Values, Food and Finance Revolution – Mars, Uranus and the North Node

Mars, Uranus and the North Node meet on August 1st. Since the North node oscillates and Mars likes to trigger a couple of days in advance, we are in for about a two-week period of groundbreaking energy. Everything is about to get a little bumpy… Since this energy is happening in Taurus, I wanted to write a post getting you thinking about how to work gracefully with the energy. Talking leadership in your life means being forewarned and making conscious decisions

First I’d like to start with what each of these planets/points means and how they operate together.

Uranus is revolution, change, and technology. It’s the planet of the unexpected, of surprises and of sudden moves or upsets.

Mars is an action-oriented planet. It’s movement, ambitions, drive, fighting and war.

The North Node is the direction in which we are evolving or meant to be evolving. You’ve likely already become aware of the topics Taurus is bringing up; money (finance, banking, investments), values (our enduring beliefs), valuables (car, house, jewels) and land (agricultural, farming).

So when you add Uranus and Mars to these evolving directions, then you get tectonic shifts in any or all of these areas.

Our governments are guiding the direction in a particular way; implementing new structures; policy, legislation and guidance. Their plan all over the world involves revolutionizing money, food, valuables and even our values. Globally the governments are planning for digital currency, chocolate-covered bugs and other bug food products, and ownership of nothing. New values include a focus on gender inclusion and reducing your habits for the good of the environment, for example flying less or eating less meat. Maybe you are happy with these changes, maybe you don’t really know what they mean or how they will affect you or perhaps you are just plain opposed to the plan.

Wherever you are coming from, things are going to change. What I always say about Uranus, whether in your personal life or in the world at large, is that you need to make it conscious and to make conscious choices around it. If you don’t… it will make choices for you and not always in the direction you would like.

How are people reacting so far? Riots are happening in countries currently going broke, farmers are rising up in Europe against policies that will negatively affect them, inflation is skyrocketing everywhere causing our possessions to hold less and less worth and for people to panic in terms of where to put their hard-earned cash – real estate? Bitcoin? Stocks? Bonds?.. they all look bleak. All of this plus backlash against movements that are trying to shift our values; gender identity, abortion rights, freedom rights and our right to eat meat and potatoes daily!

If you are happy with the direction… enjoy the ride… if not… design your own ride! Like I said, resistance is futile. We must change! Uranus will make sure of that. If you don’t like what is happening, you cannot stand still! You cannot stick your head in the sand and you cannot revolt without a replacement plan. What does your Taurus look like? What is your vision for the future? Don’t like digital currency? What currency system would you have instead? Don’t like eating bugs and no meat? What would you need to do to ensure a table of the foods you love? Make a list of changes to the financial system, food system, and changes in societal values that are pushing your buttons then don’t just take to the streets, dig deep and develop a new way. Like I said, revolting to what we find revolting is not enough… the north node in Taurus wants a redesign!

Let me go back a little bit to share the astrological setup for this…

In 2020 we entered a new economic epoch. This forms the backdrop of economic changes. On December 21, 2020, the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in the sign of Aquarius started a shift to a new form of economy. One based on air qualities rather than the last 300 or so years of earth. This shift will help to bring us into the age of Aquarius. My personal opinion is that the earth energy for the last 300 years or so enjoyed a centralized system. While earth is concentrated in one spot, the air is defused… it’s decentralized. In fact, we’ve slowly been moving towards it. The internet disrupted everything, decentralizing music, media, travel, transportation, learning and more. To put a cap on further decentralization, governments need to regulate… they need to stop the decentralization of money – crypto such as bitcoin and Ethereum are a big threat. Media has decentralization a little too much for their comfort level, so has the ability to organize and protest. New legislation is all about controlling crowds, controlling media information (revolution), and controlling the currency.

But do we need government? Do they have our best interest at heart? or can that also be decentralized? Pluto has been transforming government and large corporate structures since 2008 and with its stay in Capricorn coming to a close by January 21, 2024, we are seriously questioning “what have you done for me lately?

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with a new upgrade financial system, or farming system. There is nothing wrong with supporting the environment or even evolving what we can possess. The First Nations owned nothing and didn’t even have a concept of it. Nor is there anything wrong with upgrading our values. Ultimately Taurus wants us ALL to recognize that worth doesn’t belong to just a couple of powerful (Scorpio)… worth belongs to us all (Taurus). And so the more we operate from a place of valuing ourselves, the more that we increase the value of the environment, the things we own, and the food we eat. We treat it with respect as the first nations did, and don’t rely on our governments to direct our behaviour to do so.

As Uranus, Mars and the North Node meet up, the acceleration for changes speeds up. Time to figure out where you stand!

