What’s happening with the grand cross? A rising of the woman entrepreneur.


ShoeHow is your grand cross going?

Spot in the middle of this grand cross I found myself in hysterics…. Yes laughing and really enjoying myself.

Quite frankly, I was worried (maybe I still am).  While Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Uranus line up to square each other at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs, they also gang up on my Venus (also at 13 degrees).  Venus is about love, beauty, money, what we values , our attractions and our attract ability.

Here is what is happening so far.  I’m in the midst of a online course (Marie Forleo’s B-School) for Internet marketing. So as this grand square makes numerous aspects to my Venus, I find I am in deep thought about how to make money (or more money), what my worth is to myself and more importantly, others (in a marketing sense). I am pulled and feeling tension about what to spend money on and my mind is being blown about what is possible.

Here is the thing. Not only is this happening for me on a personal level, I am watching what is happening in the big picture, on the sociological level.

Let me explain. But first let me give kudos to Marie Forleo’s B-School. It is not only an amazing course; well thought out, supremely presented and extremely valuable, it’s also a collection of courageous women who are changing the world. After all, “change the world” is one of her tag lines…. But I can assure you it is not JUST a tag line. It’s a reality.  Far beyond the course content is an amazing community of women; smart, spiritual, incredibly intelligent and business savvy women starting online businesses and rocking the business world.  These are women who are truly stepping into their worth (Venus), sharing their gifts and making money (some more Venus). This little group of

women ( around 12,000) isn’t the only group of rising entrepreneur women. There are pockets sprouting up all over the place. If you don’t believe me, check out all the articles on the matter, the first of which outlines the astonishing stats.


What is the reason

So here is how it worked in our little community. One woman (Licia) hired another (Laura) for copy editing. It wasn’t cheap, but sooo worth it. Laura hired Licia back, but for a cheaper incredibly valuable service, psychic coaching .  Laura the copy editor was so blown away and inspired that she decided to give Licia a shout out on our online community. As I mentioned, this is an online community with around 12,000. It’s exclusive. You can only be in that group if you’re a B-schooled…. But exclusive is the only part of it that sound like the old boys clubs. You know the ones. The patriarchal ones that are run by those old school rules that are currently running those organizations that are currently crumbling. … Ah Pluto. Anyhow, lot’s saw the post, lot’s booked with her. I happened to be in the midst by virtue of the fact that I happened to check out both of their websites the week before because of a brief discussion that happened in class and out of the hundreds of posts, I happened to jump online at the time of the post… So synchronicity? Whatever it was, I was able to play role of objective observer, quality checker, truth verifier, before and after fact checker… And her time sold out! women are doing well? The internet is one big community, with smaller mini communities. It’s a all about communication which we do well and love. And it’s all about nurturing and helping one another.

Other things happened at the some time. A collection of women converged to brainstorming business ideas, forging new friendships, nurture one another ideas and most importantly, laugh.

What cracked me up the most is that after making back the $2000 Licia spent in no less than a week PLUS having people annoyed because she didn’t have an online payment method, even asking “Where can I pay?”  her husband started to wonder if he could become a “man of leisure”

There are men in this trend. But so far, not many.

There is a bigger astrological reason for all of this and we can see it in the grand cross. Pluto transforms, eliminates and transforms and it’s Capricorn, the sign of structures, business and the status quo.  Currently those structures are hierarchal, patriarchal and logical. Yes there is more coaching, more empowerment, and supposed caring in these structures, but by and large… Not really.

On the not so funny side, as Pluto moves through Capricorn many men are finding that they are becoming unintended men of leisure. Otherwise know as unemployed.  However, Patriarchy does not equal men necessarily. So this is happening to women too. What’s happening is more about the structures and less about the gender of the person (that being said, most of the leaders in the patriarchy are men). I can’t tell you how many horrifying stories I have heard,  have counselled, advised and coached people though.  I  also went through my own drama about a year ago. It’s why I created thecorporateculturedetox.com (soon to be launched). What’s happening with the grand cross isn’t a role reversal where the women are wearing the pants and the men are wearing the apron. But instead I am seeing a  real restructuring. Where women still get to be feminine AND make money (many mom’s and wife’s running business). Not ball busters. Not necessary lesbians and certainly not man hating.  And the men still get to be masculine AND have their emotions. (the men who have embrace their emotions…  In really brony fashion are also doing well) and are not necessarily gay (sorry, I’m just pointing out the stereotypes here!)

I focused on the money, worth and values side of Venus here, but I should mention. As the cardinal grand cross become exact on my Venus does impact one other thing. My love life…  I’ve been ignoring it, but for that I have decided to hire Licia who’s specialty is past lives. If you haven’t read my post on past lives you can do so here.

As for the values and money part of Venus, I’ve decided I’m worth it enough to hire Laura. Stay tuned for the website makeover!


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  1. Ingrid, I love love love this article! I love how you speak to the “men of leisure” and what is next for all of us ladies out their hustling our wares. I love how you say “A collection of women converged to brainstorming business ideas, forging new friendships, nurture one another ideas and most importantly, laugh.” because that is what it is all about – laughter and friendship and support of one another. Thank you for writing this – it is my favorite this about today. xoxo

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