Horoscope: Feb 19 – 25, 2018

Feb 19 – 25

Questioning Control

What to expect: Manifesting power
What to watch out for: Unexpected manifestations
What will it affect? Relationships, love, values, inner wisdom

On February 19th, Venus and Pallas work together to help us develop a strategy around our deepest desires. Venus in Pisces is working its magnetic magic and connects with Pallas in Taurus to weave a tangible Venusian beauty within our world. The two are helping us connect and manifest that which we value with our desires. Venus is also working with Lilith to help us question our need for control vs. Venus’s need to “be” and “allow.” Lilith’s ways are irrational, instinctive and sometimes undermining. For example, the other day I had a craving for pizza, but I ignored it because it meant eating that would take me off my path. But I desired it. And the next day guess what showed up at lunch? Two boxes of hot freely offered pizza! I manifested the pizza. After eating it, I felt bad. I was disappointed with myself and angry that I had no self-control. But where does this need for control come from? Truthfully it comes from a socially imposed idea that beauty equals slim and the concept that being slim is the only way you can ensure being loved. This is the type of wrench that Lilith will throw in our manifesting path. She has us go deeper in understanding our values and desires. Maybe contrary to our conscious mind,… pizza is what we desire! The question is, are there ways to have pizza AND love?

Why? Venus Sextile Pallas, Venus Sextile Lilith

Spiritual Practice

What to expect: Spiritual Discipline
What to watch out for: Opportunities to ground
What will it affect? Communication, relationships, personal development

There is a whole line up of planets in Pisces! By February 23th we’ll have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Juno in the sign. Thankfully we’ll have Saturn to ground the energy as the rest of the planets attempt to pull our energy upward. On February 21st, Mercury which is now in dreamy Pisces will sextile Saturn and we get a balance of dreamy vision with conservative caution. It’s almost like being able to see in the dark. We’ll be able to see mistakes without seeing them, using caution guided by something intangible, and finish projects while lost in concentrated thought that feels like time warps.

Venus will also conjunct Neptune on the 23rd, also in Pisces. This can be a highly creative time. Channel this energy into any art form; Fantasy, film, painting or other forms of design are highly favoured. However, anything that taps into your muse is also good. It doesn’t need to be the traditional forms of creativity. You could find it while cleaning!

By February 25th, the Sun will sextile Saturn and will draw the light from above to join with the grounded energy of mother earth to help us plan, organize and focus our concentration on developing our vision. We have a nice blend of mystical with discipline. This is also a great time to develop our ability meditate, connect with the divine or practice our ability to bend time.

Why? Mercury Sextile Transiting Saturn, Venus Conjunction Neptune, Juno Entering Pisces, Sun Sextile Saturn

Trusting Our Gut

What to expect: Being frazzled
What to watch out for: Ignoring intuition
What will it affect? Work, money, thinking, intuition

On February 25th, Mars and Vesta will meet up in a conjunction and the two will square Venus. Things will be off in terms of work. The problem is not that we won’t feel motivated to get things done. We will and we’ll feel highly passionate about it, but the energy is gangly. We’re likely to be distracted, inattentive and maybe even careless. Mars conjunct Vesta is also said to start a new cycle in the stock market. Watch your investments! With Venus squaring Vesta we’ll feel a conflict between what we value (including what we value in terms of how we spend our money) and our passions. This conflict may have lead us into inaction or alternatively, combined with the other energy, scattered action.

On the same day, Mercury will meet up with Neptune in a conjunction and will sextile Pallas. The energy is great for writing and expressing a vision, but not necessarily for decision making-it’s too vague. To be able to tap into trusted information we’ll need to connect with our intuition. The question is, do you trust your knowing? Neptune will sextile Pallas, which will give some additional balanced information from the cosmos; but Pallas is also in a square to the North Node, so the information we get may be a huge departure from what we know or might expect.

The combined energy of the day, however, will leave many of us kicking ourselves that we didn’t listen to our intuition.

Why? Mars Conjunction Vesta, Venus Square Vesta, Venus Square Mars, Mercury Conjunction Neptune, Mercury Sextile Pallas, Neptune Sextile Pallas, Pallas Square North Node

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