May Astrology 2016

27108664_sFirst Week:

Splitting Hairs

What to expect:A review of our passions

What to watch out for:Inflexibility

What will it affect? Communication, passions, and self-expression

On May 1st,we are asked to consider and review how we are communicating our passions and other strongly held beliefs. Are we pedantic, splitting hairs over the use of one word over the other? Are we finicky about the use of language, so much so that we lose or insult our audience with our corrections? Are we in fact using the right words? If we’re unsure, it may be a time to breakout the dictionary. Perhaps we thought we knew the meaning, but realize that in using those particular words we are being misunderstood. Now is the time to review, listen to our intuition and to what others are saying. Though we may feel sensitive about the critique, our intuition and creativity is heightened so we will be able to remedy with the right words if we listen and review.

Why? Mercury conjunct Vesta, Sun sextile Neptune, and Chiron sextile Vesta

Poise or Pride?

What to expect:Inner conflict

What to watch out for:Taking it out on others

What will it affect? Relationships, self-concept, and learning

On May 3rd.we are feeling optimistic and confident. But at the same time, we may feel the need to defend and protect. Mars retrograde now cautions us not to go on the offensive. Do we turn the other cheek? Do we protect? Just remember, others may mistake kindness for weakness but firm and kind is the best approach. Another warning about the energy at this time — we may get a twang of the green-eyed monster, though we may be pressed to admit it. The energy is a bit paradoxical and inconsistent, so it’s a good time to pay attention to your own internal conflicts and stay vigilant in your self-awareness.

A good way to use the energy is to incorporate some learning. Maybe you signed up for an online self-directed course months ago that you didn’t have the time to complete it. We have the ability to focus our energy and complete these kinds of tasks at this time. It also keeps us away from conflicts with others.

Why? Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mars trine Ceres, and Venus opposite Juno

New Moon in Taurus 

What to expect: Release

What to watch out for: Building up too much pressure

What will it affect? Our direction, purpose, and need for change and transformation

The New Moon is on May 6th. The moon is at 16oof Taurus. 16o of Taurus is said to be a degree related to violence. There is a great flow of energy with this New Moon and as such, it can be hard not to have hairline triggers. The energy will escape quite easily and it can blow. Though Taurus is known to be the slow diligent one, once the energy has been built up, tempers can erupt quite dramatically. It is therefore important to have a valve through which we allow the energy to dispel slowly. Work it out with a coach or a counselor. And don’t let the energy build. Whatever happens, there will be an incredibly release at the New Moon and we will feel like we cannot live as we did before. It’s not just a time for new intentions — it’s a time for new resolutions. We will become resolved to a particular path.

Why? New Moon in Taurus, Sun trine Pluto, and Sun trine Nodes

50931659_sSecond Week

Getting rid of the last little bit

What to expect:Reviewing our self concept

What to watch out for:Holding on to stuff

What will it affect? Self-expression, self-perception, and forgiveness

On May 9th,we have the opportunity to review our self-expression and any setbacks we have experienced. We will be able to form a practical and realistic assessment. Are we holding any grudges? Are we replaying something that was said to us over and over in our minds? Venus is sextile Neptune, allowing us to forgive a little easier. Connecting with nature and spirit will help us transcend pettiness.

Also Jupiter goes direct on May 9th. We’ve done lots of detoxing since Jupiter went retrograde in January. We’ve cleared our closets, tossed out old pictures, cleared all the toxins in our diets and relationships, and we’ve even worked on clearing out our perfectionist thoughts. A vast vacuum of space now exists ready to be filled by goodness. As Jupiter moves forward, we will open up to fill that space with what’s new.

Why? Sun conjunction Mercury,Venus sextile Neptune, and Jupiter direct

The New Work Reality

What to expect:Foundations

What to watch out for:Missing the opportunity to makes use of this energy

What will it affect? Finances, relationships, contracts, and business

Between May 8th and 12th, the grand trine that has been building since the end of April with all that earth energy comes into tight alignment. A grand trine is flowing energy between planets which lend each other a helping hand. They are all in the same element, but different signs. It brings together all aspects of the earth element. Mercury, still retrograde, is in the earth element of Taurus which has us thinking over our finances, thoughts, and processes around security. Jupiter, now direct, is in Virgo, expanding our ability to see detail, clear out clutter, and perfect whatever it is we’re doing. It is also doing a health check. Pluto is in Capricorn, transforming the status quo in business, politics, and economic policies. Working together, they have been helping us sort through and get down to brass tacks. The energy is even more focused within these couple of days and we can really use it to build solid foundations and processes within our businesses. Many of us have been leading the way in business. We have been floundering at times, trying to figure out anew reality. What works, what makes sense? Now is the time when it all comes together.

These are also very good days for friendly renegotiations, contract renewals, and reiterating vision, purpose, and mission.

