Horoscope: Jan 22 – 28, 2018

Jan 22 – 28th

Authoritative Words

What to expect: Mental Depth
What to watch out for: Manipulations
What will it affect? Thoughts, Learning, Communication, Authority, Shared resources

Between Jan 24th and 25th Mercury will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. When Mercury and Pluto come together, thoughts get deep, investigative and persistent. Pluto and Mercury together can be deeply manipulative. The good news is that Capricorn demands that words are spoken with depth, authority, and integrity. There’s not much that can get past us when these two come together. The fact that they are both in Capricorn will make us cautious, careful and responsible. We’ll choose our words and be careful about their delivery. If you have an authoritative message to deliver, these are the days to do it.

Pluto can also make us a little obsessive about our thoughts, pushing us to get to the bottom of things. We’ll feel a need to unravel all the component parts and to really understand. I had a brother who liked to pull things apart to see what was inside. He once broke open a very expensive wrist watch, pulling out all of the bits to see how they worked. The problem came when putting trying to put the timepiece back together! If something doesn’t fit or makes sense at this time, we will find ourselves obsessed as we try to piece it together. We know there is a way to solve it and we’ll keep going until we find it.

The fact that these two are making a sextile to Jupiter provides us with an opportunity to learn from one another and will help to bring diverse groups together. This is good news because we can direct our obsessive need to understand and solve problems towards social issues and/or social justice. Jupiter in Scorpio will direct our attention to issues related to sexuality, #metoo, and #timesup movements. We may also be focused on money, shared resources, investments, and crypto-currencies.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Pluto, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Sun Sextile Transiting Vesta

The Developing Story…

What to expect: Information about eclipse
What to watch out for: Lot’s of ideas.
What will it affect? Eclipses, ideas, leadership

Mars will move into Sagittarius on Jan 26th, but before it does, it will square the 2017 August eclipse point and the upcoming solar eclipse in Feb 2018. Mars is a major trigger for eclipses and so it’s a good idea to pay attention to what comes up right now as it triggers and helps to builds on the story of the past and begin to build the story of the future. The solar eclipse in February is in Aquarius and will spark plenty of ideas… Don’t dismiss your inventions! Keep a notebook by your side from now until then and capture all the comes up.

Mars will then enter Sagittarius and for the next little while, we will be motivated by philosophies, exploration, and adventure.

Why? Mars Entering Sagittarius

Get it on Paper

What to expect: Racing Thoughts
What to watch out for: Burnout
What will it affect? Thoughts, communication, healing

Towards the end of the week on Jan 27 – 28th Mercury will square Uranus. Our minds will be busy and preoccupied. There is a strong chance of burnout. Partially because our minds will have been on full throttle all week. This transit will just add to our already racing minds. The problem is that Mercury will want to take its time, be careful, thorough and meticulous. Our minds will be saying “don’t rush me; I have to think about this”. But Uranus in Aries is impatient and will push to get on with the show.

Mercury will also will also sextile Chiron and Chiron is suggesting that we take the time to talk it out, journal or use some other form of communication to get things out of our heads. This process can not only be healing in terms of what we write but also healing in the sense of getting it out into the universe and out of our heads.

Why? Mercury Square Uranus, Venus Opposition Ceres, Mercury Sextile Chiron


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