May Horoscope 2014

Pheeew, it’s May!

The load lightens in May – thank Goddess! April was pretty intense with two eclipses and a cardinal grand cross. I hope you managed to rise above all of the drama but we aren’t out of the woods yet. That Solar eclipse was all about money and it was conjunct Mercury so in the first few days of May, Mercury will sextile Chiron, injecting some healing medicine to our thoughts. It’s likely to affect the manner in which we think about money or materialism. The medicine wears off by the next day when Mercury is in opposition to Saturn in the sign of shared resources. Maybe it dawns on us that we don’t have the financial support we need or, after our moment of healing and enlightenment, we may slip back into our old negative thinking. It happens! This regression might be the reason that we allow ourselves to become a little rash with money when Venus moves into Aries on the same day. The Sun trines Pluto the next day, returning your willpower and allowing for spiritual development in regards to our self worth and financial worth. If you need to take back the purchase you made yesterday because you realize it was a shopaholic crazy moment, do it! You’re worthy just as you are without the Kate spade purse! Maybe you’re consistently wandering around wearing clothes from the 1980s and this case rash Venus transit worked in your favour! Keep your purchases, you’re worth it!

For the first part of the month the Sun is in Taurus. Yes, Taurus loves money and security, but she also likes a beautiful garden. In fact, most of us will discover that we’re the gardener types in one way or another, so buy and plant your first seed ASAP! What Taurus plants can be enduring and steadfast, so when the Sun in Taurus makes sextiles to both Jupiter and Chiron early in the month , opportunities for creative self-expression will be made. In a sexile to Jupiter on the 6th, it’s the opportunity to plant kindness and generosity while injecting optimism into something bigger than you. It’s also great energy for sitting down for coffee with a trusted mentor, maybe about advice or bringing together a group for team-building. On that same day, Mercury is square Pallas, so our self-expression and creative ideas might feel blocked. Connecting with others will help build our confidence. Perhaps we feel embarrassed about our creativity and speaking with our mentor/the team gives us just the boost we need. The next day on the 7th the Sun sextiles Chiron is an opportunity to healing to our self expression. If you’ve been afraid to release that poem you wrote or you’ve hidden that quirky sculpture that you think is just stupid, today is the day for taking the risk and getting your craft out there.  Mercury will move into Gemini on the same day, making a great day to communicate and get the word out.

Our relationships may feel a little transcendent when Neptune is sextile Juno on May 9. This is a great day for private Japanese rock bathing with your honey. Simply sitting across from one another, eyes gazed could also work.  Take this celestial opportunity to put some assets into the relationship ‘bank.’  In May, hard days will arrive on May 10th and 11th because the Sun opposes Saturn , leading us to feel thwarted and lonely. The next day Mercury squares Neptune – we may think that our inside thoughts have made it to the outside. The manner in which we can communicate might become very confusing. Love planet Venus is opposite sexy and aggressive Mars so we might find conflicts as we try to get our needs fulfilled. I see these two days as having a huge potential for communication breakdown. Take a deep breath, have sex, or transmute that energy into your art, and then wait until tomorrow to talk. Not only will it help you to gain some perspective, you will also have Mercury trine Mars helping you to be honest and direct.

The full moon  in Scorpio on May 14th is also conjunct Saturn, which can bring out our shadows. For example, we were horrified at concrete examples of Ghandi’s sexism and the idea that  the late Steve Jobs fired anyone who attempted to poach his staff, but everyone has a shadow, especially the most highly respected. Saturn and the Moon form a grand trine with Jupiter and Chiron.  This formation will help to bring together all that faith and optimism and healing and creativity from the beginning of the month onward. It could also be a culmination of your efforts over the past 6 months, which could be very inspiring to others – maybe even creating ‘ah ha!’ moments. Not everyone will like these changes though. Jupiter square Vesta will bring out opposing philosophies and beliefs.  Venus, which also represents values, will be square Pluto, creating power struggles. Your biggest opponents might come from those who are clinging to power or old power structures. Perhaps they are trying to act as though they don’t have a shadow, yet they point out yours in order to bring you down.  Venus is within a degree of being conjunct Uranus, so things can be pretty unpredictable in this regard. Mercury is sextile both of them, so it may even be an innocent comment that triggers the entire situation.  It is best to remember that our failings and humanity, if we are honest about them, can work to make us very real and likable on the whole.

Relationships issues pop up again when Mercury is square Chiron on the 17th. At this time we feel like holding onto grievances. Venus is opposite Vesta so the conflict might stem from our independent needs clashing with our partnership needs. The next day Mercury is trine Ceres, enhancing empathetic and nurturing communications.  We’ve all heard that talking to your plants can help them to grow. Nurturing conversations will help not just your plants grow, but also everyone with whom you share it. Don’t have an agenda when you speak. Venus will also be square to Jupiter, so we may expect too much from our partnerships right now. If you don’t see things growing and blossoming immediately, just step back and trust that they are changing. On May 19th, Venus is opposite Ceres. Turn inward and consider whether you’re approach this issue as a girl or as a woman? For a truly equal relationship (not one that looks like and reminds you of your relationship with one of your parents), you need to approach it like a woman. If this is an issue, Venus opposite Ceres will bring it to the forefront.  The good news is that Pluto is trine Juno which leads to transformations in relationships, both on a personal and social level.

Of course, there is the chance that we might ignore the growth potential available. It’s a long weekend (May 2nd-4th/Fete de la Reine for all of my Canadian readers). This time can be days of excess both on the BBQ and in beer AND a day of avoiding your relationship issues. Ceres and Jupiter in difficult aspect to Venus can show up as total and complete excessiveness with food and drink. Don’t miss the opportunity for growth just because of a long weekend!