My lucky night… the astrology of how others can bring out your luck!

22308578_sI was having a lucky night – and I mean real luck. It was so lucky that I had to stop and ask, “What’s going on here?”

The trick to my luckiness…

I wasn’t alone. I was out with one of my good friends and from the minute we came into proximity with each other, the luck began. Together we created magic, alchemy, and wealth!

Synastry is the study in astrology of the connection of planets between people. Most of the time people interested in synastry want to know about their romantic partnerships. They want to know how it will work out, if they are good for one another, and how they complement one another. In reality, you can look at the synastry between just about any relationship – Parent/child, boss/employee, client/company, friend/friend, etc. The process takes each person’s birth chart and finds connection of the planets between the two which shows how you relate to one another. When there are planets transiting or making aspects to one’s chart, they also make an aspect to the other person’s chart. This detail is helpful in being able to see what will occur in those relationships throughout time.

I knew there was a chance my connection with my friend could be a lucky one. A year or so ago, noticing this connection, I tried to invoke this luck. I had theorized that if we gambled during a Venus trine transit to our lucky point, we might win big. But for this to happen, we needed to work together. We needed the combined magic of our planets. We hatched a plan to play blackjack. We watched the movie “21” and did drills at lunch time to practice counting cards. Then we practiced with her boyfriend as the dealer. I imagined us in a scene right out of American Hustle.

Our next step was to frequent the local casino. The only time I had ever played black jack was a couple of years previous in a Nepalese casino. I assumed it was all the same. We were soon disappointed when we discovered that the black jack tables were not tables – they were digital machine. In fact, there were no nearby casinos with actual black jack dealers. Our hustle was killed.

We had a second hustle – darts! We frequented a local bar to play against some of the regulars. I soon discovered that I needed at least 5 drinks to get a bulls eye. It then dawned on me that my winnings might end up back at the bar.

The day of the transit arrived…

And it passed. My friend had a date with her boyfriend – I guess it was a better use of the Venus trine to her Pluto transit.

Soon we forgot about our combined potential for magic. Time passed and, then without warning, lady luck smiled on us again.

It was Saturday night and the luck just kept coming so I started to suspect – could it be? Sure enough, Venus was squaring that magical combined point.

With friends, lovers, and other significant relationships we usually have many planetary (synastry) connections. Many of those connections are good and they tell you why you get along. Some are not so good and they will speak of the friction between you. In the chart between my friend and I, this point was good. The connection in question was a conjunction between Jupiter (in my 8th house) and Pluto (in her 1st house).

When Pluto and Jupiter come together, they expand and wield power. They speaks of wealth, playing big, expanding luck, and taking risks. Two people with these planets in conjunction, sextile, or trine create a dynamic duo. One that wields power, creates wealth, and has a positive transformative effect . If the two planets (Pluto and Jupiter) were in a square or an opposition, we might find ourselves in a power struggle. We might try to stuff faith down each other’s neck or face moral superiority over one another. Jealousy and obsession might also thrive. But with positive connections, these two energies work together.

So this is what we had: a Pluto/Jupiter conjunction. Then Venus came along and squared it. All we needed to do was hang out and the luck started to roll in!

We decided that were going to go to The Taste of The Danforth, but we’re not going to drive. Instead we took the subway. Someone getting off the subway had a day pass, good for two people for unlimited travel. Stopping us on the way to the entrance, they asked if we would like it…. A fare savings of $12. Nice! We accepted.

2014-08-15-11.25.35We arrived at the Taste of the Danforth about 35 minutes later. Getting off the subway and onto the blocked off festival streets, we realized that it wasn’t really our thing. There were food booths lined up down both sides of the streets with all kinds of food, mostly Greek. The lines were long and there was nowhere to sit down and eat. Simply put, the street curb did not appeal to us. The restaurants were the same. Lines of people at the top restaurants told us we would have a long wait but all we wanted was a drink and space from the crowds. We wanted to sit down to eat with a knife and a fork. We stood at the back of one of the lines trying to judge how long we would have to wait. Suddenly the hostess looked past everyone in line and motioned at me to ask if it was for two (we were a fair distance away). The next thing we knew, we bypassed the line. On the way, I heard someone say something about being there first and the hostess lied, saying, “Actually, they were.”

Wow! I didn’t complain, but I did feel a little guilty after looking at the menu only to realize that it wasn’t what we wanted. Even though we had been treated like royalty, we decided to leave.

