Horoscope: Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2018

Jan 29 – Feb 4

Leo Lunar Eclipse

What to expect: Relationship Adjustments
What to watch out for: Ego
What will it affect? Relationships, leadership, groups, group dynamics

The lunar eclipse on Jan 31 has two sides to it; a major tension and an underlying tension.

Let’s start with the underlying tension. The Lunar eclipse is happening at 11 degrees of Leo. At the same degree on that day is Ceres, the dwarf planet responsible for the circle of life; fertility birth, mothering, loss, planting, growing, nurturing, and harvesting. They are forming a tense angle to both Lilith in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. It’s what’s known as a finger of God. Technically in a finger of God formation, two planets are working well together, but three’s a crowd. And when that third planet comes along, it shines a light on some issues, and that light brings in tension. In this case, Lilith and Neptune are working together to bring in harmony; spirituality, and the right use of power and control. But there is a tendency to believe that we need to do it all, to martyr ourselves. And that is what this third planet is telling us. The third planet is the Moon and Ceres (operating as one as they are at the same degree). It’s asking us to balance our big spiritual task with nurturing. The problem is, we have a little bit of Leo ego in the way. Ego leads to pride. And pride comes before a fall. This fall has to do with believing that there is no one else who can do what we are doing. It leads to a depletion of our energy and burn-out. When the lunar eclipse happens, it will show us where we are not nurturing and kind to ourselves. What we are learning with this eclipse is to stand in our leadership and authority, but to recognize that leadership includes letting go and having faith in others. And taking care of ourselves. We are letting go of old leadership models and egos. The one’s that say “Only I can do this”

Some tips to creating that balance; train others, delegate and create a ritual that helps to nurture yourself. If you don’t have one use this Eclipse energy to create one. Meditation, prayer, things that incorporate fun. My latest is sewing and beading! The Free Introductory Business Timing Calendar will also help. I know that’s a plug for the free calendar, but It’s loaded with advice to slow down, flow with the energy and will help to guide you with how to pay attention to the energy.

The second tension with the Full Moon eclipse has to do with our relationships. This Eclipse will have us pushing the boundaries of our relationships to help pull our interaction out of outdated tradition and into the future. In order to help revolutionize and refashion love some of us will be leaving people or groups of people behind and some of us joining with new. This is because the Moon is opposite the Sun, Venus, and Juno in Aquarius. With this eclipse, we let go of tradition in our relationships in favour of something different that incorporates friendship, freedom, humanity and, unconditional love. Normally when we think of unconditional love, we think of sacrifice. That’s the Pisces version on unconditional love. The unconditional love associated with Aquarius is more like unrestricted love. It’s broad-minded, liberal and equalitarian. And so with this Full Moon Eclipse, get ready to leave behind what no longer works and to incorporate what may seem a little unconventional.

Why? Full Moon at 11°Leo 37′ Lunar Total Eclipse, Sun Opposition Transiting Ceres, Mercury Entering Aquarius, Venus Opposition Transiting North Node, Sun Opposition Transiting North Node,

Fact Checker…

What to expect: Faulty thinking
What to watch out for: Decisions
What will it affect? Decision making, speeches, common sense

Towards the end of the week, Pallas gets a lot of attention. Pallas is the asteroid responsible for intellect, patterns and is the goddess asteroid of feminine style warfare. At the end of January, Mercury will move into Aquarius and the first thing it will do is square Pallas on Feb 3rd. Mercury in Aquarius is filled with new ideas, but Pallas in Taurus may cause us to make connections in our minds where there are none. This may lead to more than one “stupid moment”.

There is another tense formation to Pallas from Mars currently in Sagittarius. This may cause us to take single-minded or even dogmatic actions. Added to this is Mars making a sextile to Mercury which is great for debating and decisiveness, but given the setting, might get us into trouble by causing us to say or make a quick decision.

Saturn will trine Pallas the next day, bringing the authorities in to weigh in. This is a good thing, as it brings with it a grounded common sense. The trouble is that Saturn might also dole out a good lesson! The lesson, if you can heed it in advance, is to take your time, check your assumptions, check your facts and check your sources.

Why? Mercury Square Transiting Pallas, Mercury Sextile Transiting Mars, Saturn Trine Transiting Pallas


What to expect: Being tested
What to watch out for: Losing faith
What will it affect? Investments – both money and love

On Feb 3rd Venus will also catch up to conjunct Juno in Aquarius exactly. These two feminine relationship energies come together at 21st degree of the sign. The Sabian symbol at that degree is “ A woman, disappointed and disillusioned courageously faces a seemingly empty life”

These two will also square Jupiter, which causes us to be excessive and to lack discipline.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and has us diving into the depths of our psyche. It also has us looking at our resources and investments. When unrestrained, Jupiter can lead us to push past our boundaries in unhealthy ways. Venus and Juno are asking us to hold fast to our values and to the need for balanced and healthy relationships. When the energies square Jupiter in Scorpio, it presents a beauty and the beast conundrum. It’s calling on our need to face the adversity associated with being both strange and ugly and to the idea that we can have the love we desire. There may be someone out there who wants what we are offering. And the reality is that there may also be no one.

If we turn this thinking towards our resources and investments we may see if more clearly. There are plenty of examples of those who spent a lifetime investing in their love of something, only to see it present little return. One of my favourites was Dan Blankenship, who invested in finding treasure on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, investing years and resources, only to run out of money and to face the loss of his dream.

But, as the saying goes, nothing ventured nothing gained. So how do we handle it if it looks like nothing will be gained? Do we compromise our values? Do we harbor resentment? Or do we build inner resilience, faith and find ways to keep moving forward?

Why? Venus Conjunction Transiting Juno, Venus Square Transiting Jupiter


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