April Horoscope 2016

25698214_sBeginning: April 1 – 10

Healed, we become the healers

What to expect: Feeling cared for.

What to watch out for: Becoming absorbed in our work.

What will it affect? Relationships, communication, and our visions and passions.

We are able to connect with our loved ones in a deeply nurturing and unconditional way during the first couple of days of April. Venus is in Pisces, helping us to connect with the collective. It is also conjunct Ceres, making us feel as though we are held in the embrace of God. This nurturance is likely needed after the eclipses in March; we are feeling a little bruised and bumped, so the compassionate energy feels welcome.

Feeling filled up and cared for allows us to connect with and take advantage of the other available energy around us. On the 2nd, Mercury is sextile Pallas which helps us to see the patterns of everything that’s been happening within the last couple of weeks – not just on the psychological level, but also in a way that allows us to act positively on our wounds. We can write plans and actions that share our lessons. Though this energy has been painful, we are able to make conclusions quickly and translate them into action. Even if we did feel taken out, we now have the energy to get back up and make something useful. Once we get into action, we may get very lost in the work that we are doing as we feel so connected to it. This process also helps us to disconnect from any of the disappointments that we may have experienced in the last little while.

Why? Venus conjunct Ceres, Mercury sextile Pallas, and Neptune sextile Vesta.

Tending your passions and your partner

What to expect: Feeling on fire.

What to watch out for: Neglecting our loved ones.

What will it affect? Relationships, our sense of self, passions, and work.

The energy shifts a little bit during this week. Mercury goes into Taurus slowing down our thinking and helping us to consider our steps. It also help us to take a look at our contracts and things that we are getting involved with in terms of money. We will have a chance to go over this again and this will be somewhat of a slow and arduous process because mercury will go retrograde at the end of the month in Taurus. This is combined with Venus going into Aries. Venus is the money sign and in Aries it tends to make us a little bit rash with our money. So this month our minds are in conflict with our values. By the end of the month, we will definitely need the Mercury retrograde to help us review.

On April 5th, we will feel so in our groove and connected to what we’re doing that it gives us a sense of accomplishment. We will begin seeing rewards for what we have undertaken. On the 5th, we may also feel conflicted in our relationships. The problem will be that we feel so entrenched in our work that it may bring up issues with our partners. They may feel jealous of our work and the attention we are giving it. This problem could also work the other way around and we may feel neglected by our partners. The best way to deal with this energy is to find ways to fill yourself up. If you feel jealous of their passion, it’s just a sign that you’ve been neglecting your own passions.

By the 6th, when the Sun is square to Pluto, we may get into some power struggles to incorporate our work, passions, relationships, and commitments to ourselves. There is a nice little book called Succulent, Wild Love; Six Powerful Habits for Feeling More Love, More Often that just might help.

Why? Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury entering Taurus, Venus entering Aries, Vesta opposite Transiting Juno, and Sun square Pluto

New Moon in Aries

What to expect: Breaking free.

What to watch out for: Positive but scary feelings.

What will it affect? Outdated habits and our path.

The New Moon on April 7th is in Aries. At this New Moon, we are breaking free of the past in a very dramatic way. We have created new neural pathways as we move forward in our lives and, even if we were to travel down the old neural pathways, we’d find that the tracks have been broken. The good news is that breaking free will be easy for us. Like the Fool in the Tarot, we are setting off on a new adventure and on a new path. Yet there is nothing foolish in our direction as Saturn will anchor us. If we’ve been off the right path, this New Moon is an opportunity to correct our course.

Why? New Moon conjunct Uranus and trine Saturn square Pluto.

Soul Mate Connections

What to expect: Soul satisfaction.

What to watch out for: Trying to make it more than it is… just enjoy!

What will it affect? Relationships, learning, and teaching.

On April 10th, we will have the opportunity to connect with our soulmates in a deep and satisfying way. Relationships take on a transcendent quality. Our soulmates are not just romantic – they can be business or platonic soulmates. These are relationships that feel familiar, inspire our growth, and can be deeply enjoyable. Some energies are just to be enjoyed and this is one of them.

