Cancer Full Moon – December 26, 2023

It’s a full moon at 4 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is all about family, heritage, mother, tribe, country and nation. It’s ruled by the moon and so puts us in touch with our emotions and intuition. At the full moon these things are coming to a culmination. Many of us will be spending time with family over the holidays and this is the perfect setting for bringing out all things cancer.

The moon is sextile Jupiter and trine to Saturn. The sextile to Jupiter will bring out happy and joyous emotions. We feel like celebrating and spending time with friends and family. This is a good time for spending time with any group you feel attached to. With the moon sextile Jupiter, there may be temptations to over eating or overindulgence however, the moon is also trine to Saturn which gives us a certain amount of control over our emotions. We’re more realistic and don’t mind having some restraints or setbacks. For instance, we may have wanted to spend lots of money on our family, but because of inflation or other financial impacts, we feel very happy and satisfied with small gifts and small token of appreciation…. And so the restriction brings out a feeling of appreciation. We can also feel nostalgic for past traditions or a simpler time.

The sun is in Capricorn and it’s conjunct Ixion. Ixion has a bad reputation. He is the god who promised to pay for his bride and then didn’t. He’s the steal you girl or guy type. She’s the one who will try to get away with murder. You’ve likely given them lots of chances before and they usually mess it up! It’s likely we will have in our midst at least one of these types who we don’t and shouldn’t trust.

The ruler of the Sun is Saturn. And the trine from Saturn to the moon helps us to have boundaries and to trust our gut with respect to anyone who is in our midst that we cannot and do not trust. This will protect us from any ill will sent in our direction. Since this is a full moon will be able to bring a conclusion to aspects of this negative relationship. We may finally learn how to be loving, but not trusting. The saying fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on, you comes to mind.

Regardless of the fact that this person or energy is in our midst we still feel good and enjoy our full moon!!

Cancer Full Moon