Moving on, we found the perfect restaurant. I wanted a grilled calamari salad – they had it. My friend wanted a stuffed pita. They had a booth in front of the restaurant with serving what she wanted. The only problem? No outside food was allowed inside… even if it was their own outside food. That didn’t stop us. My friend (the Pluto one) begged and begged until she got her way. Once we were seated, the entire staff seemed bewitched. I flattered the waiter who asked me to guess his age. I said 39,but he was 51. He brought us two pieces of free baklava smothered in honey and whip cream. Next a waiter, one who wasn’t even waiting on us, bought me a glass of red wine.

We also had our own separate expressions of the transit. Venus square to my Jupiter expands the allure of Venus – love and attractiveness. As we walked the festival after our meal, I received several comments from men on my beauty and my sexiness.

Venus square to my friend’s Pluto in her chart brought out a different variety of attractiveness: one with a little bit of obsession and possessiveness (Pluto). I wasn’t surprised when a man approached her and said, “I’ve been watching you..” For you men reading this – bad line! Creepy bad line!

All and all, it was a lucky night. Back on the subway, again we stuck out like sore thumbs. Though it was packed, two thuggish men cleared space for us to sit down. It was our final luck of the night!

I think you know what I am doing… Yup, I’m pulling up the charts and mapping out our next brush with luck!

Maybe next time, we’ll hit the casinos!




Mercury in Cancer; Making a Personal vs Business Facebook Decision


2014-07-13-14.15.27Mercury is moving into Cancer today and I am making a “Mercury in Cancer” decision. Mercury in Cancer is about communicating with family or about family. It’s a time when you might focus more on family history, legacies, communicating about family issues. Cancer is the crab… and it’s got a protective shell!

While mercury was retrograde in Cancer/Mercury last month, we may have gone into a review about such issues. Mercury is now direct and moving back into Cancer. We are now making family related communication decisions.

I certainly am! While Mercury was retrograde, I took myself off of Facebook. The reason was a Mercury/Cancer issue. I was having a hard time maintaining privacy and boundaries – my friends and family vs. business – me time vs. business time.

This is something that happens to you when you go into business for yourself. YOU become your brand. Yes your company might have a business name, but that is not the way that social media sees it. You create company pages to support your business and they link to your personal page. As I discovered…. delete your personal page and the company pages go too! So the idea of keeping your personal life and your business life separate becomes nonexistent. Business contacts start adding you to your personal profile. You start to need to make decisions about your personal profile… post for business or post for personal. But do you want to bombard your family and friends with that stuff?
Those who have been successful in the online business world have branded themselves. And their posts on their profile are business related. The reason is that Facebook algorithm limits the amount of views on business pages unless you pay to market. Which, okay they want to make money. But this pushes people in the direction of marketing on their personal profile which of course you don’t need to pay for.

Here is another problem… You business contacts want business. So business contacts start marketing hard to your friends… on your personal page. It’s happened twice that someone has wanted to market to one of my friends. They lost all sense of etiquette, bypassed approvals or introductions and just started marketing. Another tactic to marketing to your friends is by tagging you in a picture you’re not even in so it gets on your news feed. This might be okay for some… But I don’t even market to my friends and family. My friends and family are my friends and family and I would like to keep it that way.

Here’s a third problem. I had added someone (not a friend) and they decided to comment on my location. I’m always in the dark about how to limit privacy (because of the kajillion profile setting, options and changes to). I had a feature showing your location to others turned on. So he decided to make a comment.. Um.. I don’t know you… creepy for you to check and comment on my location. Do I care if my friends and family know where I am? No… If I need saving at least they can track me down… But someone I don’t know makes me uncomfortable.

The biggest problem was boundaries around my personal and private time. My Facebook feed turned from updates with friends and family into marketing from business contacts and Facebook ad purchasers. They are the ones with the big bucks paying to advertise. It also turned into a kajillion post from groups related to business. I became a part of the groups because of courses that I have been taking to “up my business game”. If I had problems with boundaries between business time and pleasure/personal time before, Facebook was making it impossible. My business was always on and so was I.
The first step was to delete my profile (but as you know, Facebook profiles live on forever, even if you delete them). I was off for an entire month. It felt amazing. I felt peaceful, more focused and safe. But I couldn’t connect with my business networks and a big part of being in business in networking. So came the next solution; a Facebook profile for business. It’s called Ingrid Insight (Ingrid Arboine) and you can follow or friend me up there. It’s a 9am-5pm profile. (Even if it looks like it’s not.. I’ve got hootsuite… So yup, I schedule some of those posts). I’ll still be sharing who I am and what I’m up to in my entire life … But let’s face it… Not everything…. And I will be posting about my business, or just liking/sharing the stuff I post on my pages.

Make sure to like me on my new profile…. there is a button in my footer!