Horoscope: Feb 20 – 26, 2017

Feb 20 – 26

Idea Generation

What to expect: Brilliant ideas
What to watch out for: Limiting idea generation
What will it affect? Communications, thinking, beliefs, direction

On Feb 20th we are filled with florescent light bulb moments. It’s a great day for brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. If you’ve been stuck, this is the day to wordplay. No idea is a bad idea. Get them all out on sticky notes and decide later which make the most sense. “Bad ideas” can lead to brilliant ones. The sun will also connect with the nodes leading us in the right direction. It may mean that we leave some people or things behind. With the Sun in Pisces, we are connecting with a spiritual purpose, one that may seem very familiar to us, as though maybe from a past life. This makes whatever comes to us seem easy; like it’s old hat. On Feb 21st we can take all those great ideas and bring them to a diverse group. This is a great time to do market research, gather opinions and test your market. If you already have a product, especially if it’s a workshop or educational product, this is a great time to present and teach.

Why? Mercury Sextile Uranus, Sun Opposition North Node, Mercury Trine Jupiter,

Power and Perspective

What to expect: Backing up solid idea
What to watch out for: Misuse of Power
What will it affect? Communications, structures, foundations

On Feb 22nd the energy will become tense. It will test your integrity. How do you handle power? There is a tendency to misuse power. It’s a good time to build strategy, which is a better way to use the energy. Just be sure you have good intentions at heart.
On the 23rd Mercury will make a helpful connection with Saturn. Mercury is in the last days of Aquarius and is continuing to brim with ideas. Saturn will help to infuse those ideas with solid research and educational grounding. Our beliefs around science may shift and we may be able to back an argument or reformulate an existing thought with a new perspective.

Why? Mars Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Saturn

Connecting with our family/tribe

What to expect: Building ties
What to watch out for: Fear of our leadership
What will it affect? Communications, thinking, beliefs, direction

On the 23/25th the Sun in Pisces will connect with Ceres (mother and nurturer) and Juno (marriage asteroid) bringing our self assertion, our spiritual purpose, and our commitment to our self and our path, in alignment with family, partnerships and our children. There we find a groundedness and safety which allows us to step out and pursue our true calling. Don’t worry, they are following us. We stand in example to those who love us. This banding together may happen in direct relation to an outside conflict. When the world goes crazy, banding together with our family, the one we were born into, is a now source of comfort and a form of shared guidance. We may also come together with a created family, our soul family, a source of safety as we forge a path towards something together.

Why? Sun Sextile Ceres, Sun Sextile Transiting Juno, Mars Square Vesta

Pisces Solar Eclipse

What to expect: Awakening
What to watch out for: Chaotic feelings
What will it affect? Governments, communication, beliefs, direction, emotions

Pluto in Capricorn has been transforming government and world structures over the last couple of years. As it connects with Pallas in Pisces on the Feb 26th we start to grasp the spiritual patterns and/or the sacred geometry at play. We start to understand things on a deeper level. At the same time there may be some spiritual idea or communication that sets off a crisis of faith or belief. We question everything we have ever known or hold abnormally tight, fighting the winds of change. Not to worry if it’s a little unsettling. That grounded family or tribal energy of the last couple of days is still at play, holding us in a safety bubble, and will allow us to explore new ideas safely.

Mars also makes a connection with Uranus, triggering the unexpected energy of the planet in Aries. This is a fiery combination that is gaining intensity as it makes an opposition to Jupiter. Expect the earth to rumble beneath us. This is an explosive energy and the new realizations mentioned earlier sit in the background of the solar eclipse.
The solar eclipse on Feb 26th is itself in Pisces, and sits close to Neptune and is widely opposing the north node. This makes it a deeply spiritual eclipse. Both Pisces and Neptune are associated with intuition, vision and creativity. They are connected to the mystical, magical and illusory. And as the moon eclipses the sun we are awakened from a dream. There is something explosive and hasty about this Solar Eclipse. We feel urgency and explode into realization like a supernova. We realize something, or everything, and are spurred into action. Facing these realizations may be hard. Though difficult, this is a time to embrace compassion, caring and the spiritual even in the face of the drama. Refrain from trying to numb out or if you need to numb out, choose an award winning film, a water spa or retreat rather than drugs, alcohol or denial.

Why? Pluto Sextile Pallas, Mercury Square Black Moon, New Moon at 8°Pi12′, Mars conjunct Uranus, Mercury Opposition Transiting North Node, Mars Opposition Transiting Jupiter

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