Also on the 10thJupiter will connect with Vesta. Now is a great time to seek out advice from experts or to get busy. We will feel dedicated to improving whatever situation that we are in and those with whom we interact will also feel that dedication. They will have our best interest at heart– and in fact, these connections may just be that soulmate connection that mentioned above.

Why?Jupiter trine Vesta and Neptune trine Juno.

16924588_sSecond Week – April 11 – 17

Practical Magic

What to expect: A focus on communication.

What to watch out for: Forgetting to share our insights.

What will it affect? Communication, work, and vision.

During the second week of April, we begin an earthy, grounded dance as the planets begin to move in a grand trine in Earth signs. We will be able to focus on practical matters, but we will also be able to dive inward in order to unearth our inner workings. Now would be a good time to work with a coach or anyone else that will help you to dive into your psyche. It’s also a good time to touch on subjects related to money and materialistic or practical concerns and the structures that we have built around them. We can learn a great deal about ourselves and the path we should be taking.

Mercury is the highlight of the week.

Again on April 11th, we will be so engrossed in what we are doing that it will be difficult for our partners to get our attention. If we do engage in conversations with our partners, we may feel resentful or even resistant to what’s being said. Truthfully, our minds are elsewhere. If you are looking for the right time to bring up a touchy subject with your partners, it is not now.

We are so engrossed in our imaginations by the 12th that we are able envision the fine details of whatever we want to create. Now is a great time to get our magazines and to cut and paste and create or upgrade your vision board. You may have new information at this time that needs to be spattered all over a canvas as you’re encountering new colors and textures.

On April 14th, you may be involved in some form of learning or teaching. Taking a course or providing a course is a great way to use this energy.

On April 16th,Mercury and Vesta come together in a conjunction. You may find yourself like Chancey Gardner from the movie Being There -using garden metaphors to explain the way we see every philosophy, action, and political motivation. Whatever it is, it’s simple but profound. We will be able to share and explain our views to others in simple but powerful ways.

We have the opportunity to influence others through our speech or writing on the 17th, providing surprising details and a methodical approach that will impress.

Why? Mercury opposite Juno, Mercury sextile transiting Neptune, Mercury trine transiting Jupiter, Mercury conjunction transiting Vesta, and Mercury trine transiting Pluto.

Mars Goes Retrograde

What to expect: Our energy slowing down and turning inward.

What to watch out for: Feeling irritated at having to slow down.

What will it affect? Travel, all actions, legal issues, and belief systems.

There’s another energy that will be happening in parallel. It centers around our freedom of thought, action, and speech.

On April 12th, we will be very interested in getting our needs met. By the 14th, when Ceres goes into Aries, we may become very aggressive about our needs. Then on April 17th, Mars goes retrograde. Mars is our drive. It’s the creative force of our spirit and it directs our will. Get in its way and it’s fiery, passionate, and angry. If you feel confined this week, you may find yourself muttering the words from the movie Dirty Dancing:”Nobody puts baby in a corner.”You won’t be happy if anyone tries to get in your way as you explore.

When Mars goes retrograde, it’s time to pull back your troops, regain strength, and re-consider you strategy. It is not a time to engage in any type of warfare or competition. Refrain from legal battles and lay low on the competition with your business competitors. On the same day Pluto will be trine to Vesta, so we will be intensely wrapped up in our passions and may have difficulty seeing past our own positions.

Instead, imagine that you are planning to climb Mount Everest. On the path to your summit, you have seen the beautiful mountains, the blue sky, and you endeavoured to take on risk and adventure. But anyone who has climbed Mount Everest knows that it’s a process. You have to acclimatize which means you go up and down the mountain, taking rests and allowing for your body to adjust. Then and only then do you attempt to summit. Those who go full speed ahead, feeling that they can concur the elements without this process, find themselves very sick. Mars retrograde is the time to continue your adventure but to do so at basecamp. Mars will continue its retrograde motion until the end of June.

Why? Venus trine transiting Mars, Ceres entering Aries, Pluto trine transiting, and Vesta-Mars retrograde.


8078157_sThird Week – April 18 – 24

Structural Adjustment

What to expect: Clarity on money and relationship issues.

What to watch out for: Breakdowns.

What will it affect? Relationships, money, business, and structures.

