Horoscope: July 3 – 9, 2017

July 3 – 9

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Express Your Art!

What to expect: Artistic Expression
What to watch out for: Initial confusion
What will it affect? Relationships, money, communication

As the week starts we are dealing with something that needs healing in our money or relationship situation. At first, we may be overwhelmed and scattered. This is because Mercury will square Uranus. Mercury is in emotional Cancer and thoughts and emotions may get twisted into a tangled mess. Fortunately, Mercury will move into Leo on July 5th, and levity in our thoughts return

Also on July 5th, an optimistic and creative energy will also become available. Creativity expressed through the pen will be favoured. Go public with your penned novel, poem or speech as your words are likely to have an unexpected impact. Channel your past pains and the learning from those hurts to stir inspiration, tears or anger in words. Whatever emotion you stir, the potential is there to do so in a way that resonates with something in the collective.

Why? Venus Sextile Chiron, Mercury Trine Chiron, Sun Trine Neptune, Sun Square Jupiter, Uranus Sextile Ceres


What to expect: Business deals
What to watch out for: Know it all energy
What will it affect? Contracts, communication, ego’s, intuition

On July 7th we have some great energy for negotiating contracts, business and finance. If you are negotiating, its likely to be a fun marketing or learning venture. There are two energy patterns that may impact your decision making though. The first is that mercury is square Pallas. Mercury in Leo and in a tense energy pattern brings out her proud and know-it-all side. This will challenge Pallas’s grounded wisdom and common sense in Taurus. Ego’s may be hurt but just trust your intuition about what is right. Chiron is also square Ceres. This may bring up hurt feelings around communication. Maybe you feel silenced or someone else feels unheard. The best way to get through this negotiation is to embrace humility, listen to your intuition and listen to one another.

Why? Mercury Sextile Venus, Mercury Square Pallas, Chiron Square Ceres

Full Moon Capricorn

What to expect: Leadership opportunities
What to watch out for: Power plays
What will it affect? Big Business, governments, leadership, work

The full moon on July 8th is in Capricorn. It’s a powerful one! This will come to a head big time at this full moon. This is because the moon is in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto. A powerful transformation in all Capricorn areas, including government and big business, comes to some form of completion. There is likely to be abuses of power or inappropriate use of power. Vesta will meet up with the north node in Leo, focusing the energy on leadership at work or leadership in areas which we are passionate. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “The Union Jack flies from a new British destroyer” is definitely a symbol that speaks of political power. When governments forge forward, what do they forge forward for? What is the worth of our governments? What is their danger? Those we are grasping for power will grasp harder. Those who are fearless in forging a new type of leadership will have the support of Vesta on the North Node.

Why? Full Moon, Vesta Conjunction North Node, Sun Opposition Pluto


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