Scorpio New Moon – November 13, 2023

The new moon is at 20° of Scorpio. It is conjunct, Mars, and asteroids Hopi and Child.

Hopi elder sharing peace pipe ashes

It is also opposite Uranus and the asteroid Lampo.

New moons are about new beginnings. They are a great time to set intentions for what we want to bring into manifestation.

This is a good time to consider making intentions around things shared, therapy, looking deep into our issues around control, trust and power. Scorpio is also about sex, death and transformation. It’s connected to magic, the occult, organized crime, secret societies, or secrets of any kind. Scorpio can be destructive in it’s lower form and transformative in it’s higher form! Fundamentally Scorpio is about creation, destruction and/or transformation.

The new moon is a conjunct asteroid Hopi. The the Hopi are a very important native American tribe whose prophecies revolve around the end times… that point to the path of making it through the transformation of the Earth… or not. Hopi prophecies say that we have repeated history many times. Always in these repetitions there is a decision point where society can choose between greed, worship of technology and fighting each other or coming together in love and creativity and peace. The prophecies say that one path leads to the destruction of our world and the other to avoiding disaster!

But how can we come together in peace and love and creativity? It all depends on the child, or more specifically, the inner child! The new moon is also conjunct astroid child brings up issues around our childhood, our inner child, or relationships with our children. How have we dealt with our childhood hurts? When triggered do we turn into a terrible two year old or a petulant teenager? Have we grown spiritually and have we nurtured and healed from our childhood hurts?

Hurt people hurt people…. and more easily, hurt people, hurt children and create a lineage and cycle of hurt. Ultimately these hurts play out in our relationships with others, our work relationships and ripple out to society. Worse if we have power! The impact of our acting out can be huge!

The Scorpio new moon is ruled by Mars, and Mars is conjunct this new moon. Added to it is an opposition to Uranus, making this new moon somewhat volatile. But it also gives us accesses to earth shattering breakthroughs. Instead of allowing volatility to take over we can approach it like a controles demolition! We can use the volatility to breakthrough issues that stop us from finding peace within and without. This is therefore an amazing time for therapy, meditation, astrology readings etc. anything that can help us to reach within and heal.

Opposite the new moon is with Uranus is Lempo. Lampo is the Finnish god of love and fertility. Apparently Lempo was turned into a demon through Christianization and a villain in the medieval finished folktales.

Lempo is a mild swearword in Finnish!

Lempo astrologically seems to indicate malevolent distortion, demonization and possibly religious bigotry.

But let’s go back to the heart of Lempo! Lampo reminds us of all of the inversions that have taken place in our understanding of our world, and allows us to reach into the truth of who we really are! If Lampo is truly about fertility and love, then it’s like the word F@ck! The sacredness of love and fertility (sex) has been turned into something profane… we can use this new moon breakthrough energy to return to the truth… maybe we even do a fuck meditation to channel the energy, reach the truth and ultimately heal and grow our inner child!

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is “obeying his conscience, a soldier, resist orders”. This suggests that following our own path at this time may go against society or the majority. However, it is in going against society that we sometimes help society out, taking it to that higher Hopi path!

Happy scorpio new moon!