Mars turns direct on May 19th after being retrograde since March 1st. Since Mars became retrograde, there has been a tonne going on and most of it was directed inwardly. Just because nothing happened at the Grand Cross in April, doesn’t mean that nothing will happen. Watch out for the Monte Python ‘thin mint’ effect over the next two months – over the next couple of months Mars traces back over the same terrain.

Jupiter is trine Saturn and Mercury is trine the North Node on May 25th making it a great day to get out your Desire Map book, a journal, and a planner. Normally we make plans at the beginning of the year or on our birthdays, but this year we have had so many retrogrades within the beginning of the year (Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter)! These retrogrades make us think about and assess every aspect of our lives. Now with all these planets direct and these two wonderful aspects arise on the 25th, we can map out with a great deal of clarity what our next steps are. Venus is also opposite the north node, so we have the chance to really prune away things that we no longer value.

With a new set of goals, you’re ready for a rite of passage. At the new moon on May 28th, you might find yourself on a vision quest or find yourself sitting across from a psychic. This new moon is a learning moon in Gemini and will be square Neptune.  Mercury will also be sextile Venus. We’ll see all, but I think it will take quite some time for us to truly understand this new moon and integrate all its teachings.



Your sharing your homemade secrets with the world this month. Maybe you’ve been creating your own formulas for soaps or healthy and non-estrogenic body creams. You may be heavily relying on your partner’s resources to get your tender, loving products out into the world. Your partner might be feeling a little skeptical. Letting your partner share in all of your secrets can strengthen your partnership at this time and will make your sharing a success.


Your loving communication with your partner this month can help you achieve all of your hopes and dreams. These might be partnership dreams of going deeper with your honey and finding yourself more committed or it may be dreams that you can only achieve with the strength of a committed partnership. The goal lies in working through the difficult emotions between the two of you… you can do it!


Your sweat, tears, and hard work pay off this month.  You’re bringing emotions and healing together into your work – and somehow they are making you money! You might be feeling a little uncomfortable with all that’s out there about yourself. You may even focus on the one criticism rather than the 100 kudos. Just trust that the feeling will pass. You can also investigate how all the celebrities do it!


You’re not in hiding anymore, Cancer. You’re putting your talents out there and standing behind them in confidence. Strangely enough, as your work get’s published you feel might start to feel twinges of self doubt. Can I do this again? Yes, you are creating a unique cultural phenomenon but just remember not even Michael Jackson could beat Thriller so no need to put that pressure on yourself. Keeping that connection with your higher self will help you keep churning your art and will keep the existential angst from creeping in.


Issues with power are being healed with the help of a trusted adviser. You have deep access to all of those deep unconscious memories, possibly ones extending from past lives. Maybe this situation is showing you how much you have ‘put up’ with in life. Your childhood may be playing out in your day-to-day family life and now you get to work it out. The beauty of all of this is that this change comes about in the gentlest of ways. There is nothing harsh or adversarial, which is nice.


You’re pursuing and even achieving something that you have always wanted to do. As you achieve your hopes and dreams, something inside of you becomes satisfied. You are able to shift and bring healing to your relationships. The opportunity exists to communicate more deeply and with deeper consideration of your thoughts. There may be a little bit of a battle between what you think and what you think you should think. Let your thoughts float out of your mouth anyhow. You might be surprised by what others think of it and this will help you release any guilt, which Virgo’s are notorious for.


A little financial austerity is just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing like having to choose how to spend your money to illuminate what you value. Paying attention to the energy in your body will help you become clear on what you need. Listen to your body’s wisdom and make the right choices.  You might also become really good at picking up other people’s energy. As others learn of your skill, it might feel like a bit of a burden, but you are spot-on and you help others.


On the surface something might be looking very much like a failure – you may even experience some depression about it. Through your failures you learn much about yourself while teaching others – either directly as a teacher or indirectly as they witness what you are going through. Your ego, the child within, gets to take all of this experience and play with it, which churns out something truly alchemic.


You might experience a conversion this month that puts you deeply in touch with your family heritage. Maybe your family has always been Republican, but suddenly you find yourself converting to the Democratic party. Maybe they were Catholic, but you realize that it’s really the Buddhist faith that resonates with you.  This change can bring up some uncomfortable feelings with your family. Now is the time that you will really let go of what is no longer working for you. You’re getting strong glimpses of your new inner world order.


Collaborations might seem like a bit of a burden at this time, but they are actually very healing. If you are not practicing what you preach this might get thrown back in your face right now. Others are reflecting your own “stuff” back at you. Don’t resent or rebel against it. You need them, so consider this a gift: we only sufficiently learn about ourselves and our contribution by others mirroring it back to us.


You’re riding high on success right now – but this month it may become apparent just how out of balance your life has become in order to achieve it. Your success brings into focus your true values. If there has been an overemphasis on material things, you’re able to design your work in a way that honours everything you need, not just the material. You have lots of job opportunities coming your way, so you can do it. When deciding what to accept, take all of your needs and values into consideration.


You’re deepening your understanding of life’s mysteries and your own philosophies. In so doing, you’re getting a glimpse of your own paradoxes. Travel helps you gain perspective on yourself and brings deep healing to your self-expression and self-image. This process is important because it will help you to find courage to be yourself with others who embrace your complexities, both  out in the world and within your romantic relationships. Gone are the days of giving them only what they want…. it’s too exhausting!



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