On April 18th, we are able to assess our partnerships and our financial obligations. These two are now in fire signs and, though we will have a certain amount of groundedness in our assessment, we will be able to take risks, be creative, and to have a considerable amount of energy to move it forward.

The next day, we all feel connected to our path and to the people surrounding our path even though power struggles may arise within our relationships and in relation to money. It could involve a breakdown. Sometimes breakdowns happen for very good reasons – so that we can tear down and re-build stronger, for example. As the Sun moves into Taurus, we will feel a certain consolidated committed action to who we are and what we are doing.

Why? Venus square Pluto, Venus trine transiting Saturn, Mercury trine transiting North Node, and Venus square transiting Pluto.

Full Moon at 2°Sc30′ – April 22nd

What to expect: Culminations.

What to watch out for: Inner conflicts.

What will it affect? Relationships and our directions.

The Full Moon on April 22nd is in Scorpio. The theme of the Full Moon is around our contradictory nature when it comes to the need for freedom. We may be making loud declarations of our independence, but deep inside we feel burned that someone who we didn’t want to be with is happy with someone else. I know, it doesn’t make sense. We know it’s over. We know it doesn’t work. But we still feel jealous and controlling. These feelings may show up in a personal relationship, but just as easily in a collaboration gone wrong. The truth is that we are feeling a pressure to cling to old ways and attachments that calls for adjustment – it’s uncomfortable for us. The good news is that the Full Moon will bring up any attachments that we have for their eventual release. The Full Moon is a culmination and it is the time to let things go. A great way to do so is to hold a Full Moon releasing ceremony. The Full Moon is in a water element, so make sure to include that element in your ceremony. Bath and let it wash away. You could also symbolically send your attachments down the river!

Why? Full Moon, Venus conjunct Uranus, and Vesta trine transiting North Node.


45897545_sFourth Week – April 25 – May 1

Perfecting your processes

What to expect: Initial disorientation.

What to watch out for: Not using the energy fully.

What will it affect? Communication, finances, and processes.

Mercury goes into retrograde during the last week of April, on the 26th. Mercury is in Taurus so this is a time when we will be evaluating all of our communications with respect to all things Taurus. You may have committed to a direction over the last couple of weeks that will need review. It may be your communications, it may be a financial commitment, or maybe you’re renegotiating contracts and agreements. It is not the time to begin new contracts or to sign new agreements, but it is a good time for review. The challenge will be to allow ourselves to do so. Taurus is a fixed sign, so it tends to be stubborn – it doesn’t really enjoy the process of having to change directions or re-evaluate things. Generally, Taurus has already made up its mind. Allowing yourself to go there will be hugely rewarding. Mercury will also be holding hands with Pluto and Jupiter. At the beginning of the month, these planets were all dancing together and spinning clockwise motion. Now all three are retrograde and have changed directions, spinning counter clockwise. If you’ve ever held hands to spin in a circle and then were asked to change directions, you know how disorienting it can be in the beginning. Don’t despair. Keep going and you will find your flow. It’s a good idea to remind yourself of the lessons that you learned from the eclipses in March. Go back and review the healing that has occurred. We gave birth to something in March and in April we are quickly forgetting about the pain. We’re not quite ready to move forward though. This energy is an incredible review of the directions that we have planned, the strategy that we put together, and the leadership skills that we have amassed.

A great way to use this energy would be to create a tome, pull together all your processes into a procedural manual, and dust off you copy of the E-myth. Think of it this way: if you wanted to ditch the whole thing and go off travelling for a year, would your business still be able to run? You might need to hire some people to take over, but could they? Now is the time to pull together your finely tuned engine.

Why? Mercury Retrograde, Mercury trine Jupiter, and trine Pluto.

Take a step back

What to expect: An opportunity to set back.

What to watch out for: Getting lost in the details.

What will it affect? Work, finances, and relationships.

Venus will go into Taurus on April 29th, helping us to clarify our values and invest wisely. With all of this Earth energy, we may get lost in the final details and end up spinning our wheels. But on April 30th, Venus will get some help from Pallas, allowing us to see the big picture. It’s a good idea to take the time on that day to stand back and look at your handiwork.

Why?Venus entering Taurus and Venus sextile transiting Pallas.