Why? Mercury trine transiting North Node, Venus trine transiting Jupiter, and Mercury trine transiting Pluto

Solidifying Allegiances

What to expect:Review of agreements

What to watch out for:Taking on brand new agreements

What will it affect? Money, finances, and relationships

On May 13th,Venus joins the grand trine, making it a great day for reviewing and renegotiating anything to do with money or investments. Mercury is still retrograde, so this is very much a time when existing financial structures are examined and actions taken are reflective of review. For instance, if your mortgage is up for renewal, a work contract is being renegotiated, or other types of agreements related to money that are up for renewal, then this may be the time when contract arrangements become permanent arrangements. We are now weaving together to solidify alliances and allegiances.

Why? Mercury conjunction Venus, Venus trine Pluto, and Pallas trine Juno

Emotional Money Blocks

What to expect:Healing

What to watch out for:Trying to go full speed ahead

What will it affect? Money, drive, and woundedness

On the 14th we have some healing work to do. Again, connecting with nature,spending a day in the garden, or even working with a Shaman will help us sort it out. Incorporate the earth into your healing if issues come up. It may be related to our stories around money. Do you have money blocks? Likely we all do, in one form or another. This energy will help us get on track and connect with true abundance. The only thing we need to watch out for is frustration over our inability to immediately actualize what we envision. Mars is still retrograde, so we will need to temper our aggressive drive and ambitions with a review of just how we can go after what we want.

Why? Sun Sextile transiting Chiron, Venus trine North Node, and Mars square Pallas

53327032_sThird Week

Full Moon in Sagittarius

What to expect: Little patience

What to watch out for:Filtering what we say

What will it affect? Beliefs, perceptions, values, and hurts surrounding them

The Full Moon is at 1o Sagittarius on May 21. It is a very aggressive Full Moon and brings to a head much of what has been brewing with the Mars retrograde energy. The moon is conjunct Mars, making us all feel very touchy and short-tempered. Opposite the moon is the Sun in Gemini alongside zealous Vesta. Gemini can be the trickster and we might think we are just being a witty devil’s advocate, but words said now will likely come out all wrong. The problem is, nobody has a sense of humour so words said in jest can backfire big time. Mercury has one more day of being retrograde and, as it stations, its energy also increases, creating a possibility for indignation. The other way that this Full Moon could play out is quite the opposite. We might take much more than we should, lacking the ability to recognize and deal with our anger. It is not healthy. This Full Moon is about taking an honest look at our actions, our motivations, and how we direct our energy and make sure that it’s healthy, balanced, and fair, both to yourself and to others.

Why? Full Moon at 1°Sg13′, Mars Opposition transiting Vesta, Sun Opposition transiting Mars, Venus Sextile transiting Chiron, and Sun Conjunction transiting Vesta

Green light

What to expect:Forward movement

What to watch out for:Ignoring our support system

What will it affect? Contracts and relationships

Mercury goes direct on May 22nd. We finally have the red light to move forward with new projects and contracts. We can tap into our support systems now and begin new plans. Our projects will have a sense of reliability.

Why? Mercury Direct and Saturn Trine transiting Ceres

11304717_sFourth Week:

Need for consideration

What to expect:Elusive connections

What to watch out for:Careless words

What will it affect? Relationships and connections

On May 24th,Venus moves into Gemini and opposes Mars. Coming off the heels of so much Taurus energy, we’re just are not used to this noncommittal energy. Expect lots of flirtation, but little stick-to-it-ism. It can be great energy for riffing off of others with ideas, but it does have a negligent aspect. We may be careless with attention, words, and acknowledgments.

Why? Venus in Gemini and Venus opposition Mars

Changes in the economy

What to expect:Slowing in the economy

What to watch out for:Pessimism

What will it affect? Economics and optimism

The third square between Jupiter and Saturn occurs on May 26th. Often signaling a change in the economy, Jupiter expands while Saturn restricts. There is a reassessment of business and finance. It’s not a good time to start a business as strategic, risk-taking, visionary aspects of the company will be at odds with the financial structure and profits. We may see a change in the economic tide at this time. It may be difficult to see the big picture right away. This is the final square, so in the aftermath we may see a culmination of this energy. Vesta, often associated with the stock market, will conjunct Venus (connected with money) and so we may see some interesting stuff happen in the stock market. Fanatical ideas may also emerge.

Why? Sun Square transiting Pallas, Jupiter square Saturn, Venus conjunction Vesta, and Venus square Pallas

Last Week

New Projects

What to expect:The green light to move forward

What to watch out for:Moving forward with any major business

What will it affect? Contracts, projects, communication, and travel

The final week of May will be excellent for moving forward with new ideas you may have hit on during the Mercury and Jupiter retrograde period early this month. Mercury and Jupiter are not direct, but are again forming a grand trine with the North Node. We have the green light for putting into action new projects or teams. If we want to make a speech or Ted-like talk, as long as it’s not adversarial, now is a good time. It’s still not a good time to launch or incorporate a business. The time for that will be when Mars goes direct next month. But if we have new processes and practices with which we have been dying to move forward, now is the time. The results will be high quality if we take advantage of this energy.

There may be some collective grief to which we also need to be sensitive. Keeping actions positive and inspirational is the best approach.

Why? Mercury trine Transiting Pluto, Mercury trine Transiting North Node, Vesta square Transiting Pallas, and Pluto square Transiting Ceres