Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – May 5, 2023

The May 5th lunar eclipse is at 15 degrees of Scorpio.

Lunar eclipses happen because they are close to one of the nodes which are formed by the moon crossing the ecliptic (the path of the Sun). In astrology, the nodes are karmic points, and during eclipses, karmic things tend to happen, seemly out of nowhere. Scorpio is a money planet; it rules shared resources, taxes, insurance money and other people’s money. It also rules secrets, things that are hidden, control and manipulation. Scorpio rules sex, the cycles of life (life and death), psychiatry, and psychology. It’s mystical, magical and occult. So, Scorpio isn’t exactly light. It deep. Deep in a positive or in a negative way. But deep!

The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto and the classical ruler is Mars. Any way you look at it, modern or classical, this is a tricky and explosive eclipse. This is because both rulers, Mars and Pluto are coming into opposition. By May 19th and 20th they will also be square to the nodes. At our last eclipse (also in Scorpio) we saw the FTX crypto exchange crash and disappear, and with it, a lot of other people’s money. And as Pluto transited at the last degree of Capricorn, large banks started to fail. This eclipse will likely bring similar news. We’ll also likely see difficulties in any sexual relationships where power plays may emerge. The lash-out might also be connected to stress around money. Finally, dark magic or occult issues may surface (Don’t forget, words are magic spells). You may want to keep your shungite, black tourmaline and your red jasper close by! Some sage might also be helpful. This will help you block whatever shade is coming your way.

If you want to know how the eclipse is affecting you personally, you can book some time with me!

The eclipse is opposite Uranus, the planet of surprise and Vesta the asteroid associated with work and commitment. Don’t be surprised if you decide to quit your job out of nowhere, or if your workplace experiences a mass exodus. Uranus and Vesta are in Taurus, so there is a large focus on money, increasing our worth, and creating stability. Don’t expect loyalty to a workplace if it doesn’t help to meet basic needs. Choices made at this time will reflect a commitment to ourselves and to increasing our worth and stability.

This lunar eclipse has a special relationship to Mercury, which has been travelling close to the Sun and has been triggering this eclipse over the last couple of weeks. This simply means that Mercury has been helping to build the plot line of this particular eclipse. On April 17th it opposed the eclipse point. On the 25th, it happened again. Mercury will go over the point again on May 31. This eclipse story is likely an epic rather than the usual novella.

The good news, thank God there is good news, is that the moon is conjunct Poseidon. Poseidon brings higher consciousness, truth, spiritual illumination and enlightenment. Although this all comes in the wake of some very difficult energy, we will feel good about it as it always feels good when we finally connected with the truth. If the dots haven’t connected or a piece of the story seemed to be missing, the dots and pieces will emerge and things will finally start to make sense!

The Sabian Symbol for the moon is “Children playing around five mounds of sand”. Children playing around sand mounds is bound to result in a half-buried child (head poking out), or attempts to dig tunnels and build sand castles. There may be biting ants in the sand, or sand flies. Five is the number related to change, creativity, and inventiveness, so this suggests that even though it may be a bit dangerous, playing and being lighthearted within the energy will bring solutions and strangely, some element of fun.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Virgo Full Moon – March 7, 2023

The Full Moon on March 7, 2023, is at 16 degrees of Virgo. The symbol of Virgo is a woman holding a stalk of grain. Virgo in Babylonian times was called Al Sin, meaning ‘seed furrow’. The zodiac comes from the Babylonians and so does the image of the woman holding a stalk of grain. Today we associate Virgo with the Virgin, but to them, she was the seed of potential. In that way, we can look at this Virgo full moon creatively. The death of a seed is the beginning of a plant! In fact, Virgo is associated with agriculture and gardening. Virgo’s role in the field and in the garden is to communicate… Virgo is ruled by mercury. How does a seed grow into a plant? Through information neatly organized in DNA with instructions on how to proceed. How does it happen? It’s magical. It’s unseen, yet it is a form of communication. And it is this form of communication that is Virgo’s realm.

The Full Moon is conjunct with the asteroid Lilith. The more familiar story of Lilith is that she was Adam’s first wife. The lesser-told story is the one told in the epic of Gilgamesh; a Sumerian tale that involves Inanna and a Huluppu tree. In the story, a snake is in the roots of Inanna’s tree and is described as ‘uncharmable’. The dark maiden Lilith is at the trunk and an Anzu-bird (lion-headed eagle) is seated on the branches. Innana has been growing and nurturing this tree, but now she wants to use it to create a seat and a bed. The melee of Lilith and the bird in the tree stops Inanna from being able to transform the tree into the creations she desires. Like in the Jewish story of Lilith, the dark maiden Lilith seems to be messing with creativity. (In the Jewish story she is a demon, a baby stealer and a fertility killer)

The Full Moon in Virgo conjunct Lilith is bringing to culmination something that is blocking our creations and our ability for our seeds to take the next step to become a plant! Lilith represents a dark entity that takes away your creation! The Anzu bird is said to be the stealer of destinies. The snake, however, was a symbol of fertility and sexuality. In this way, it starts to become clear that this old tale is the first story of blocked creativity, writer’s block, impotence, being stuck, and maybe even procrastination or lack of inspiration!

