Horoscope: April 15 – 21, 2019

April 15 – 21

Seeking the Divine

What to expect: Beautify symbolism
What to watch out for: A busy mind
What will it affect? Athletics, relationships, thoughts, beliefs, spirituality

On April 15th Venus will square Jupiter. Venus is in Pisces and values the athletic beauty of spiritual divinity captured in visionary art and sacred geometry. She makes a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, whose busy expanding our sense of adventure, the scope of our beliefs, the questions in our minds around ethics, politics, and piety. When these two come together in a square it’s not altogether bad. We have a sickly sweet desire to merge with the divine but also to seek, know and understand him or her. In fact, we can find ourselves diving into the search for ontological truth through the prism of a rainbow, which can feel nice. Conversely, we can experience the same thing as the existential angst of a psychedelic trip.

Until 11 pm PST on the 16th Mercury will be in the last degree of Pisces. It’s also where our recent mercury retrograde started. If you are drowning in your thoughts, overwhelmed by the highs and lows, remind yourself that the trip will end when Mercury enters Aries. Once there our thought will return to focus -clarifying what’s ours and helps us to establish and return to certainty.

Why? Venus Square Transiting Jupiter, Mercury Entering Aries

Libra Full Moon

What to expect: Solidify relationships
What to watch out for: Wounds
What will it affect? Balance, relationships, partnerships

The Full Moon is at 29 Degree’s Libra on April 19th. What intentions did you set at the New Moon on Oct 17, 2017? Sometimes things take some time to manifest. Sometimes up to a whole cycle within a moon phase family. This Full Moon may see a culmination in star seeds planted during that New Moon in 2017. Check your emails, text messages, and journal and Facebook posts for that date if you forget what you set into motion. It was a powerful New Moon and it’s also worth it to go back and read what I wrote about it. It was an opportunity for us to bring things out of balance into balance and had a strong possibility for surprises and the unexpected.

Symbolically on that day in 2017, it was announced that scientist had witnessed two neutron stars colliding. It happened 130 million years ago but just reached earth for us to see (via telescope). The collision of two stars created “an estimated $10 octillion—$10 billion, billion, billion—in gold.”
“Normally (if that’s even a word you can use in this circumstance) the type of nuclei formed in these collisions would quickly decay radioactively. Like radioactive elements we see decaying here on Earth, they eject particles and energy and morph into lighter and eventually more stable elements.
In a neutron star merger, things snowball too fast for that to happen. Those radioactive, unstable nuclei should decay in fractions of a second, but with all those neutrons shooting outward, the nuclei keep growing. Some become stable elements like gold, platinum, and uranium.”

Uranus (the explosive planet of surprise) was at play back then and is at play again at this Full Moon! With the Moon opposite Uranus we may experience a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions but we’ll move forward with unique and surprising confidence as relationships, business partnerships, and negotiations stabilize into their own element. The Full Moon makes a close and intimate easy aspect with Juno the goddess asteroid of marriage and partnership. This will help relationships to solidify and most certainly come into balance.

Juno is in Gemini and Mercury (the planet that rules Gemini) is also conjunct Chiron. The magic, miracles, and alchemy will happen through talking, letters and other tools for communication. This brings healing within relationships and personal development within ourselves.

Why? Full Moon at 29°Libra, Sun Sextile Juno, Mercury Conjunction Chiron, Sun Conjunction Uranus

The Relationships We Attract!

What to expect: Relationships extremes
What to watch out for: Looking outside of ourselves
What will it affect? Relationships,

On April 20th Venus is in the last moment of Pisces and Juno the last moment of Gemini. They square at 29.59 degrees before both move on; Venus to Aries and Juno to Cancer. At that last degree, there is a concentration of energy around values and the relationships we attract. Venus in Pisces values compassion merging and giving. But Juno in Gemini is the kind of partner that likes keeping things light and on the surface. In fact partnership for the Gemini Juno could involve more than one partner, with or without your permission. This brings up insecurities within Venus and at this last moment of the signs, this could be critical. It’s helpful to know that Venus, the attraction principle is a reflection on what’s going in inside. The law of attraction works with what we think, believe and value on the unconscious level!

Not long after when both move on – Venus into Aries and Juno into Cancer and the tables turn. Our values shift to valuing our independence. However, Juno moves into Cancer finally bringing us partners that desire to settle down and nest! Will things always be out of sync? Use this shifting energy to get clear with what is in your conscious and unconscious to bring them into alignment. Eventually, the partnerships you attract will align with what you value!

Mars will oppose Ceres. Ceres in Sagittarius is nurtured by freedom, exploration and religious searching. Mars is speedy, evasive and in Gemini is too distracted to listen to the pontifications needed by this Sag Ceres. This is a time when we might get offended and hurt by someone not seeing our point of view or listening to our well-researched theories. It would be worth our while to take the time to understand Why Facts Don’t Matter.

Why? Venus Square Transiting Juno, Venus Entering Aries, Juno Entering Cancer, Mars opposite Ceres.

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