Taurus Lunar Eclipse – Nov 19, 2021

The Full Moon on November 19 is also a lunar eclipse. This eclipse opens the eclipse window and unleashes the changes that eclipses always do.  The best approach is to respond to situations. Anything that is decided at an eclipse is a done deal… there’s no going back.

The eclipse is at 27 degrees of Taurus and is conjunct the asteroids Phaethon and Sedna.

Taurus is the sign of value; money, assets, and personal value. It’s the earth sign that has a deep connection with the land; gardening, farming, and environmental concerns. At this full moon eclipse, something comes to light regarding our valuables or our value and we come face to face with the need to secure, protect and stand up for those things that matter to us.

Phaethon represents reckless behaviour, usually stemming from a place of needing to prove something to others. In the myth, Phaethon’s father let Phaethon drive his chariot so that Phaethon could prove that he was his father. Zeus saw that he was driving like a crazy person and causing mayhem, and shot him out of the sky stopping him from doing more damage. This energy speaks of an authority taking charge to stop damage. It’s also the need to recognize that our need for approval can harm us.

Sedna is about staying true to yourself (she is rejected and punished for her choices). It’s about being betrayed (her father throws her overboard to save his own life) and finding power and purpose out of a crappy situation (she lands on the bottom of the sea and becomes the goddess of the sea). It’s about taking responsibility, making the best of a situation, and becoming powerful within it.

In all three the theme is “value”. Taurus brings up the topic of our value. Phaethon says trying to prove our value to others can get us hurt. Sedna says that we have power and value even if others don’t see it or treat us that way.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “a mature woman reawakened to romance”…. and again the topic of value emerges. She doesn’t feel the need to be skinny, youthful, sexy, or to prove her worth… she is mature and knows her inner worth. She feels safe to open up knowing that her recognized value and maturity will attract someone of value.

But knowing, standing up for, and going after our value will not be an easy thing at this full moon eclipse. The moon is opposite mercury in intense and sometimes manipulative Scorpio. There will be a struggle between our heart and our head. The light of the moon gets blocked at the eclipse, blocking for a few short hours our connection with our heart and causing us to listen a little too much to the powerful and intellectual, and deeply researched words of mercury. However, this is a north node lunar eclipse, so the more we follow our heart, the more we move in the right direction. We have some other supports – the moon is trine pluto, giving us the personal power we need, and its sextile Neptune, giving us access to intuition if we choose to listen. These connections will also be momentarily lost while the moon is eclipsed, but that can help us to see them ever more clearly when they return.

Happy Taurus Lunar Eclipse!

Warning: eclipses are powerful, so if you choose to do a full moon ceremony, know that a great deal of power may be unleashed.