November Horoscope 2014

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” John Donne.

The beginning of November is somber. The leaves will be gone (at least here in North America). The night’s longer, the skies a bit grey. November is also Remembrance of the end of hostilities on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour (11.11.11). War, atrocities, and the loss of life will be on our minds – the ones of days gone by and the ones those that are fresh.

This month we get a better understanding of the big picture. Even if the big picture is one that we would rather not see, it doesn’t shut us down. Saturn, Venus, and the Sun will still be traveling through Scorpio and, on the heels of a solar eclipse last month in Scorpio, we are asked to delve deeper. One by one the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will move into Sagittarius by the end of the month, putting us in the mood for a vacation and adventure but there is work to do be done before that point.

Saturn has us doing the hard work around our identity, our word, and our values. There is some help to clarify what needs work. On the 1st, Mars (now in Capricorn) is sextile Neptune in Pisces. This positioning gives us a sense of responsibility to our collective human being and we might be filled with a sense of vision for something better. On the same day, Mars will help us to find practical ways to direct that vision. Mercury is also sextile Jupiter, expanding our minds and our creative thinking. We’ll be able to make a fair assessment of the possibilities. Yet, Venus in Scorpio is sextile Pluto making us a little intense. We might get so passionate about our ideas that we want to impose them on others. With the Sun square Juno, the tension may revolve around how we relate to one another. How can we be ourselves, express our identities pursue our dreams, and still be in relationship to others? Uranus is trine Vesta, so we may feel the need to put our passions first. We can fight through patterns of thinking through and create new neural pathways. This month holds so much energy to envision, drop the barrier, and to manifest a new way of being. Doing it in groups will help establish new collective neural pathways.

Though this is a time for change, the full moon in November is on the 6th in Taurus – and Taurus does not like change. This full moon will be opposite Venus in Scorpio making us to feel a little awkward within our relationships. It’s also square Juno in Leo leaving us a little uncomfortable in our skins. And with a square to Jupiter, we might waiver in our new direction. We waiver between building castles in the safe sandbox and building castles in the sky. Two more transits are adding to the confusion. Neptune is square Ceres, confusing us about our true source of nurturance. Venus is square Jupiter, craving some intensity which can border on codependence. Codependence is when we go outside of ourselves to feel fulfilled and complete. But no other person can give us the security, the nurturance, and the fulfillment we crave. The trick will be to honour our inner child’s needs for safety with the need to move forward into change.

The anxiety may intensify on the 10th and 11th of November. Mars will conjunct Pluto and Vesta will sextile the North Node. This is a combination that might lead to a blow up. It might also be a wakeup call with Mercury trine Neptune. Even if it is harsh and things do fall apart, it will bring our vision into sharper focus. And as we stand at attention in remembrance on the 11th, our silent reflection will lead us to connect with our intuition and to reconnect with our vision. The new is calling us forth.

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” -William Yates

On the 12th Venus will conjunct Saturn. This makes us take pause and consider again our values. How have we been spending and sharing our inner resources of love and commitment and our outer resources – our money. Mars square Uranus triggers our collective inner warrior again. Our level of consciousness will determine if it expresses itself as a warrior of light or a warrior of destruction. The good news is that Mercury sextile Chiron signals breakthroughs in connecting with the inner warrior of light. It connects us with our head and our hearts, allowing for self healing. It also helps us to communicate our healing to others. We might feel so good about our newfound selves that we go a bit overboard on the 13th when the Sun (which is our ego) squares Jupiter in Leo (the sign that rules the sun and our egos).

By the middle of the month, the outer planets of transformation and revolution will be chatting with the goddesses. Uranus trine Juno helps us to express ourselves in our relationships with a little more freedom and self expression. Pluto sextile Pallas is helping us to see the patterns of the new paradigm in greater focus. Mercury sextile Pluto and conjunct Pallas on the 16th has us thinking and talking about these big changes. With Venus conjunct freedom-and-adventure loving Sagittarius the same day, think of an updated version of the free love hippie movement of the 60’s. What would we call a 2000s version of this? By the 16th we’ll likely come up with a term for it!

