Horoscope: Feb 26 – March 4, 2018

Feb 26 – March 4th

Money & Market Transformations

What to expect: Money transformations
What to watch out for: Passionate conflicts
What will it affect? Money, markets, relationships, communication

Over the past week, during the days following the Solar Eclipse and the unfortunate events of yet another school shooting in Florida, the students have taken a stand. They are gaining traction and notice, calling for action and change. They had their biggest impact in the days leading up to the Mars Vesta conjunction in Sagittarius. Their passion was strong and the message clear. “We don’t want your thought and prayers, we want your action and if you don’t take action, we’re coming for your jobs!” This has sparked many companies, (most related to the Sagittarius ruled travel industry – car rental companies and airlines), to pull their financial relationships with the (NRA) National Riffle Association.

Mars and Vesta conjunctions are associated with new cycles in the stock market, but having made their conjunction over the weekend, it takes Mercury the messenger to deliver the news of those changes over the coming days. Between February 27th and 28th, Mercury will square Mars and Vesta, still in a close conjunction in Sagittarius. For many, the news isn’t good and disagreements are likely to be filled with aggression, passion and a clear message of not wanting to work together.

Mercury is in Pisces and is deeply in tune with the collective will right now. Mercury is making a sextile to Pluto sparking powerful words and the ability to read between the lines. Venus is also making a sextile to Pluto causing money and finances to experience a transformation. Money normally experienced on a materialistic level takes on a spiritual purpose as Venus in Pisces is the higher octave of love. This is good news for those who have been holding space for a raised corporate consciousness and true corporate social responsibility.

Why? Venus Sextile Transiting Pluto, Mercury Square Transiting Vesta, Mercury Square Transiting Mars, Mercury Sextile Transiting Pluto


Urge to Merge

What to expect: Merging
What to watch out for: Fantasy and sacrifice
What will it affect? Independence, planning, strategy

The Full Moon is on March 1st in Virgo. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the full moon is “A bride with her veil snatched away.” In some versions of this degree meaning, the veil is snatched by her husband.

Veils were worn in marriage as a symbol of virginity. The veil taken off during the wedding was/is symbolic of the marriage. Virgo is known as a pure sign ‘The Virgin.’ It’s important to remember that “virgin” in ancient times only signified an unmarried woman. A sacred virgin (sacred whore) also wore a veil as a sign of her commitment to her position. Somewhere over time, virginity and chastity came to mean the same thing. Virginity in its truest sense signifies an independent woman, whether or not she is chaste. I bring this up because many see the snatching of the veil as a loss of virginity in a sexual sense; an act which has a whole host of connotations and issues for powerful and independent women. This time is not about that. It’s a time when we decide to lose some of our independence in favour of creating a new unit. That new unit being more powerful, healthy and divine.

The Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun and Neptune. This casts some fantasy into the situation. Virgo wants and needs to understand who she is as a “virgin”- an independent person prior to merging. Yet there is a push to merge that is enticed by the fantasy of the union. Luckily the moon is also making a helpful grand trine with Pallas and Lilith. This energy helps us to strategize and formulate a plan as well as to assess the power dynamic prior to taking the step to “become one.”

What do we need to strategize? The need to let go of the fantasy, how to keep the balance of masculine and feminine energy, and our choice of when and to whom we relinquish or sacrifice our power. The goal… a marriage that brings in a healthy, sacred, higher love.

Why? Full Moon at 11°Vi22′ Sun Conjunction Transiting Neptune


Transcending Money Wounds

What to expect: Opportunities for healing
What to watch out for: Painful discussions
What will it affect? Relationships, money, communication, unconscious drives

Between March 1st – 4th, Venus and Mercury are conjunct in the spiritual sign of Pisces, the sign that likes to merge spiritually. The two make a sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign that likes to merge psychically, financially and sexually. Mercury and Venus hold loving conversations and together they bring in Jupiter to discuss sex, money and the depths of our psyche.

This is an excellent time to discuss contracts, including marriage or business contracts and specifically, money in relation to those contracts. These are often difficult topics to discuss with unconscious, social and ancestral legacies attached to the way we view love and money. With all these planets in Pisces however, there is a chance to transcend the differences and/or the impact of our past. Chiron also joins in on the action, activating healing during these discussions and on these topics. If you find these discussions too difficult, a mediator, coach or counselor can help to facilitate understanding. It’s worth it to work through wounds as doing so will also have an impact on the collective consciousness and will facilitate healing on a collective level.

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Why? Mercury Conjunction Transiting Venus, Mercury Conjunction Transiting Chiron Venus Conjunction Transiting Chiron, Venus Trine Transiting Jupiter, Mercury Trine Transiting Jupiter


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