Virgo Full Moon – March 7, 2023

The Full Moon on March 7, 2023, is at 16 degrees of Virgo. The symbol of Virgo is a woman holding a stalk of grain. Virgo in Babylonian times was called Al Sin, meaning ‘seed furrow’. The zodiac comes from the Babylonians and so does the image of the woman holding a stalk of grain. Today we associate Virgo with the Virgin, but to them, she was the seed of potential. In that way, we can look at this Virgo full moon creatively. The death of a seed is the beginning of a plant! In fact, Virgo is associated with agriculture and gardening. Virgo’s role in the field and in the garden is to communicate… Virgo is ruled by mercury. How does a seed grow into a plant? Through information neatly organized in DNA with instructions on how to proceed. How does it happen? It’s magical. It’s unseen, yet it is a form of communication. And it is this form of communication that is Virgo’s realm.

The Full Moon is conjunct with the asteroid Lilith. The more familiar story of Lilith is that she was Adam’s first wife. The lesser-told story is the one told in the epic of Gilgamesh; a Sumerian tale that involves Inanna and a Huluppu tree. In the story, a snake is in the roots of Inanna’s tree and is described as ‘uncharmable’. The dark maiden Lilith is at the trunk and an Anzu-bird (lion-headed eagle) is seated on the branches. Innana has been growing and nurturing this tree, but now she wants to use it to create a seat and a bed. The melee of Lilith and the bird in the tree stops Inanna from being able to transform the tree into the creations she desires. Like in the Jewish story of Lilith, the dark maiden Lilith seems to be messing with creativity. (In the Jewish story she is a demon, a baby stealer and a fertility killer)

The Full Moon in Virgo conjunct Lilith is bringing to culmination something that is blocking our creations and our ability for our seeds to take the next step to become a plant! Lilith represents a dark entity that takes away your creation! The Anzu bird is said to be the stealer of destinies. The snake, however, was a symbol of fertility and sexuality. In this way, it starts to become clear that this old tale is the first story of blocked creativity, writer’s block, impotence, being stuck, and maybe even procrastination or lack of inspiration!

Opposite the Virgo moon is the Sun in Pisces which is conjunct with the asteroid Lachesis, Nessus and Atropos. Lachesis and Atropos are two of the three Moirai. In Greek mythology, these three sisters were assigned the role of ensuring that every human lived out their fate as outlined by the laws of the universe. Both Lachesis and Atropos were associated with death. Lachesis’s job was to determine the length of life. Astrologically this can mean putting a deadline to something; for instance, creating a project plan with mini deliverables and a final deadline. It could also be something that comes to interrupt and cause an unexpected ending. What is clear with Lachesis is there is a definitive timeline. Nothing more, nothing less.

Atropos’s job on the other hand was to determine how one would die. In terms of our creations, thinking of analysis paralysis. If something or someone doesn’t intervene, we could continue researching, analyzing, painting and repainting, word smithing etc without producing anything. Astrologically if something comes to an end at this time. Don’t look at it as a death or interference, but as something needed to bring your projects or creations to completion. Maybe they are good enough just as they are!

The third asteroid conjunct the sun and opposite the moon is Nessus. Interestingly in Greek Nessus means “baby bird”. However, like the lion-headed eagle sitting on the Huluppu tree, Nessus is very destructive. In astrology, Nessus represents abuse of all kinds and is often linked to abuse that makes its way into the ancestral line of a family. This points to behaviours that stem from generational abuse that may or may not be in the consciousness that is blocking us and holding us back! ‘I can never do this’, ‘no one in my family ever did that’, I always have this in my way… and so on.

Luckily the Full Moon makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus. It is an almost exact trine, so the energy of the breakthrough will be strong! Breakthroughs can include unconventional ideas, unseen potential, and flashes of insight. Something gets activated in our DNA and the Virgo moon carries the information to our consciousness for action. Karma is resolved, unintentional vows are dissolved, and unconscious contracts end.

As mentioned the Full moon is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in the sign of Pisces. This can also bring things in the collective unconsciousness to the surface in the same way.

Going back to the Huluppu tree story, Innana eventually gets some help in releasing the snake. This is a reminder that we can ask for help. Some ideas include working with someone who can go into the Akashic records to help you uncover issues. It may not even be required for you to consciously uncover the story – work with a theta healer who can remove blocks without you getting stuck or lost in the story. If you are curious about how this Full Mooning is affecting you, you can book a session with me here.

The Sabian symbol is “a volcano in eruption” this is a nod to the fact that things may be unleashed quickly and destructively. There is no going back. We are laying new ground.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!