On the 16th, Neptune also goes direct. Neptune has been retrograde since June 9th. When it goes direct, we will again go into a dreamy state of collective unconsciousness. The good news is that the direct motion will help us to be a little more hopeful. I’m glad for this as I think hope is something we all need in the world right now.

November 17th is a great day to take a break and have a spa day. Purifying our minds with a seaweed wrap, yoga session and a country hike will bring us back into renewal. Make sure you check into a country spa and not a hustle-and-bustle busy city one. Ste. Anne’s spa is one of my favourites.

With a renewed body and mind, we can get back to the matter at hand when the Sun conjuncts Saturn on Nov 18th. We are now refocused on our projects and might find that the amount of work is intense. You’ll be glad you took that spa day. Though the amount of work to be done may feel like a burden, we will all feel an incredible amount of passion and purpose as Jupiter trines Vesta. If you’re not in your purpose or following your passion, then this time might be a little tough for you as Mars squares the North Node. If you haven’t been hearing the call, you might get pushed into the ring anyhow.

Chiron trine Pallas provides us with amazing energy to imagine and weave the life that we want. If you find you’re not good at manifesting, the 18th would be a good day to give it another try. One of the keys to manifesting is not just to see it, but also to feel it. Chiron will help you heal anything that has been blocking your ability to get into the feeling space of it.

The visioning continues on when Venus is square to Neptune on the 20th. On a good note, it helps us to visualize and be idealistic about our goals. On the other hand, it is not a good time to make decisions or put any of our goals into action. For instance, if you envision a project or a business that you are certain will make you money and is going to change the world…. wait. You likely don’t have all the information about the money to support this vision and it will follow you like a bad cough if you launch it now. With the New Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Venus and Saturn and this square energy to Neptune going on, we are very much at the idea stage of things. Now is the time to get out your sticky notes. Write out all of your ideas. Brainstorm with the energetic space of thinking that “no idea is a bad idea”, knowing that a “bad idea” voiced might spark a really good idea. But it is just that – the idea stage. Mars is also sextile Mercury so, if given the forum, the ideas will be firing on all cylinders!

One of the reasons that we won’t be able to see the forest for the trees is that our creativity is still at odds with our ideas of commitment and relationships. We want to go one direction and our partners might be saying “are you crazy” or they are bothered that it’s taking away from the relationship in some way. With Mercury conjunct Saturn and square Jupiter, we might have a couple of days of strong opinions and serious communication around this topic.

At the end of the month on Nov 26th, Venus in conjunct Ceres in Sagittarius. It’s a great day to go off on an adventure – One that nourishes you and feeds your aesthetic senses. Maybe this is a hike in the country or the first time you experience dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant, including lentils served on a shared plate with injera and the fragrant tea. Soak up the experience! Venus is also trine Uranus, so you can just set out for an adventure and expect the unexpected!

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 27th expanding our worldview some more, but we might struggle at first with Venus square Chiron. Our religious upbringing or faith in old, outdated traditional systems might get reignited, bringing up a need to consider if these things are working for us anymore. Uranus trine Ceres will allow us to grant more freedom to the ways in which we take care of ourselves and with Chiron also square Ceres we might be feeling in conflict with what “Mama says” and what is good for us. This tug of war might show up on the social level as a conflict with traditional western medicine vs. non tradition forms of healing.

On the 29th, Venus is trine Juno and sextile the North Node. Finally we are feeling more comfortable with the idea of a relationship as a soul mate adventure. This is different from the relationships of the past. The conclusions we reach now will send us off in a new direction as far as committed relationships are concerned. What a great way to end November!

