Horoscope: July 10 – 16, 2017

July 10 – 16

Work like you don’t need to Money!

What to expect: Enjoying work
What to watch out for: Opportunities to learn
What will it affect? Relationships, work, communication,

The planets go a little quiet this week. There is a noticeable lack of transiting aspects. This may be a much needed planetary reprieve, especially after the powerful Full Moon that we had over the weekend. Hopefully, you were too negatively impacted, but if you were, just know that this week we have a bit of a break. As the moon passes through Aquarius this week we can get objective about whatever we are feeling, maybe even checking in with our the opinions of our friends for their view. It turns a little emotional again as it moves through Pisces later in the week and by the weekend, the moon will land in a third quarter in Aries and we’ll be ready to move emotionally from whatever we have been processing!

Though it is quiet astrologically, we do have some excellent transits for work. On July 14th Uranus will trine Vesta in Leo. This brings out play fun and creativity in our work. We may have amazing breakthroughs as we allow ourselves to laugh and express ourselves through our work. It doesn’t need to be creative work. It can just be work that YOU enjoy. Mercury is also sextile Jupiter and so workshops, teaching, and learning are favoured.

With Jupiter in Libra making a sextile to Mercury in Leo, relationships or partnerships can also be worked on. Involve yourselves in some type of game where you will need to communicate and work together to win.

Many of you may be on vacation and this is not a bad time to go off on one. Vacations that engage your passions and feature learning will be a hit. For example, if you are an Astrology geek, your vacation might feature something like a trip to Egypt and a guided tour of Hathor Temple to check out the Dendera Zodiac. Passion + Learning + Travel = Fun

Why? Uranus Trine Transiting Vesta, Mercury Sextile Transiting Jupiter


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