Horoscope; Feb 5 – 11, 2018

Feb 5 – 11

Defining our Partnerships

What to expect: Unusual relationships
What to watch out for: Cynicism
What will it affect? Relationships, optimism, individuality

On Feb 5th, Jupiter in Scorpio will square Juno in Aquarius. Relationships are a focus. Though Jupiter is expansive, gregarious and extroverted, Scorpio’s energy is private. As Jupiter has been moving through Scorpio, we’ve seen a lot of hidden private matters become public. Some not so nice private matters have become exposed with lots that have made us feel slightly uncomfortable. Juno the relationship asteroid is in Aquarius, the sign of all things unconventional. So when these two come together in a square, a conflict ensures. We are torn between our need to fly our freak flag and be individual and the need for depth and privacy. The square may also create a cynicism around the motives within our relationships or possibility a cynicism that we can operate our relationships in the individualistic way in which we would like. Take this time to work together to work out true motives and what’s right for you. It doesn’t need to be socially acceptable; it just needs to be acceptable to you.

Why? Jupiter Square Transiting Juno

Inner and outer transformations

What to expect: Opportunity to grow
What to watch out for: Detachment
What will it affect? Nurturing, self-care, transformations, work and passions

On Feb 6, Mercury will oppose Ceres and will move opposite the January 31, 2018 eclipse degree. More information will come to light regarding whatever came up during the lunar eclipse. Its opposition to Ceres will also bring up conversations regarding nurturing and care. Ceres represents children and also our inner child, so now is a good time to have conversations with our inner child. Do you listen to her? What does she need? How can you meet her needs? What do you need to do to help her grow and mature? Mercury in Ceres will help us to nurture with ideas and words. Don’t be cold, don’t ignore and don’t be detached. Connecting to the needs of our inner child will help us with the deep transformational energy carried over from the recent eclipse. Mercury will also make a sextile to Vesta in Sagittarius. This brings in communication and ideas around work and the causes we are working on. On the same day, Venus will sextile Uranus putting us in contact with some interesting people. Though they are unlikely connections they will none the less be very beneficial. If we are open to it, these relationships will spark innovations and ideas. The energy will come full circle when Vesta trines Ceres. We are on fire and putting that fiery energy into our passions helps feed our souls and is deeply nurturing and satisfying. Take care of and transform your inner child and the output of this energy will show up in your work/passions and will be highly productive and beneficial for all.

Why? Mercury Opposition Ceres, Mercury Sextile Vesta, Venus Sextile Uranus, Vesta Trine Ceres

Law of Attraction

What to expect: Fulfilling our desires
What to watch out for: Inner Conflicts
What will it affect? Direction, motivations, Optimism

By the end of the week, Feb 9 and 10th is a good time to get out the map and revise the route. Mercury is opposite the North Node and our conversations and thinking will help us to move in new directions. Mars now in Sagittarius moves into a trine with Ceres in Leo giving us motivation and inspiration to move forward in our desires. The more we feed ourselves with play and fill our cups with fun, the more we feel inspired to move forward. One word of caution. The Sun will square Jupiter. We are torn between scepticism and overly optimistic ideas about what we can and can’t do. For things to really work out for us, we need to bring this conflict into agreement. Venus will help us as she moves into Pisces. She helps us to focus on faith, imagination and being at one with the universe. Venus is magnetic and works very well at attracting what we need into our lives.  For this reason, working with the law of attraction will be extremely effective while Venus is in Pisces. But to truly work for us, she needs your wholehearted faith and alignment with the universe.  Start by bringing any internal conflicts into alignment,  nurture yourself with play, then trust the universe and venus will help you do the rest.

Why? Mercury Opposition North Node, Sun Square Jupiter, Venus Entering Pisces, Mars Trine Ceres
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