Virgo New Moon – August 27, 2022

The new moon in August is at 4 degrees of Virgo on Aug 27.

Virgo is about organization, routine and health. In order to do these things it uses categories, lists and the mind to plan. Sometimes guilt plays a part in the Virgo world, often as a motivator…. motivating us to clean up our rooms, go an a diet, plan out our lives. Virgo symbolized as a woman holding a shaft of wheat. Virgo interacts with plants, not so much as a gardener or a farmer, but as a doctor, herbalist, shaman, witch.

The Sabian Symbol for the new moon is a man dreaming of fairies. The sabian symbol speaks of becoming aware of earth elementals. Elementals are messengers and guardians of Gaia. Fairies, for instance are said to protect the forests. They provide help with their magic, giving us medicine in herbs and plants but they can also be tricky and mischievous and can deliver poisons. The elementals remind us that if we respect plants, their virtues can be allies, but if we disconnect or even have distain, they can be cruel and poisonous.

The new moon is squaring mars in Gemini exactly, giving the new moon an assertive, even aggressive edge. Mars in Gemini, the sign of communication can be a bit of a shit talker, may spread gossip, may lie (or misinform/disinform).

The ruler of mars is mercury. In the plant world, mercury is the plant teacher. Once it enters you, it becomes a part of you. Plant teachers can bring you into the depths and bring you back out, purging you of demons or bringing them into your life.

Also mercury is at 1 degree of Libra. The information will also come to us from close relationships, legal proceedings or mediations.

The new moon is also sextile Pallas. Any information we gather can help us to build a strategy for what’s next. The information will be synthesized into a mindmap and a future path.

The asteroid GongGong is at 5 degrees of Pisces, opposite the new moon. GongGong in Chinese mythology was a dragon and ruler of the world. It was responsible for floods and for the changing tilt of the earth. It’s energy is associated with cosmological disaster and environmental change. With this energy opposite the Virgo new moon we can expect metaphorical and actual floods. Dramatic polar shifts representing new directions… this may even mean starting over from scratch.

As always the new moon is a time for seeding new beginnings. Use the new moon energy to set intentions.

Happy New Moon