Horoscope: Feb 13 – 19, 2017

Feb 13 – 19

 Paul Klee (German (born Switzerland), Münchenbuchsee 1879–1940 Muralto-Locarno)

Getting Interested

What to expect: Learning something new
What to watch out for: Backlash to knowledge
What will it affect? Beliefs, Humanitarianism, Politics, Science

On Feb 13th the Sun is sextile Saturn making it a good day for any work that requires discipline, attention to detail and concentration. The Sun in Aquarius will have us thinking about humanitarian, activist or political causes. Saturn will help us get to work, educating ourselves and making the necessary revisions. Maybe we’ve avoided something because it seemed hard and outside of our ability to understand. Maybe it was convoluted and inaccessible. We now have the ability to change that. Think about wine. It was once inaccessible, snobby and exclusive. It always felt as though it required a Sommelier to know the proper wine to choose. Now wine is inclusive and fun and easy to choose with names like Fat Bastard or Mommy’s Time Out. We can now do the same for a host of other supposed learned or cultured arenas of life. Look to areas rules by Aquarius such as politics or science or activism. Also on Feb 13th black moon Lilith moves into Sagittarius. Lilith became “nasty woman” while she was in Scorpio. There she stirred up Kali in our collective consciousness and put a spotlight on the polarity of thinking around powerful women. She now moves into Sagittarius and wakes up the polarity around the free-spirited, outspoken and/or educated woman. Though we are making being “in the know” seem more “sexy” or relate-able, we may also have some backlash to that movement, especially if woman are involved.

Why? Black Moon Entering Sagittarius, Sun Sextile Transiting Saturn

Celebrating the Power Couple

What to expect: Power couples connecting
What to watch out for: Keeping to yourselves
What will it affect? Relationships, nurturing, direction and purpose

Juno the marriage asteroid and Ceres the nurturer are moving into a grand trine with the North Node. The North Node is the point associated with bringing us in alignment with our direction and purpose. This grand trine is exact on Feb 15th, but the North Node vacillates, so we will definitely feel it on Feb 14th; Valentine’s Day. The energy is all about the right relationship. It will help us to get into alignment and grounded with the right partner for our soul’s purpose. This is particularly so if the purpose of our relationship involves being helpful, kind-hearted, or healing. The energy of the grand trine is grounded and nurturing and when it brings together partners, it does so in a way that they realize they are way better together then when they are apart. It is not co-dependent energy; energy that cannot live without the other. But rather co-creative energy; energy that builds each other up. Its purpose is to bring the energy of stability and nurturing to the partnership. But is it also has the greater purpose of extending love out to inspire and build others up as well.

Why? Juno Trine Transiting North Node, Ceres Trine Transiting North Node

Inspired Action

What to expect: Getting into action
What to watch out for: Getting angry
What will it affect? Family, tradition, humanitarianism, causes

Uranus comes into a square with Vesta on Feb 15th and something or someone might ignite a flame within us or a fire under our butts. If you find yourself getting all fired up, it’ll likely be around family and tradition. And if do get fired up, mercury will help you to debate your cause. The energy is decisive, direct and won’t mess around with doing what we need to get done. So if you’re on a mission, your mission will get a kick start!

Why? Uranus Square Vesta, Mercury Sextile Mars



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