Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Oct 28, 2023

The lunar eclipse is at 5 degrees of Taurus. This is the last eclipse in this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle. Taurus and Scorpio are money signs and over the last couple of years of eclipses in these signs, we have had big money drama. Bank runs, FTX, Sam Bankman Fried, Evengrande bankruptcy in China etc. Etc. In addition the growing push for CDBC’s (Central Digital Bank Currency). On the other hand, it has also brought up changes in food and food security. Crickets anyone? This the last eclipse in the money and agriculture sign of Taurus will certainly bring things to a head… and may even be a grand finale!

At an eclipse, the earth gets between the moon and the earth and dims the light of the Sun reflected on the moon. This eclipsing of the light of the moon gives us a moment or two to gain perspective on our emotions. The light returns and the lights come on! It’s an epiphany moment. A time when big changes come and we can’t unsee what we see.

The Sun is in the fixed sign of Scorpio. There are many good qualities about Scorpio, but in opposition, it favours the dark side enjoying power, secrets and control. To add to it, the Sun is beside two unsavory asteroids; Rhadamanthus and Narcissus.

The god Narcissus was beautiful. He was so beautiful that staring into a pool of water, he fell in love with his own image. He was so in love with his image that he stayed staring into the pool and starved to death. The asteroid represents narcissistic tendencies such as a grandiose sense of self-importance; preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love; the belief that he or she is special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions; need for excessive admiration; a sense of entitlement; exploitive behaviour; lack of empathy and arrogance.¹ Rhadamanthus on the other hand was one of the three judges of the dead, responsible for those in the East in Greek mythology. In astrology, it represents judges who are stern and often inflexible. It is highlighted in the charts of some very harsh people including Laura Schlessinger, Ariel Sharon, Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones (Jonestown “drink the cool-aid” massacre) and Marshall Applewhite (of Heaven’s Gate suicide cult), as well as Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama.

The Sun’s ruler is Mars which is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and opposite Jupiter in Taurus. This adds a sharp tone to the judgmental narcissism already mentioned. You can expect this Sun in Scorpio confidently and expectantly and with superiority to encourage you to drink the cool aid. Before you would have missed the judgy narcissism, but at this eclipse, the light dims and when it comes back, you gain perspective. You now see the truth. You get perspective on your emotions, allowing you to see clearly what’s in the drink! And it’s all likely to be due to happening, sharp words and actions within Taurus-related things like money and agriculture!

In response to the Moon’s eclipsed energy, we will be able to tap into and channel our wounds into our creative skills. This is because The Moon opposite the Sun is in the earthy fixed sign of Taurus. Its conjunction with Jupiter will make emotional responses over the top. However, the ruler of the moon is Venus and Venus trines to Uranus pulling in inventive, workaholic energy. In addition, asteroid Hephaistos is conjunct the moon. If Chiron is the wounded healer, Hephaistos is the wounded creator. Hephaistos was born with a physical defect. He was treated poorly by his family and others and ended up on an island to escape. This is where he found his calling as a blacksmith. He also married Aphrodite, but she was unfaithful and he ended up pouring all of his energy into making weapons, arrows, jewelry and other technologies – anything that could be made with fire and metals. In astrology, Hephaistos represents those who are skilled in their trades, especially blacksmiths, carpenters and other tradespeople. At this eclipsed full moon we tap into our skills and trades and bring our creations (ones that we have been throwing all of our angry frustrated, “I’ve got to do something” energy into) to completion.

The opinions in this documentary may not necessarily reflect those of my own, but in the movie, The Primordial Code, the documentarian, in response to questions about our world, explores a couple of metal creations. He creates a metal-framed pyramid greenhouse to test how plants will grow. He also creates coils using copper to increase energy in his crops and tests that out as well…all with success. These are the kinds of creations that we can see coming to fruition at this time. And like the filmmaker, they are born out of frustration and questioning of the history and solutions provided by the narcissistic elite (0r those who think they are the elite).

A similar creative expression came about during the 2008 financial crisis… Bitcoin was born. Read my post on Bitcoin.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is a Cantilever Bridge across a deep gorge. Again this speaks of the ingenuity of craftsmanship and building, but it also calls on teamwork to accomplish the project. We can stay on one side of the gorge, but to enjoy all the lands, or to get somewhere needed, we will need to work collectively to accomplish our goals. The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It is another documentary with a call to action. This one starts with a cautionary tale about keeping our creations to ourselves and trying to take all the glory but ends with the hope of creating free energy technology (with the help of smart people and aliens of course!).

Happy Lunar Eclipse!