Horoscope: April 8 – 14, 2019

April 8 – 14th

Remaining Open!

What to expect: Relationship imbalance
What to watch out for: Snobbery
What will it affect? Ideas, strategy, relationships, optimism, learning, beliefs

On April 8th Jupiter is opposite Juno. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and has been expanding our beliefs and ideals. In an opposition to Juno in Gemini, we may push our beliefs and ideas on our relationships or feel threatened if our partners do not agree with us. Saturn will also square Pallas and this brings in intellectual snobbery and the tendency to make our partners feel stupid. The challenge will be to allow others a genuine sense of curiosity and to calm any hint of dogmatism within ourselves.

On the same day Ceres, the planet responsible for nurturing goes retrograde in Sagittarius. In order to learn, we need to be taught and/or learning in our own individual learning style. Are we auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners? We’ll have a chance to explore what nurtures learning within us! The more we can adopt the right style the more our learning and teaching will be effective.

Why? Jupiter Opposition Juno, Saturn Square Pallas, Ceres Stationary retrograde

Fly your Freak Flag

What to expect: Self-expression
What to watch out for: Opposition
What will it affect? Money, relationships, artistic expression, wounds

On April 9th the Sun in Aries will oppose Pallas in Libra. We have lots of ideas and our problem-solving abilities will be excellent. The difficulty is that our ideas will likely be a challenge to someone. For this reason, we struggle with sharing them. The Sun in Aries is seeking to strengthen our egos. In this sense, ego is not a bad thing, but something that helps us to define and understand who we are. But with Pallas in Libra, we’ll worry about offending people. We may be too attached to people liking our ideas.

Chiron is conjunct Vesta the same day both in Aries. This strengthens this wound of being seen. As we explore and express who we are, the question will be “can I safely express my passions”? Does doing so isolate me? Or does it serve to bring something to light that must be healed? Vesta is Aries and represents our commitment to working on ourselves. Wounds around codependence, alienation emerge to help evolve and redefine freedom and independence.

The good news is that we also have some energy that will help. Do you sing or write music, paint, or write poetry? Channel you’re ideas through your art as Venus conjuncts Neptune. Ask for guidance from the divine to help connect with your audience. Mercury in Pisces will also be trine the North Node on the same day. The world needs your message to help point us forward and to bring us together as a world community. We all have something to contribute and all of our contributions matter and count even if it’s initially uncomfortable.

Deliver your message on April 10th as Mercury sextile Pluto. This helps to deliver a powerful and transformational message. The Sun will be Square Pluto so that opposition will still be there. We’ll still feel or actually experiences blocks. But with the Sun in Aries, courage is asked of us!

Why? Sun Opposition Pallas, Mercury Trine North Node, Venus Conjunction Neptune, Chiron Conjunction Vesta, Sun Square Transiting Saturn, Mercury Sextile Transiting Pluto

Reviewing the Big Picture

What to expect: Intuition
What to watch out for: Lack of details
What will it affect? Beliefs, education, law, foreign affairs

Jupiter has been traveling through Sagittarius since the fall. This week on the 10th it will go retrograde. Sagittarius is the sign of travel, exploration, higher learning, religion, law, and foreign affairs. Jupiter is the planet responsible for expansion and optimism. This year as Jupiter is traveling through Sagittarius it is also in a square dance with Neptune. This has brought in an element of over-optimism and scandal. We’ve seen this with the airline industry and faulty Boeing planes, the celebrity education scandal, and in foreign affairs, etc. Similar secrets may have been revealed in our personal lives. As Jupiter goes retrograde we’ll have a chance to go back over things and review. On the 11th Mercury in Pisces will square Jupiter in Sagittarius and this will help us to see and grab hold of the big picture. This is not particularly good energy for getting into the weeds and seeing the detail, but we are also given the energy of Venus sextile Saturn. Venus is also in Pisces, which can make us idealistic, but with a sextile to Saturn, it becomes grounded in energy which helps us to be practical and intuitive in our accounting of things. Even if you don’t see it concretely, trust your intuition. With Venus also trine the North Node and sextile Pluto between the 12th and 14th, it will save you or even make you money! Write down what your concerns are and check the detail on another day. Challenges may arise to expressing what you know on a gut level. This is because the Sun is squaring the North Node and Pluto at the moment. Someone doesn’t like what we are saying, particularly if we have no concrete proof. If they push to make it go away, push back!

Why? Jupiter Stationary Retrograde, Mercury Square Jupiter, Sun Square North Node,
Venus Sextile Saturn, Sun Square Pluto, Venus Trine North Node, Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Square Juno, Venus Sextile Pluto