November is filling us with ideas and vision. Read each sign to see where the creativity will emerge for you:

Aries:  In the beginning of the month, you will be taking a hard look at your finances and how your shared resources are in need of liberation. You’ll feel resistance at first, as the feeling of expressing yourself without a relationship will make you feel naked. By the end of the month, you will be transforming your beliefs and will have some great ideas on how to move forward.


Taurus:  You’ll be taking a hard look at your partnerships. You might resent at first what you come to learn. It means that you now have to change. It’s something that you would rather not do. Later in the month all of your ideas lead you to see how you could have financial freedom, so the security-loving side of you will have something to drive it forward.


Gemini:  The situation at work is coming into sharp focus. You might not like it, but it’s helping you to see where you values are misaligned with the work you do. Crap. Does this mean you have to find a new job? All that job researching and resume revision will make you feel like ditching the idea. By the end of the month, you will be seeing how new partnerships are going to be a better alignment. Maybe this is a business partnership or a new team project partnership. You may have to leave, but maybe you don’t. Keep focused on the vision and the way will emerge soon.


Cancer:  You love to mother, but there is something about what you are mothering or how you are mothering that has outlived itself. At first your own ideas might feel insulting. The defensive words “I’m a good mother” might float out of your mouth. Later in the month, you’ll be able to separate your ideas of how you mother from who you are which will allow you to find new ideas for new outlets to serve and give.


Leo:  Your ideas of your family (Mom and Dad) are coming into sharp focus. Maybe you see some bad in them or even so good in them that you don’t want to see. You are invested in your image of them, so the fierce protective lion might initially want to lash out and scratch. By the end of the month, you will see how much more creative you are when you let things be.


Virgo:  You may have never questioned the way you speak. You also may take for granted the thoughts that pass through you mind as truth, but something is seeking to be transformed in this area. Virgos love roles – husband, wife, helper, server. This is because you know what to expect and what is expected of you when you have a role. It’s tempting to reject new ideas related to the roles that you play. Later in the month, you will start to envision a new foundation which will help you to feel rooted once again.


Libra:  You are assessing your value and your resources this month – what’s given, what’s taken, and the boundaries around what is yours. You may initially want to go overboard on seeing the other person’s point of view. By the end of the month you will discover new ideas on how to communicate your new sense of value. This will make it easier to focus your own point of view without expending it for the sake of another’s.


Scorpio:  You might have an epiphany about yourself this month which leaves you feeling very uncomfortable. As you start to realize some of your faults you might become sharp with others who shine any light on it. Later in the month as your vision and ideas of yourself start to broaden, and you can see how they will increase your self esteem, you become more comfortable with the changes. You see now that they must come.


Sagittarius:  At first you feel the rumblings of something new wanting to emerge from deep within your unconscious. Maybe it pokes out into the light of day for a moment. You may be tempted to push it back into the far and unreachable parts of your mind. By the end of the month you will feel more comfortable will allowing your beliefs and who you are to emerge. It’s your birthday month and you’re starting a new cycle and this new cycle is a biggie!


Capricorn:  You’re assessing the value and resourcefulness of your friendships. You are seeing patterns that you may not want to see at first. As you examine your communication, ideas, and patterns of response, you might start to address them first on an unconscious level. They say that everything happens at the spirit or soul level first and then manifests later on the material level. The soul level is what you will be deciding this month.


Aquarius:  New ideas are emerging about your career. You might have the feeling like Moses had when God told him he was chosen to lead his people out of slavery… “why me???” You might go into serious doubt and rejection of the idea at first. Later in the month you will start to see how you might be supported to go forward by your tribe. The ideas that they bring forward will be inspiring and the idealism in you will help push you forward.


Pisces:  You prefer not to commit to any one vision. However, your ideas of pluralism may be carefully constructed forms of keeping you from the leading and teaching that you have been called to do. The vastness of commitment has you remaining in a fog. This might be to a religion or to anything that you must put your faith in. As you find it within yourself to commit towards the end of the month, you become centered in your ability to lead.


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