Horoscope: June 26 – July 2 , 2017

June 26 – July 2

Photo by IB Wira Dyatmika on Unsplash

Talking it out

What to expect: Challenging Conversations
What to watch out for: Manipulations
What will it affect? Communication, Relationships, partnerships, decisions, spirituality

This week starts with some difficult conversations. Mercury in Cancer fills us with an itching to talk about family, home, feelings, and needs. Topics can range from real estate to family drama to our childhood and its impact on us. It starts on June 26th when something starts to feel not right in our relationships. Mercury is opposite Juno the marriage asteroid, which is currently in Capricorn so we could be having conversations about the structure of our relationships. It helps if we have some prepared notes or questions. Here’s some ideas to get you thinking by Modern Love.

By the 27th as Mercury squares Jupiter in the relationship sign of Libra, opinions are strong and we express ourselves with over confidence. Mercury is also approaching a conjunction with Mars in Cancer, so we are likely to be very decisive. With these two in the water sign of Cancer, we are likely to make emotional rather than logical decisions. There is nothing wrong with emotional decisions. However emotional decisions are usually best made, and others are more receptive, if we come from a place of evolved emotional intelligence. The problem is that trust may be lacking and we may try to push our agenda as Mercury also opposes Pluto. The saving grace is that Mercury will also connect with the spiritual planet of Neptune, helping us to communicate with our intuition and with a higher power. Use the energy to seek guidance to find the right approach.

Why? Mercury Opposition Juno, Mercury Square Jupiter, Mercury Trine Neptune, Mercury Conjunction Mars, Mercury Opposition Pluto

Feeling Good About It

What to expect: Self-nurturing decisions
What to watch out for: Divergent paths
What will it affect? Relationships, self-care, wounds

The first couple of days of July we become clear about who is on our path and supporting us and who is not. Paths may diverge at this time, but with Ceres making a sextile to the North Node, we achieve a certain amount of self-respect and self-care in stating our needs and moving forward. With or without others!

Why? Chiron retrograde, Venus Square North Node, Ceres Sextile North Node

Relationships Tests

What to expect: Conflict
What to watch out for: Learning the lesson
What will it affect? Relationships, partnerships, commitments

Pluto and Juno have been traveling together since May. When they were in close contact they were helping to transform our relationships and partnerships and helping us to clarify just what partnerships mean to us. Conflict and power struggles may have come up at that time. With these two in the karmic sign of Capricorn, we may have also clarified our karmic connections within our partnership. These two are now separating and as they do, Mars makes an opposition to Pluto and the Sun makes and opposition to Juno. Relationships are still on our radar, and our intentions and our integrity may be tested at this time. Did we really transform our relationships? Did we learn the karmic lessons? If we did, we may have established a new standard for our relationships and partnerships as a result. Our new approach to partnerships (both relationship and business), will likely now be challenged. As we step out to be ourselves we may have some opposition from the old school camp of partnerships. Saturn trine to Vesta will give us a sense of dedication to our goals, passions and new commitments. Perseverance to a new path, even in the face of obstacles and opposition is supported.

Why? Mars Opposition Pluto, Sun Opposition Juno, Saturn Trine Transiting Vesta

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