Aries Full Moon – Sept 29, 2023

Inanna goddess of love AND war

The Full Moon on September 29th is at 6 degrees of Aries. Aries is about courage, assertiveness, being who you are, exploration, personal power and freedom. It is also about war, conflict, and getting what we want.

The most important signification about this Full Moon is that its ruler is Mars. Mars is at 21 degrees of Libra which is triggering the October solar eclipse. This Full Moon will be calling us to bring all things related to Aries in our lives to a culmination. We may be letting go of outdated behaviours that block our courage and assertiveness. Or something that we have been working on that is more aligned with our self-expression, personal power and/or freedom is coming to a culmination. Let it go! Let God! This is an important step for the developing story in our lives. This developing story will emerge due to Mars triggering the upcoming solar eclipse. This means that at this full moon, we get a glimpse into our eclipse story. Even though something is coming to culmination, events that happen around this full moon will carry forward through into next month. It’s a “when one door closes, another one opens” kind of energy.

Mars is also square to Pluto, so we can expect battles, conflict and lots of explosive emotions!

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is “A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once”. Generally, Aries tends to lack tact and can be direct and abrupt, but the Sabian symbol suggests that he has figured out how to express himself in order to get what he wants. But just because you can say things to get what you want, doesn’t mean you should. It must be remembered that even though you may be skilled in getting what you want, you cannot serve two masters at once. You cannot play both sides in an attempt to try to hold on. And you cannot use your polished self-expression to manipulate others. direction.

Opposite the Moon is the sun in Libra. The ruler of the sun is Venus which is square to Uranus. Venus is also conjunct with the marriage asteroid Juno in Leo and is going back over the Venus retrograde points of the summer. She is just 2 degrees away from the Venus Sun conjunction point. As she moves over these degrees, she brings up relationship decisions and confirms values that came to light during the summer months. Maybe you recognized how important attention and attentiveness mean to you. Or how you may be lacking in that regard. Maybe you tapped into your creativity and self-expression, having recognized how deeply they are a part of you. Perhaps you realized a level of leadership within yourself, a value that a became non-negotiable key to your happiness. As Venus moves over these points again and again squares Uranus, she will act. Don’t be surprised if you make sudden decisions. They are meant to bring you into alignment with your new self.

As mentioned, It will not necessarily be smooth. There will be opposition. Three asteroids, Hybris, Rhiphonos and Pallas are also with the sun opposite the moon. These three asteroids provide some information on the opposition that we will likely face.

Pallas is about strategy, social justice, and creative wisdom. In Libra, Pallas tends towards mediation or negotiation. Normally mediation and negotiation are good, but we need to make sure we enter negotiations clear on our values to ensure we leave the mediation with our new self still intact. Coming to common ground is preferable, but not at the expense of the new you! Yes, you care about social justice, but not at the expense of your inner integrity. Pallas in Libra presents a conflict that may play on your deep need to be accepted and fit in.

Hybris is about having an inflated self-perception, arrogance, foolish pride, and sometimes outrageous behaviour. Hybris in Libra may throw social credibility or virtue signalling your way, again to challenge who you now are. For instance, when setting new boundaries you might be called selfish, or distrustful… don’t you want to be seen as generous and trusting. These attacks are likely not true, they are said to keep you from changing to your new self!

Finally, Rhiphonos was the protector of Dionysus and was turned into a centaur when Hera found out he was protecting the baby Dionysus. He remained loyal and even joined Dionysus in battle, the most well-known being one against India. In astrology, it can mean throwing yourself into something and even going to war out of unquestioning loyalty. A challenge from Rhiphonos in Libra might show up as not wanting to rock the boat, or wanting your loyalty to be questioned.

The good news is Venus conjunct Pallas is also sextile Mars, so balance can be achieved. We can be both assertive and compromising, explore ourselves and consider others. We can more easily incorporate both masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and in doing so attract into our lives a level of integration and balance needed to go forward. We have the opportunity to explore creatively and find solutions. Be warned…. Sextiles require conscious and deliberate action. They are not necessarily a given and can easily go to waste. To make the best of this full moon, focus on this helpful aspect!

Happy Full Moon in Aries!