeared from the night sky and will return in a couple of days as a “morning star”; it no longer showing up at night, but instead in the morning. It’s in a conjunction with the Sun and “combust” meaning that she a little too close to the Sun. When any planet comes too close to the Sun, they get burned up and the Sun takes over. But Venus will be making a trine to Black Moon Lilith and is, as I said, retrograde, making her a bit cheeky. She’s under the table at the family dinner party doing naughty things with her boyfriend that nobody can see, but are none the less perverse. This is a time when you might find yourself temporarily losing your morals. If you’re going for a harmless shock, go for it. But if you think “I wouldn’t want this on the front page of the local Star or Sun” (newspaper)…. then don’t do it!

Why? Sun Conjunction Venus, Venus Trine Black Moon


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