Virgo Full Moon – March 18, 2022

Full Moon – March 18, 2022

The Full moon is at 27 degrees of Virgo. Habits, plans, and/or health issues come to a culmination.

The phrase “God helps those who help themselves” captures the integration of this culmination. While the sun is calling on us to trust and have faith, the moon is asking us to have a plan, build habits and pay attention to the details in order to get to our goals.

The moon is also conjunct the asteroid Aphrodite bringing in love and attractiveness to the full moon energy. Have our habits, plans, and approach to health helped or hindered our love and attractiveness? Perhaps its time to deal with the covid 19 (lbs) that we all put on. Did we maintain our habits and plans in the last couple of years? Or did everything completely fall apart? Now is the time to let go of bad habits that are no longer supporting you.

The Sabian symbol for the moon is A bald-headed man dominates gathering of national figures. The brings in a central figure who has an influence on all nations and causes us to zoom out from ourselves and focus on world activities. This central figure could be religious. In our world, it could also be the head of one of the world agencies, eg the world health organization (WHO). It may even be a not so liked central figure. Have you planned for emergency situations or shortages? The full moon brings to light shortcomings in our emergency plans.

The moon is trine to Pluto and the North Node and the Sun sextile to Pluto and the North Node. This is called a kite. The energy gives us the motivation to transform the structures of our lives and will help to point us in a new direction.

Mercury, the ruler of the moon is in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, and sextile Uranus in Taurus gives us the ability to use our imagination, intuition, and our connection with the divine to help us.

Divine inspiration is possible.

Happy Full Moon!