Horoscope: March 13 – 19, 2017

March 13 – 19

Writing First Draft

What to expect: Energy to get our projects going
What to watch out for: Perfectionism
What will it affect? Projects, communication

On March 13th Mercury enters into Aries bringing in pioneering and assertive energy in our communications. Aries is action oriented and impulsive so it’s a great time to direct that energy into brainstorming or getting the ideas out on paper. It doesn’t need to be perfect – Aries is okay with that. There is a considerable amount of energy for getting our projects going and moving them forward. Sometimes all we need is just a rough draft. Mars in Taurus will give us the focus and will connect with the North Node, ensuring that we are on the right path.

Why? Mercury Entering Aries, Mars Trine North Node

Somatic Bodywork

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Being cheap with yourself
What will it affect? Healing, connections to ourselves, connections to our path

On March 14th the Sun connects exactly with Pallas and Chiron. We’ve been in this energy since the weekend when the moon was full. We’re breaking through to some truths, able to see the big picture. Lots of wounds have been erupting to the surface. We may have been in a sea of emotions. Neptune is also connecting with nurturing Ceres on the same day currently in the sensuous sign of Taurus. Its great energy to connect with ourselves through healing touch (Massage, Reiki, and Energy Healing), sound therapy or other healing that uses any of the other five senses. This will also help us to connect with our sixth sense (psychic ability). All of us have it! And more and more we are learning how to connect with it, give it validity and trust it. This connection will not only help us to heal and connect, it can help us to gain access to information that will assist in our next steps.

Take some time this week to treat yourself.

Why? Sun Conjunction Pallas, Sun Conjunction Chiron, Venus Square Juno, Neptune Sextile Ceres, Chiron Conjunction Pallas

Helpful Obstacles

What to expect: Frustrations
What to watch out for: Conflict
What will it affect? Our ego’s, money, contracts, relationships

On the 17th pessimism comes up. We may feel held back by obstacles. But, sometimes we need this kind of energy to help stop us. It seems like an invisible hand holding us back, and in the moment we feel frustrated or angry. But sometime down the line, as time passes, we come to realize that we dodged a bullet. It may also have the effect of helping us to discover something about ourselves that we would not have discovered if it were not for that adversity. It is then that we recognize those obstacles actually served a good and loving purpose. This is likely to be the case when Mercury and Venus meet up on the 18th. We may be chomping at the bit to sign a contract or compelled to buy a large purchase… but that Sun/Saturn combination the day before might have caused us to lose our bank card, or caused our visa to be compromised – imposing a wait period for the new card. We may have been blocked by someone; a boss or a spouse. These kinds of frustrations will actually be saving you. Venus is still retrograde and as they say with Venus retrograde, “all that glitters is not gold”.

Jupiter and Juno are also chiming in with their energy. Juno is square to mercury and we feel like playing the blame game. The more you can look on the bright side of any frustrations, the more you will be able to keep yourself out of fights with partners. Jupiter is in the relationship sign of Libra and the likelihood of a clash is also supported by Jupiter squaring Vesta. We could get locked into “should’s”, black and white thinking and spend a lot of time keeping score.

Acceptance and responsibility are the keys.

Why? Sun Square Transiting Saturn, Mercury Conjunction Venus, Mercury Square Juno, Jupiter Square Vesta


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