Solar Eclipse – October 14, 2023

The eclipse on October 14, 2023, is at 21 degrees of Libra. This eclipse is charged. We are desperate for balance, indignant for justice, and demanding fairness, all of which are super challenged at this eclipse. Negotiations have broken down, mediations have failed, and relationships are strained if not, at war.

This is because we have just left behind Mars square to Pluto and the nodes. Now the Sun and Moon at the south node are eclipsing and are conjunct Mercury, the planet of communication and opposite Chiron, the wounded healer, currently in Aries and fighting for the right of self-expression. We feel like we can’t say what we want. Nor can we express who we really are. We are very much walking on eggshells with our thoughts, trying desperately to keep the peace. And many of us have failed, and now, there is war!

I don’t usually advise people to set intentions at eclipses because they are powerful and they can’t be taken back. If using an eclipse for setting an intention, it is important to be careful with our terminology and clear about our underlying intentions and emotions. But desperate times call for desperate measures. If there was a time to chance an eclipse for intention setting, this is it!

Renounce war! Renounce fear! Renounce hate! Say it out loud. This is an important part of your intention setting because it effectively cancels and deletes any and all power those energies may have on your manifestations. Eclipse those energies out of your life! With that done, you can set intentions.

The eclipse is conjunct asteroid Isis! She is the key to making this eclipse turn in your favour!

Isis was also associated with fertility, magic and spells. She uses them to gain knowledge and to bring her husband Osiris who was cut into pieces, back to life. But one small thing… While reassembling him she was unable to find his penis but fashions a working one out of gold! He doesn’t live long but remains alive long enough for her to become impregnated with her son Horus. With Horus, she has a long and difficult labour and has to protect him from dangerous snakes and critters. Isis is therefore associated with putting things that have been broken or torn apart back together, fertility, magic, mourning and protecting, particularly women and children and those making their travel to the underworld (death).

Intention setting at this new moon should be centred around putting something back together, creating fertility, using magic in positive ways and using your tears productively.

A note on tears….Mourning, crying and keening were important in ancient times. So important that it became a profession. Those who are called to keen or professionally wail at this time are calling on the energy of Isis to help those who have passed have safe passage, to heal and grieve the sadness and loss in society, and to weave their tears into creating something beautiful and new. But weeping and wailing is not a role for everyone. It can be dangerous for those already struggling. Those who feel called, and are able to move through the depths of sorrow without losing themselves, or going into fear or anger, can use tears powerfully. If so, then this is a deeply creative time for mixing your tears with magic! What do you want to create out of those tears? What beauty do want to stitch together?

The eclipse is ruled by Venus, which has finally changed signs and is now in Virgo. Interestingly transputo Isis* is also there with Venus reiterating the energy of Isis. This practical, fertile, and creative Venus in Virgo is forming a kite. Venus, Vesta, Mars, and Saturn are the structures of this kite. The key to making a kite fly is to set it sailing in the right flow. Venus sextile Mars gives us the ability to connect with partners; particularly if those partnerships are centred around thinking, analyzing, strategy and action. Venus sextile Vesta in Cancer gives us the ability to connect with our soul or sacred family for purposeful work. This is the top part of the kite! Saturn is trine Mars and Vesta, which forms the long end of the kite. Saturn trine Vesta taps into our passionate leadership side that is focused on a cause. And Saturn trine Mars is dedicated, hardworking and will get it done. Add in Isis and you have the formula for flying a kite that spreads love, fertility, healing, and magic through practical actions. So, If you have a partner or a soul family, time to connect with them and get the work done.

What is the work? Maybe you are a group of mediators and your work involves meditating together for peace. Maybe your soul family fixes the ley lines and energy grids of the world. Maybe your soul family is creating or developing communities that grow food and are self-sufficient. If you don’t have a soul family, maybe you have a soulmate or twin flame. Why are you together? What is your work? Maybe your work is setting an example or bringing in more love.

Whatever you do whether in your soul family or soul mate relationship (or both), you will need to work with the energy of Venus opposite Saturn. That unloved, depressed energy is actually the spine of the kite. And although Saturn may be making you feel anxious, lost and fearful, it’s also calling on you to tap into your compassion and your sense of spirituality. You are tested to trust the universe, even when you feel lost. Although Venus may be making you feel judgmental and perfectionist, tap into your sense of service and dedication. Find purpose in your practicality and ability to structure and analyze. And don’t forget to use your tears and magic as fuel for your positive creations.

Happy? Solar Eclipse.

*Transputo Isis is a mythical or presumed planet, though it has not been seen