Opposite the Virgo moon is the Sun in Pisces which is conjunct with the asteroid Lachesis, Nessus and Atropos. Lachesis and Atropos are two of the three Moirai. In Greek mythology, these three sisters were assigned the role of ensuring that every human lived out their fate as outlined by the laws of the universe. Both Lachesis and Atropos were associated with death. Lachesis’s job was to determine the length of life. Astrologically this can mean putting a deadline to something; for instance, creating a project plan with mini deliverables and a final deadline. It could also be something that comes to interrupt and cause an unexpected ending. What is clear with Lachesis is there is a definitive timeline. Nothing more, nothing less.

Atropos’s job on the other hand was to determine how one would die. In terms of our creations, thinking of analysis paralysis. If something or someone doesn’t intervene, we could continue researching, analyzing, painting and repainting, word smithing etc without producing anything. Astrologically if something comes to an end at this time. Don’t look at it as a death or interference, but as something needed to bring your projects or creations to completion. Maybe they are good enough just as they are!

The third asteroid conjunct the sun and opposite the moon is Nessus. Interestingly in Greek Nessus means “baby bird”. However, like the lion-headed eagle sitting on the Huluppu tree, Nessus is very destructive. In astrology, Nessus represents abuse of all kinds and is often linked to abuse that makes its way into the ancestral line of a family. This points to behaviours that stem from generational abuse that may or may not be in the consciousness that is blocking us and holding us back! ‘I can never do this’, ‘no one in my family ever did that’, I always have this in my way… and so on.

Luckily the Full Moon makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus. It is an almost exact trine, so the energy of the breakthrough will be strong! Breakthroughs can include unconventional ideas, unseen potential, and flashes of insight. Something gets activated in our DNA and the Virgo moon carries the information to our consciousness for action. Karma is resolved, unintentional vows are dissolved, and unconscious contracts end.

As mentioned the Full moon is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in the sign of Pisces. This can also bring things in the collective unconsciousness to the surface in the same way.

Going back to the Huluppu tree story, Innana eventually gets some help in releasing the snake. This is a reminder that we can ask for help. Some ideas include working with someone who can go into the Akashic records to help you uncover issues. It may not even be required for you to consciously uncover the story – work with a theta healer who can remove blocks without you getting stuck or lost in the story. If you are curious about how this Full Mooning is affecting you, you can book a session with me here.

The Sabian symbol is “a volcano in eruption” this is a nod to the fact that things may be unleashed quickly and destructively. There is no going back. We are laying new ground.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Full Moon in Leo – Feb 5, 2023

“If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following you, then you are just taking a walk.”—John C. Maxwell

The full moon on Feb 5th is at 16 degrees of Leo.  While the moon is in Leo at this full moon, the sun is in Aquarius. There is a need to integrate the self, our ego, our creations, our need for attention and our desire for luxury, with love for humanity.  At this full moon, we may not feel like caring about other ideas that are unique or alien to ours.  And ideologies such as racism and sexism, which put the focus on groups, may push our buttons. That’s because emotions may come up around the spotlight, leadership, pride, and recognition. Tensions with fun and play may also be highlighted. These tensions are especially salient at this full moon because the ruler of the full moon is the Sun. The sun is opposite the moon and is ruled by Uranus. And Uranus is square to the full moon. This takes the moon out of the spotlight and puts it into a bit of a spot. Throwing a Leo tantrum won’t work. Acting out like a drama queen will be even less effective, and being bossy could be downright detrimental. The way through this full moon is to shine your light as an example to others… and that means taking others into account!

Leo loves fun, but with the moon squaring Taurus, there will be an element of surprise mixed with that fun. As I write this, two balloons (usually associated with delight and glee) float over two foreign countries creating tensions. That is because they are owned by the Chinese and are said to be spy balloons! Taurus is the sign of security, but with Uranus there, there can be surprises and upsets. On a personal level, this may mean a threat to your sense of security, and/or ability to attract what you need.

Though it may feel like losing yourself to think of others, the reality is that you don’t need to lose yourself at all! You only need to embrace others’ ideas and contributions and incorporate them into how you strut your stuff!

The good thing is that this full moon is sextile Mars in Gemini and trine Chiron which is conjunct Juno in Aries. The sextile to Mars in Gemini will motivate us to have much-needed conversations and to be curious about what others are thinking and what is motivating them. Sextiles are opportunities that we can ignore, but taking the opportunity in this case, is important and necessary. The full moon makes a trine to Chiron currently conjunct Juno. This can bring up wounds around losing ourselves in our relationships. But, as its trine to the Full Moon, any wound that arises, can be healed and used for our benefit.  For example; your partnerships may come across as dominating, but expressing your need for independence can help you realize where the imbalance in your relationship lies. You may be impatient with your partner, which causes a frustrated response, but helps you to see where you are not allowing them to be who they are. Working through these wounds around self-expression brings out helpful information that can motivate you to consider others. In fact, this is the lesson of the mature Leo. Leo is a leader. And “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.”—Douglas MacArthur

The Sabian symbol is “a volunteer church choir makes social event of rehearsal”. Perhaps we have volunteered for purely selfish reasons; to be on stage and to have our voice heard with hopes of being the star of the show. Notice that we each come with our individual voices and vocal range; baritone, alto, soprano etc. Some of us may even be tone-deaf. If we all try to stand out we will create noise. But working together we find opportunities for each of us to come out in front and to create a unified song that individually we can celebrate and feel good about.

Leo is a fire sign. Use fire to burn ceremonially burn away what needs to be released. Burning Palo santo is a great choice as it clears the negative and leaves or welcomes in the positive!

Happy Full Moon in Leo!