Full Moon in Leo – Feb 5, 2023

“If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following you, then you are just taking a walk.”—John C. Maxwell

The full moon on Feb 5th is at 16 degrees of Leo.  While the moon is in Leo at this full moon, the sun is in Aquarius. There is a need to integrate the self, our ego, our creations, our need for attention and our desire for luxury, with love for humanity.  At this full moon, we may not feel like caring about other ideas that are unique or alien to ours.  And ideologies such as racism and sexism, which put the focus on groups, may push our buttons. That’s because emotions may come up around the spotlight, leadership, pride, and recognition. Tensions with fun and play may also be highlighted. These tensions are especially salient at this full moon because the ruler of the full moon is the Sun. The sun is opposite the moon and is ruled by Uranus. And Uranus is square to the full moon. This takes the moon out of the spotlight and puts it into a bit of a spot. Throwing a Leo tantrum won’t work. Acting out like a drama queen will be even less effective, and being bossy could be downright detrimental. The way through this full moon is to shine your light as an example to others… and that means taking others into account!

Leo loves fun, but with the moon squaring Taurus, there will be an element of surprise mixed with that fun. As I write this, two balloons (usually associated with delight and glee) float over two foreign countries creating tensions. That is because they are owned by the Chinese and are said to be spy balloons! Taurus is the sign of security, but with Uranus there, there can be surprises and upsets. On a personal level, this may mean a threat to your sense of security, and/or ability to attract what you need.

Though it may feel like losing yourself to think of others, the reality is that you don’t need to lose yourself at all! You only need to embrace others’ ideas and contributions and incorporate them into how you strut your stuff!

The good thing is that this full moon is sextile Mars in Gemini and trine Chiron which is conjunct Juno in Aries. The sextile to Mars in Gemini will motivate us to have much-needed conversations and to be curious about what others are thinking and what is motivating them. Sextiles are opportunities that we can ignore, but taking the opportunity in this case, is important and necessary. The full moon makes a trine to Chiron currently conjunct Juno. This can bring up wounds around losing ourselves in our relationships. But, as its trine to the Full Moon, any wound that arises, can be healed and used for our benefit.  For example; your partnerships may come across as dominating, but expressing your need for independence can help you realize where the imbalance in your relationship lies. You may be impatient with your partner, which causes a frustrated response, but helps you to see where you are not allowing them to be who they are. Working through these wounds around self-expression brings out helpful information that can motivate you to consider others. In fact, this is the lesson of the mature Leo. Leo is a leader. And “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.”—Douglas MacArthur

The Sabian symbol is “a volunteer church choir makes social event of rehearsal”. Perhaps we have volunteered for purely selfish reasons; to be on stage and to have our voice heard with hopes of being the star of the show. Notice that we each come with our individual voices and vocal range; baritone, alto, soprano etc. Some of us may even be tone-deaf. If we all try to stand out we will create noise. But working together we find opportunities for each of us to come out in front and to create a unified song that individually we can celebrate and feel good about.

Leo is a fire sign. Use fire to burn ceremonially burn away what needs to be released. Burning Palo santo is a great choice as it clears the negative and leaves or welcomes in the positive!

Happy Full Moon in Leo!

Leo Full Moon – Jan 28, 2021

It’s a Leo full moon on Thursday!

Recently I’ve been exploring my mars (my masculine energy within). Both black moon Lilith (a point in astrology) and Lilith (the asteroid) are conjunct my mars… it’s the reason I had both of them set up in my astrology software, which is why they popped up today when I pulled up the full moon chart. It’s also the reason why I decided to pull out my book on Lilith (signed by the author at the UAC conference in 2018) and give her a read.

The Lilith story: Lilith was said to have been Adam’s first partner (Believe it or not, if you’ve read the Bible, there is some hint to the fact that there might have been someone before Eve) But he wanted her to submit to him. She was like “hell no, we are equal”. He was like “nope”, she said “screw you” and off she went and hung out with the bad boys (daimons) and had lots of sex and babies. Adam was lonely and wanted her back. She was given an ultimatum “go back or all your babies die”. She didn’t go back. Eve was pulled from Adam’s rib to replace her (and submit) and all Lilith’s babies died. So Lilith is a wild one. She’s associated in astrology with the wild instinct feminine… and she’s Anti patriarchal!

At this full moon, Lilith the asteroid is with the sun opposite the moon and black moon Lilith is with mars, which is squaring the full moon. There also another asteroid many astrologers have been following, Hygeia, associate with health and well-being who is practically merged with the moon in Leo (only a second apart).

In Lilith, Healing the wild, Tom Jacobs considers Lilith to be very instrumental in connecting us to our health in a wild and instinctual kinda way. When I read the pages below, I had to flip to see when the book was published (2012) because it felt so right now.

The moon in Leo, which rules children is normally playful and theatrical, but with all this Lilith energy may throw a temper tantrum! Our autonomy feels threatened, we can feel backed in a corner, given ultimatums making us feel angry instinctual, with a deep sense of loss… and it’s all about our feelings about health!

Emotions are likely to feel scary but feel them fully and I promise they will give you information about what matters to you…. and then dissipate!

As Tom says…. “breath the wild up and out!”

happy? full moon!

* this was originally a Facebook post. I was censored – unable to post the very long quote that I wanted to share from Tom Jacob. Here are the pages where he talks about health and its relationship to the archetype of Lilith. He shares those with Lilith strong in their charts may be asked to disconnect from their instinct about their bodies with the prime example being the birth control pill. I was able to post the picture of the book cover only.

I want to also share a video. It’s shared on the Bit Chute site… which has lots of banned video. You do have to wade through the site, but I thought her talk was very solid – it was taken down from Youtube. She presents some things to think about around the vaccine and is not herself anti-vaccine. The reason I’m sharing it is that I had a sneaking suspicion with the ‘child theme’ of Lilith and Leo in this full moon, that there would be some child-related information… and there was! And I think, at least for me – she presents information that should have some solid answers to.

I’d also like to add that Lilith is a well-hidden myth – most people don’t know it. In Tom’s book, he says that only the Jewish rabbis were allowed to know the myth/story. It feels a little like Lilith also has some connection to censorship!