Horoscope: March 27 – April 2, 2017

March 27 – April 2

Aries New Moon

What to expect: New Intentions
What to watch out for: Lack of focus
What will it affect? Emotions, Charities, philanthropic projects

This week stars with a New Moon in Aries. Aries is the initiator, the doer, the ‘let’s get it going” woman. Impetuous and impatient, acting and then thinking later… or maybe never thinking about it… no time to think…. Aries is the entrepreneur, full of ideas. Trying one and then another. The serial entrepreneur… who creates and gets something off the ground and then looses interest once it’s going.

This New Moon we can set intentions for getting our projects off the ground. The new moon is ruled by Mars and on the same day, Mars will be sextile Neptune, giving an extra boost to service, charity or philanthropic projects.
Aires is also the first sign of the zodiac. It’s the sign that says “I am… I matter”. It’s the place we go to define ourselves and to nurture healthy selfishness. If you have found that you have lost yourself, maybe in a partnership, relationship, family dynamics or a job, you can now set intentions for reclaiming who you are. Maybe that means carving out more time for yourself or saying “no” more often. Maybe it means being or trying things alone. Now is the time to set those kinds of intensions as well.

Why? New Moon at 7°Ar37′, Mars Sextile Neptune

Plan Plan Plan!

What to expect: Putting together a plan
What to watch out for: Too much negative thinking
What will it affect? Plans, projects, teams, partnerships

By the 29th of March we can start setting things into motion, lining up our team and creating a project plan. It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan. Mercury is trine Saturn helping us to think through things critically and to have an added measure of caution. But it’s also in its shadow period, which means that during mercury will retrograde next month, so mercury and Saturn will chat several more times about this matter and be able to sort through any kinks. Mars is trine partnership asteroid Juno and will help us to assemble the right partnership or team. The two of them are in earth signs, so they will be planned and cautious, but also ambitious and motivated. Pallas the asteroid responsible for feminine strategy will also go into Aries on the 29th adding in some warrior goddess energy to the mix.

Why? Mercury Trine Transiting Saturn, Mars Trine Transiting Juno. Pallas Entering Aries

Fight for Fairness

What to expect: Power Struggles
What to watch out for: Outdated thinking
What will it affect? Beliefs, journalism, higher education, status quo, governments, large corporations

On March 30th Justice squares off with the old boys club! Jupiter in balanced and fair seeking Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn currently restructuring old structures and world governments. Legal battles and ego’s, strong belief and power plays are all to be expected.

On March 31st, Mercury moves into Taurus affecting messaging and communication. It will sound status quo and may trigger those who are frustrated by the inflexibility. However mercury does make a trine to the North Node, pushing us in the right direction. Even if you don’t like what you are hearing, you can be assured that actions and reactions will push us in the right direction – Even if they are negatively reinforced.

Why? Jupiter Square Pluto, Mercury Entering Taurus, Mercury Trine North Node

Feminine Battle Cry!

What to expect: Feminine war strategy
What to watch out for: unconscious motivations
What will it affect? Values, world events, money, love, the feminine

On April 1st Venus still retrograde will conjunct Pallas. It’s happening at what is called the Aries point – 0 degree of Aries. It stands at the precipice between spiritual love (Pisces) and war (Aries) and has a big impact on world events. With Venus and Pallas here we feel again that feminine warrior energy. Venus retrograde connected Pallas means that clarity of values, karmic debt around the feminine and feminine strategy also emerges. Women go about things much differently than men. And as the feminine energy emerges and becomes stronger than the outdated patriarch model, we also see a new approach to war emerge. Pallas was the goddess of war strategy. It’s interesting that as a strategist Pallas “disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to settle predicaments. The goddess approved of fighting only for a reasonable cause or to resolve conflict. She encouraged everyone to use intuitive wisdom rather than anger or violence”. (Wikipedia) As these two connect April 1st, we’ll likely see this type of feminine intuitive approach emerge and strengthen.

Then on April 2nd Venus will slip back into Pisces where it takes us on a deeply spiritual karmic journey. It’s the morning star now and the archetype of our love (or lack thereof) both shadow and light will become the focus. Use this time to peel back the layers of your ability to give and receive love and to connect with divine love. What is standing in the way? Or are you a way-shower? If so, what are you doing about it?

Why? Venus Conjunction Transiting Pallas, Transiting Venus Entering Pisces, Pluto Trine Transiting Ceres


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